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Canton First Monday: Surviving Trade Days With The Kids

Canton First Monday


Surviving Canton First Monday Trade Days on your own is one thing; bringing the kiddos adds a whole new element of challenges, but at the end of the day can be even more fun as long as you keep a few key things in mind.


Mind the weather: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: keep an eye on the weather! This is especially important if you have small children, but either way don’t forget the essentials, like water and sunscreen, hats and jackets, and umbrellas if you need them (for sun or rain).


Dress them appropriately: This means comfortable shoes that are good for a full day of walking and make sure they aren’t wearing their brand new school clothes because they may get dirty as everyone digs through the endless sea of treasures.


Bring the Stroller, and rest often: Trade Days is about 450 acres, so if there is one thing you don’t forget, make sure it’s the stroller! To keep your kids from wearing out too fast, make sure to find a place to sit every hour or so to keep everyone’s energy up.It would also probably be a good idea to rent a scooter so everyone can trade off and rest their feet because it really is a lot of walking.


Set up a meeting place: In case you get separated. Cell phones often lose service at Canton First Monday. There is also a lost-and-found-children of sorts that will call for parents over a PA, but having a designated meeting place can make everything go more quickly and smoothly.


Let them participate: Give your kids a little bit of money. Even if it’s just $5-10, they can participate in the hunt for awesome things and subsequently try to bargain on their own with the vendors. This will help keep them from getting bored and it will be so much fun to help them find something special to take home.


Stay overnight. Trust Us.: Unless you actually live in the area, we suggest finding a place to stay, just so everyone is well rested for shopping. Canton First Monday can be a bit overwhelming, and children that are already tired and cranky may not find joy in the experience. Finding a place with fun activities can also give the kids the fun they want and you can get less complaining about going “shopping”.


Mill Creek Ranch Resort is only a quarter of a mile from the Canton First Monday Marketplace and we also have a shuttle service to all the main pavilions. On our beautiful grounds, we have a bunch of activities for kids to either keep busy, or relax after a long day at First Monday. Give us a call at 877-927-3439 for availability and rates!


Mill Creek Ranch Resort
2102 N Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103

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Top 7 Things To Do in Canton TX in Addition to First Monday Trade Days



What to Do in Canton TX











Take our top 7 things to do in Canton TX and make your visit special! We all know and love First Mondays and the wonderful people they bring to Canton. First Monday Trade Days, however, aren’t the only thing Canton has to offer! Whether you’re just here for the weekend or making a vacation out of it, here is a list of some great other things to do in and around our wonderful town. So even if you’ve just come for First Monday, stay awhile and see the other wonderful things we have to offer!

  • Things to do in Canton TX: Shopping: First Monday is not the only shopping to be had in Canton, there are also several boutique and antique stores in town like the Dish Barn for Fiesta dishes, Bellum and Rogue for all the latest clothing styles, and the Paul Michael Company to find that next conversation piece for your home.


  • Things to do in Canton TX: Splash Kingdom: Splash Kingdom is Canton’s resident waterpark, complete with crazy slides, a wave pool, a lazy river and more! It makes a great place for the family to cool off in the summer heat of Texas.


  • Things to do in Canton TX: Fishing & Swimming: You don’t even have to leave Canton to go fishing. The Mill Creek Reservoir has largemouth bass, catfish and crappie. The Old City Lake also has fishing in addition to swimming, tennis and volleyball courts, picnic areas, and baseball fields. For excellent trophy fishing, head to Lake Fork about 30 minutes out of town.


  • Things to do in Canton TX: Play 18 Holes: Twin Lakes is an award winning golf course and located right in Canton TX. It offers one of the most challenging courses in East Texas. It’s great for corporate retreats or other large adult groups! Is Disc Golf more your style then head over to Cherry Creek Park in Canton and play a 5 star professional 18 hole course. The park also has walking trails, large play area for the kids, Volly ball and so much more.


  • Things to do in Canton TX: Canton Main Street: Enjoy the heart of the city in Canton’s historic downtown! Find shopping, live music and a variety dining options as well as special events throughout the course of the year!


  • Things to do in Canton TX: East Texas Gators and Wildlife Park: See all the wonderful animals that live at this area wildlife reserve like snakes, swans, lizards, and of course alligators. You can even watch the alligators feed in their natural environment!


  • Things to do in Canton TX: Mill Creek Ranch Resort: Need Canton lodging and looking for fun things for the family? Book a cottage at Mill Creek Ranch Resort! The cottages all have a full kitchen, modern finishings and lots of space for the whole family. The resort has ponds for paddle boating and catch and release fishing, a resort style pool and hot tub, disc golf, hiking, biking and even a grand lodge with a restaurant and live music on Fridays. If you’re planning on visiting Canton over a First Monday weekend, we fill up, so book ahead! Call 877-927-3439 for rates and availability!

Things To Do In Canton TX
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
2102 N Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103

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Where to Stay in Canton TX: Pro Tips for Best Deals on Canton Lodging

Where to Stay in Canton TX













If you’re wondering where to stay in Canton TX, and you are looking for a family friendly solution, vacation cabin rentals can be a great option. Here are some tips to help you find a great place and have a wonderful vacation and get the best value .

Plan Early: Plan and book your vacation rental ahead of time to make sure that the place you really want to stay is available, especially if you’re traveling during high season. Booking ahead also means if you have any special requests, the place can probably accommodate you. (Like neighboring cabins for multiple parties.) This also gives you ample time to compare rates and accommodations on where to stay in Canton TX.


Know what you need: Where to stay in Canton TX is usually answered by who is in your travel group and what needs they have. It helps to know exactly what you’re looking for. Do you need a place that can accommodate small children? Are you planning on bringing the family pet? Does someone in your part require an accessible room? Don’t hesitate to call ahead to make sure that Canton lodging facility can accommodate all your requests so you don’t show up to the unhappy surprise that they can’t meet your needs.


Look for Deals: When where to stay in Canton TX depends on finding the best deal, don’t be afraid of booking ahead.  Often the best deals are for those who plan way ahead of time, or during off season. Don’t see any deals? Ask! Sometimes canton lodging places offer a package deal with other area attractions, or offer a discount if you book an extra night or two. Booking during the week can be more affordable than booking a weekend or on First Monday Trade Days weekends, so think outside the box when planning your family vacation.  A Wednesday, Thursday, Friday vacation often offers a great value, even on First Monday, as there will be Trade Days shops open on Thursday and Friday and some great Friday night events, like live local music at The Creek.


Look past price per night for value: Value comes in many forms, and it isn’t just the nightly rate. If the rental has a kitchenette or full kitchen, you can save a bundle cooking one or two meals a day instead of eating out every meal. Other value options to look for: on-site events and amenities, family friendly, live entertainment, beautiful scenery, proximity to First Monday events, etc.
If you’re looking for where to stay in Canton TX that’s fun for the whole family, Mill Creek Ranch Resort has loads of activities for the adults and kiddos alike, and even for pets! Our cottages come with a full kitchen, grills, and plenty of scenery. We also have paddle boats, swimming pools, nature trails and plenty more to keep everybody busy and having fun, in addition to some of the great attractions in the Canton area. We even have rainy day activities like movies, board games and more! For more information on rates and availability, call us at 877-927-3439 or book online!

Where to stay in Canton TX
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
2102 N Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103

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Canton First Monday: A Complete Survival Guide to Trade Days Shopping

first monday trade days canton txWith Canton First Monday just down the road, many of our guests book a cottage at our resort just to get a jump start on the Trade Days shopping.  Navigating the country’s largest flea market is a lot of fun, but can turn into one of those stories you like to tell your kids about to humble them pretty easily if you don’t know what you’re getting into. Follow our local survival guide to First Monday!

Don’t show up on Monday: Historically, “First Monday” was actually on a Monday. This is no longer the case. First Monday Trade Days is the Thursday-Sunday prior to the month’s first Monday. Keep in mind that if you want to actually see everything, you will need to plan on coming more than one day.

Do show up Thursday or Friday: If you can swing it, showing up on Thursday or Friday will help avoid crowds and you’ll get to see all the stuff before it’s picked over. Friday is probably the best day, as sometimes not all the vendors have set up by Thursday (though there is still plenty to see).

Mind the weather, and dress for it: First Monday Trade Days is 450 acres. Some parts are air conditioned, but most of it is outside. Keep an eye on the weather, dress appropriately and don’t forget things like water and sunscreen for the warmer months. Keep in mind a lot of the items are old and dirty, so dress accordingly. Comfortable shoes are highly recommended. Scooters are available for rental to help navigate the market.

Bring a cart, and make sure your vehicle is big enough: Even though you may not expect to buy any large items, people often find great buys they don’t expect at First Monday. Bring a cart, large basket, Radio Flyer, or something to carry around your bargains. You can rent a shopping cart or scooter on-site, and the rent-a-scooters come equipped to carry things. Also, come in the largest vehicle you own so you’ll be sure to have room to tote your stuff home! If you find something too large for the car, there are van and truck rental businesses in the Canton area ready to help you get your items home.

Hone your haggling skills: In case you didn’t realize how flea markets work, be prepared to haggle, which brings us to our next point…

Bring Cash: There are ATMs on site, however, they can and often do run out of money. If you’ve even thought about needing a new piece of furniture lately, bring enough cash to pay and haggle for it.

Get a map: It’s easy to get lost amongst the oozits and whatzits galore, so grab a map. Even with a map it’s easy to get turned around. It’s helpful to note large, distinctive points of interest (like a certain vendor or food stall) to help decipher where you have and haven’t been.

Come hungry: Trade Days has loads of food vendors as well, selling all kinds of yummy treats. While some of it is your regular “fair food” to the tune of funnel cakes and generic concessions, much of the food is not. So, keep your eyes peeled for the good stuff.

Plan ahead: Your best bet is probably to stay in town at some point, if for no other reason than to get an early start at shopping the day you plan to go (the park opens at dawn). The whole town of Canton pretty much books solid, so find a place and book ahead! If you’re coming from Dallas you could day trip it, but it’s so much more fun to book a place and stay the night!

Mill Creek Ranch Resort is just ¼ mile from the Trade Days Canton Marketplace, and we have a shuttle service to the main pavilions. This means that after you shop ‘til you drop you’re just a hop, skip and a jump away from our relaxing on-site cottages and scenic grounds! Call 877-927-3439 for availability and rates or book online now!

Canton First Monday
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
2102 N Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103

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Group Retreat Canton TX: 5 Steps to Making it Great!

Group Retreat TXA Group Retreat in Canton TX has the most success when it is well planned. Whether you’re planning a corporate retreat for over 100 or a spiritual retreat for a small group, the purpose is to step back from your day to day activities to host meaningful discussions. When planning a group retreat in Canton TX, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Plan ahead: Retreats are like wedding speeches; if you try to “wing it,” you’ll usually fall on your face unless you’re really, really good. Do a little research and come up with a few areas of focus for your group, whether it’s team building in a corporate setting or silent meditation in a spiritual setting.

Find a good guest speaker: Getting an outside perspective is almost always beneficial to your group, and you don’t always even have to hire someone (though if they aren’t local to your retreat location it is a best practice to cover their expenses).

Travel light: The point of taking the group retreat to Canton TX is to get away from the day to day, so don’t bring mountains of material or other things that will distract you. If you don’t need your laptop or tablet for retreat activities, leave it at home.

Stay time sensitive: Keep in mind, big or small, the retreat is taking people away from their families and commitments, so try to keep it anywhere from a day trip to just a few days. A retreat is not a full-on vacation, it’s a small get away.

Find a great location: The retreat location really is key. You want something away from the hustle and bustle, but not too far away to keep travel quick and easy. Keep your group’s needs in mind. Will you need catering if you have a large group? Or kitchens for smaller groups?
It’s also helpful to find a location with other activities to keep group members engaged during down time.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort has beautiful facilities for a group retreat in Canton TX, whether you’re a group of 2 or 200. In addition to the 200 acre grounds of beautiful nature, we have meeting spaces, catering, fully equipped cottages on site for people to stay in as well as a coordinator to help organize any team building activities you may want or need. We also have resort amenities for after hours including live, local music each Friday night. Let us help you plan your next group retreat in Canton TX! Call 877-927-3439.

group retreat Canton TX
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
2102 N Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103

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RV Park in Canton TX: Keeping Your Pets Safe On the Open Road (Part Two)

rv park canton tx | Mill Creek Ranch ResortIf you own an RV, you know what it feels like to be king of the open road. Watching miles of freeway fall into your rear view, you’d cruise along peacefully and let the wind brush through your hair. But every road warrior knows that a faithful co-pilot is crucial to an enjoyable journey. For a large number of RVers, their best companion has four paws and coincidentally also enjoys the feeling of wind-swept fur. Traveling with your pet in a home on wheels can be challenging, so let this second half of our two part series guide you and your pet as you travel to an RV park in Canton TX. These top tips will help solve and prevent any problems you might encounter, making your best pal’s accompaniment one of your journey’s greatest pleasures.

Keep it clean: Pets in tiny places can make for a not-so-tiny hair situation. For your own comfort, come prepared with a way to deal with the extra fur that will inevitably accumulate in your RV. A Swiffer Sweeper will tackle any extra hair and dirt tracked in by your pal’s tiny paws (and it takes up very little space).

Bag it up: Turn all those used picnic ziploc bags into doggie doo depositories. By turning the bag inside out before use, you have a clean surface to grab and a quick method to seal, making sure the business stays where you want it.

Play it safe: In case (heaven forbid) your pet accidentally wanders too far from home, bring along a recent colored photo. This will be handy to show around the RV park in Canton TX if Rover ever goes MIA. It is also a good idea to visit your vet before travelling to acquire all the necessary prescribed medications your pet may need—tranquilizers, motion sickness medication, etc. This will help you avoid entrusting your friend’s care to someone you don’t already know.

Feed in style: Use rubbermaid containers to serve your pals—they work just as great with dog food as they do with breakfast cereal. (And they don’t take up too much space.) You can also install fold-out food and water stations into the walls of your RV—pull them out for chow time, tuck them back in when empty for space conservation and travelling ease.

Keep your cool: Let’s be real—your furry pal can’t accompany every single human adventure. What if you need to leave your friend behind and the scorching summer sun refuses to be gentle? Keep your pet cool by purchasing a nifty gadget programmed to send a special alarm call to your cell phone if the internal temperature rises above or drops below a set point. This device plugs directly into the cigarette lighter of your RV.

If your vacation plans include a family road trip to an RV park in Canton TX, the best choice for your getaway is Mill Creek Ranch Resort. At Mill Creek, we have the finest amenities that will keep faces smiling and tails wagging all summer long. Book online or call 877-927-3439 today, and start planning your next adventure!

RV Park in Canton TX
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
2102 N Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103

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Resorts in Dallas TX: Top Five Tips For a Fantastic Staycation

Therresorts in dallas | Mill Creek Ranch Resort e a lot of compelling reasons in today’s economic market to save money. While you may find yourself needing to tighten the purse strings, don’t automatically assume a vacation is out of your reach. For the creative family, a staycation can provide just as much glamour and excitement as the fancy jet-set options. This summer, make your destination your own hometown, by checking out at local resorts in Dallas TX. Follow these Five top tips, and you’ll be instagramming your budget friendly vacay in no time.

Draw the line: Setting a realistic budget is the first step in vacation planning. It’s not enjoyable to plan and book elaborate events, and realize after the fact that you can’t bankroll your fun. Does a fancy hotel make you really feel like you’re on vacation? Then you may want to allocate more funds into your digs. Don’t really care where you sleep but want to spend as much as possible going out and doing things? Then budget most of your money on outings. With a staycation it’s easy to get exactly what you want. Since you’re saving money on gas and airfare you can spend more on what’s important to you.

Play the tourist: Have you always wanted to visit an exclusive spa downtown, but always avoided it because it was too spendy? Well a staycation is just your chance to play tourist in your own town, spending time and money on all those things you typically avoid. Be bold, book front row seats to a show, splurge and go club level to see your favorite team. Spend the afternoon strolling through a local historic district or ritzy downtown. Check with your local chamber of commerce for ideas.

Think outside the box: Sometimes in order to have fun in your hometown, you have to be creative. Don’t just settle for the same old routine. There are most likely dozens of things to explore all around resorts in Dallas TX that you’ve never considered. Take a tour of the capitol building, or a historic home. Check out all the local museums that you’ve never set foot into. Don’t forget about antique shops and flea markets. A little creativity goes a long way.

Order out: A satisfying vacation usually centers heavily on eating. Now’s the time to check out all of those out-of-the-way places you never think of on a Friday night. Is there an Indian place that gets great reviews that you’ve never been brave enough to try? Go for it! What about that trendy bistro downtown that’s strictly black tie? Suit up! It’s your chance to eat your way through your hometown and discover new reasons why living here is awesome.

Check out: Don’t forget in all of your travels to make plenty of time for relaxation. You don’t have to leave town to let your phone go to voicemail or put a hold on the influx of email. Make your time off an oasis of relaxation, and your staycation will be your most memorable trip ever.

If you’re looking for fantastic resorts in Dallas Tx for your staycation, you need to

check out Mill Creek Ranch Resort, our rustic getaway offers vacation cabins, as well as deluxe RV sites with plenty of on-site amenities to keep your whole family happy. We are also ideally located to take advantage of the many local festivals and events in the Dallas area. Give us a call at 877 927 3439 and start planning your getaway today.

Resorts in Dallas TX
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
2102 N Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103

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Tips and advantages for booking vacation rentals Dallas TX

With the explosion Vacation Rentals Dallas TX | Vacation Rentals Dallas TXof websites like booking.com and Expedia, booking a cottage or home for your vacation rentals Dallas TX is all the rage these days. People love renting a place like a cabin or an apartment over a regular hotel because there are a lot of advantages. You can often get a pretty good deal on a place to stay that’s usually closer to sites and attractions you want to see than at any hotel. You also often get a full home, apartment, cottage or flat which includes a full kitchen (another important factor if you’re budget traveling) and sometimes even a washer/dryer. The other great thing about these kinds of rentals are that you can often get a local’s insight into great things to do in the area, the best options for public transportation, and area events and dining. These places also tend to include free parking. While there are a lot of advantages and most people have a wonderful experience, here are a few tips to keep in mind to make sure everything goes smoothly.


  1. First, make sure you are booking through a reputable outfit. You want a place with good reviews and a lot of properties to choose from.
  2. Book early, and be a little flexible with your dates. Finding a rental cabin or home can be a little tough at the last minute. Plan ahead and book ahead. When you book earlier, you actually tend to not have to be as flexible with your dates.
  3. Book at a place that let’s you book and pay online, that way there is no funny business with credit card security or payment.
  4. I know we are used to just breezing on by any Terms & Conditions and clicking right through. This is when you don’t do that. Read carefully the whole contract or any information about renting the property that includes rules, check out times, cancellation policies, etc.
  5. The most important tip is to communicate with the person you’re renting from, whether it’s the actual homeowner or a management company. They are renting their place to you and more than happy to answer any questions. Are they pet friendly? When is checkout? Is late checkout available? What’s the parking situation? Etc. Also make sure to get a good contact number or information just in case an issue pops up during your stay.

As a reputable resort for vacation rentals Dallas TX, the cottages at Mill Creek Ranch Resort provide everything you need for a great rental home stay. Feel free to call us at 877-927-3439 with any questions about our cottages, on site amenities and rates.

Vacation Rentals Dallas TX
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
2102 N Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103

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Tips for choosing resorts in Dallas when traveling with multiple families


Resorts in Dallas | Mill Creek Ranch ResortGoing on vacation with one or multiple other families can be a lot of fun, especially if everyone has kids around the same age. You used to travel and go on road trips with your friends before you had kids. Why not after? Here are 4 great tips on planning a great getaway for multiple families at resorts in Dallas.

  • Make sure the resort meets everyone’s needs. This means don’t try to book an “adults only” resorts in Dallas when you know another family wants to bring their kids. On the flip side, if someone without kids is coming make sure there are options for at least one night of adult time, even if it’s just some bubbly in a hot tub after the kids go to bed. The main thing is to choose a place that has activities for everyone: don’t choose an especially “kiddie” place if you’re traveling with teens, etc. This rule also applies to budget. See what everyone’s budget is and stay within that.
  • Book everything at the same time. Flights and rental cars are helpful when booked at the same time but on the same bill isn’t necessary. It is, however, extremely helpful to book the whole block of rooms together for the resort. This lets the resort know that you are all together so they can better accommodate your needs. You can also often request adjoining rooms with a shared door from hotels.
  • Plan something away from the resort. Yes, the resorts in Dallas are awesome. This is why you booked it. However, making sure there are other things to do in the area gives options to everyone you’re with. All of your travel companions don’t have to be together every minute of every day. Maybe a few people want to go fishing while others want to go shopping. This keeps everybody from getting bored and/or tired of each other. We do, afterall, want to stay friends after this right?
  • Try to stay flexible. First, be flexible on dates. You’re not the only one with a busy work or life schedule. Secondly, be a flexible travel companion. Everyone has different interests and travel styles and preferences. Micromanaging the whole trip isn’t fun for anyone. So relax; you’re on vacation, remember?

Mill Creek Ranch Resort is one of the best resorts in Dallas to accommodate families and multiple families. We run specials on RV rallies and have activities for everyone from 9 months to 99 years old. Give us a shout at 877-927-3439 for availability and room rates to make a reservation for your crowd!

Resorts in Dallas
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
2102 N Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103

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Mill Creek Ranch Resort partners with Cruise Inn’s network of luxury RV parks

Mill Creek RancAmerica's Next Top Pet | Mill Creek Ranch Resorth Resort is proud to announce they have officially become part of the Cruise Inn brand, one of the most innovative concepts in the outdoor hospitality industry. Cruise Inn is the newest network of RV Parks in the country, helping to make your stay comfortable and fun filled every time. Staying with a Cruise Inn RV Park guarantees exceptional quality in service, facilities and amenities. As a Cruise Inn park, Mill Creek Ranch Resort has access to all of the Cruise Inn resources, like more education and training and a convenient and easy online booking system that’s also available and easy to use on mobile devices. As a Cruise Inn member, Mill Creek Ranch Resort will have the training, technology and resources to improve as a luxury RV park in Texas and better serve their clientele.

The best part about Mill Creek Ranch Resort joining the Cruise Inn team is what’s in it for their customers. All customers that are part of the Cruise Inncentives (creatively named) program enjoy thousands of discounts and special offers for dining, travel, shopping and events. All Cruise Inncentives members also automatically get a 10% discount when staying with a Cruise Inn affiliate. There are no confusing points systems and nothing to accrue before members start receiving discounts and rewards.

The Cruise Inncentives program is also completely free to join. There are no annual fees and the membership is ongoing, so there is no hassle of renewing at any time. Cruise Inncentives members also don’t even need their card with them to receive their discount; all that is needed is the individual’s member number as proof of membership to receive the discount. To get the Cruise Inncentives rate at participating RV parks, simply book a reservation through their website or call the individual park to inquire about their rate. The Cruise Inncentives Loyalty Club also sends out a monthly Newsletter to keep its members informed about all park deals and promotions happening at Cruise Inn locations. Mill Creek Ranch Resort is excited to partner with Cruise Inn so they can continue to offer an exceptional quality stay while keeping prices affordable for their patrons.

Cruise Inn also runs great incentives and contests, like our upcoming pet contest! Do you think you have America’s Next Top Pet? From now through June 15, 2015, post a photo of your pet enjoying the great outdoors at a Cruise Inn RV Park and Campground on the brand’s Facebook or Instagram page with the hashtag #TopPet for a chance to win great prizes!
Rules and conditions can be found here:

Mill Creek Ranch Resort is a luxury RV Park in Canton, Texas featuring many amenities and activities for its patrons set on 200 acres of beautiful scenic land in the East Texas Piney Woods, just 60 miles outside of Dallas. The park has received numerous awards and A ratings throughout the years.