Cabin Rentals East Texas

Cabin Rentals East Texas: Rent A Tiny Home For The Holidays

Cabin Rentals East TexasIf you’re ready for a different kind of holiday this year, put cabin rentals East Texas on your short list of options for a stress-free, relaxing way to spend Christmas, New Year’s or any other winter celebration.  Cabin rentals East Texas are a great choice for just about anyone who wants to get away from it all, whether you’re an empty-nester, a newlywed couple or even a family with children. 

Shrink Your Celebration To A Manageable Size

Though there’s something to be said for big get-togethers, big feasts and big decorating, those things can get to be a big headache year after year.  If you’re one of those people who dreads the day after Thanksgiving because you know it means you have to start preparing your home for guests and planning for holiday meals and baking, think about downsizing to a cabin in the East Texas Piney Woods that looks very much like those tiny houses you’ve seen on the house hunting shows.

A Smaller House Means A Simpler Holiday

Have you ever been curious about the tiny house lifestyle? When you rent a tiny house-style cabin, you get a good taste for how life can get a lot simpler.  Less square footage means less stuff to pile up and even less cleaning. It also means you have a built-in excuse not to complicate your vacation with house guests who want you to do all the work while they relax.  And, when you make a tiny house vacation your holiday gift to your family, you won’t have to worry so much about buying gifts that will no one will remember next year, especially when your cabin is part of a resort with great amenities and activities for kids and adults.

Embrace The Tiny Living Lifestyle

Another side effect of cabin rentals East Texas is that you may just go home with the wild idea that you can survive and thrive in a smaller home.  When you spend some time in a tiny house – for a weekend or a month – you’ll discover that everything you need to be happy can be contained in a home that’s smaller than what you’re used to. Simplify by embracing small space living! (Or at least, small space vacationing.)

If the idea of simplifying your life this holiday season appeals to you, check out cabin rentals East Texas at Mill Creek Ranch Resort.  At Mill Creek Ranch Resort, we uncomplicate your holidays even more by offering an array of activities in a beautiful woodsy setting that will keep everyone busy and happy.  We’re also close to a variety of restaurants in Canton, TX so you don’t even have to cook if you don’t want to.  To make a reservation, call us at Mill Creek Ranch Resort at (877) 927-3439 and to take a look at what we have to offer, visit us online at

Trade Days Lodging In Canton, TX: 5 Secrets To Getting A Great Deal

Trade Days Lodging In Canton, TX: 5 Secrets To Getting A Great Deal

Trade Days Lodging In Canton, TX: 5 Secrets To Getting A Great DealIf you’re headed out to First Monday Trade Days, America’s biggest flea market, you’d better be prepared for a full weekend of shopping, eating and drinking and that means you’ll need to find great trade days lodging in Canton, TX where you can rest and recover.  First Monday Trade Days has over 7,000 vendors spread out over hundreds of acres and that means lots of walking along with your shopping so finding a place to stay that’s close by that you can get for a great price is the way to go.  Here are some secrets that will help you get the best deal in trade days lodging in Canton, TX:

  1.  Call The Hotel

If you’re planning on staying at a hotel that’s part of a large, national chain, don’t call the company’s toll-free number; call the individual hotel and ask about deals and discounts.  The hotel manager or staff may be able to beat another deal you found online or they may even throw in some extras like free WiFi or late checkout if they can’t beat the price.

  1.  Think Beyond The Hotel Room

If you’re traveling to First Monday with your family, consider renting a house, cottage or cabin.  Not only will you get more room, you’ll save on food if you have a kitchen for preparing simple, inexpensive meals.  Hotel room charges can add up when you factor in extra costs for more people in the room plus roll-away beds; but with a cottage, cabin or house, you can even invite extended family along to split the cost of the rental, which will save you even more money.

  1.  Check Out The Internet

This is almost a no-brainer in this day and age, but it’s surprising how many forget that they can find good deals on lodging online.  Check websites like,, and for prices that are often lower than the hotels or resorts themselves offer.  But beware, making reservations on these sites often means you won’t be able to get a refund if your plans change or you won’t be able to change the dates you want to travel.  

  1.  Ask For Discounts

Don’t be shy.  No matter where or how you book your lodging, don’t forget to ask for any discounts you may be entitled to.  AAA and AARP members often qualify for discounted hotel rates.  If you’re a teacher, you run a non-profit business or you are a repeat customer, ask if it qualifies you for a lower rate.  If you’re an active-duty or retired member of the military, you will likely be able to score a discounted rate for a room.

  1.  Use Your RV Travel Club Membership

If you’re traveling by RV to First Monday Trade Days, use your travel club membership.  Two of the biggest RV travel networks, Good Sam Club and Cruise Inn RV Parks, offer discounts of 10 percent and more on RV site rentals.  Plus, they both offer additional discounts for fuel, dining, shopping, events and more.  If you’re not sure what you can use your club membership for, call Good Sam Club or Cruise Inn RV Parks to find out about any available discounts.


For the best trade days lodging in Canton, TX at the best price, call us at Mill Creek Ranch Resort at (877) 927-3439 or visit  When you book in advance, you can get a great rate for checking in on Thursday or Friday before First Monday Trade Days.

Things To Do In Canton, TX: Where To Find The Best Live Entertainment

Things To Do In Canton, TX: Where To Find The Best Live Entertainment

Things To Do In Canton, TX: Where To Find The Best Live EntertainmentFirst Monday Trade Days might be the biggest flea market in America, but if shopping till you drop isn’t the way you want to spend every waking minute in East Texas, check out the other things to do in Canton, TX that will put a smile on your face and a song in your heart.  Whether you’re staying in a resort or hotel in the area for a couple of days or even a week or longer, Canton and the surrounding cities offer a variety of musical and theatrical experiences for you to enjoy during your fall or winter vacation in East Texas.

Live Music Is Everywhere In East Texas

If your lodging is in Canton and you’re looking for things to do in Canton, TX that involve live music, you’re in luck.  East Texas, especially the areas in and around Canton are bustling with just about every kind of music you want to hear:

The Creek at Mill Creek Ranch Resort

Enjoy live music by up-and-coming local musicians at the The Creek in the Grand Lodge at Mill Creek Ranch Resort in Canton every Friday night from 6 to 9 pm along with cocktails and East Texas comfort cuisine.  Check Mill Creek Ranch Resort’s Facebook page for each week’s lineup.

The Forge Bar and Grill

Located in Ben Wheeler, The Forge is just 15 minutes away from Canton and features music by a variety of musicians and musical styles and some of the best pizza in East Texas.  Visit The Forge’s website to get the latest schedule of performers.

Moore’s Store

From rock and roll to country, Moore’s Store in Ben Wheeler is the place to go for after-shopping entertainment and southern comfort food.  Check them out online to find out which bands and performers are on the schedule this fall and winter.

The Old Firehouse

For something different, check out The Old Firehouse, 25 minutes away from Canton in Edom.  The Old Firehouse is a small venue that features singers and songwriters performing acoustic folk music every Saturday.  Find out who’s playing and how to get tickets by visiting their website.

UT Tyler Cowan Center

Get into the Christmas spirit with the music of Mannheim Steamroller at UT Tyler’s Cowan Center.  Visit the Cowan Center online to get tickets for the December 9th performance.

East Texas Has Theater, Too

Take a short drive out of Canton to Athens or Tyler to find theater for the whole family that includes holiday specials and Broadway-caliber productions:

Henderson County Performing Arts Center 

Take the family to see “A Neverland Christmas Carol” in Athens, less than a half hour away from Canton.  Tickets for the December performances can be obtained at the HCPAC website.

Tyler Civic Theater

The Tyler Civic Theater has something for everyone from “Miracle on 34th Street” to “A Raisin in the Sun.”  To buy tickets and to find their calendar of upcoming shows, visit the theater online.

UT Tyler Cowan Center 

In addition to live musical performances, the Cowan Center offers dance performances, children’s theater and Broadway-style productions of hits like “Annie” and “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”  Get tickets at the Cowan Center website.

When you rent a cottage or RV site at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, you won’t have to go far to find plenty of entertainment and things to do in Canton, TX.  Visit us online at or call us at Mill Creek Ranch Resort at (877) 927-3439 to find out more.



Wedding Venues In East Texas: 6 Tips For A Great Outdoor Wedding

Wedding Venues in East TexasOutdoor weddings are steadily gaining in popularity and if you’re thinking about booking one of the many wedding venues in East Texas for your ceremony, there is one important thing you need to know to make your outdoor wedding a success – outdoor weddings require twice as much planning and preparation as indoor weddings. Unpredictable weather plus the natural setting are the main reasons that outdoor wedding venues in East Texas can be challenging.  Here are some tips that will ensure you’re prepared for some little and not-so-little outdoor wedding problems:

1 – Plan For Heat

This is Texas and even a winter wedding can be a scorcher.  Spring and summer ceremonies, especially, should be timed to take place right before sunset.  If that’s not possible, provide your guests with some kind of cover, in the form of a tent or parasols.  Putting your wedding program on a handheld fan is another way of helping your guests stay cool.  In addition, make sure they have plenty of options for staying hydrated and that means having containers filled with ice and bottled water, lemonade, sodas tea and even popsicles scattered around your venue.

2 – Protect Against Wind Gusts

Again, this is Texas and it’s almost always windy.  Don’t choose a frothy, lightweight fabric that can get blown up in the wind for your gown or for your bridesmaids’ gowns and to keep your veil from flying away, try veil weights. Make sure your stylist takes the wind into account when you’re having your hair done – stick to a head-hugging bun or copious amounts of hairspray.

3 – Keep Stilettos From Sinking Into The Ground

To keep stiletto heels from sinking into the ground, make sure that everyone has heel covers or make sure there is a solid surface, like a paving stone, for each member of your wedding party (and you) to stand on during the ceremony.

4 – Keep Bugs Away

Consider placing citronella candles around the seating area to keep mosquitoes away.  You can also offer small spray bottles of bug spray to your guests if you’re really expecting a problem.  Keep your food covered by using net canopies over food tables or covering individual plates with glass domes.  Make sure bugs don’t get into cold drinks by covering them with upside down cupcake papers with holes in the middle for straws.

5 – Don’t Forget A Microphone

The sounds of nature may keep your guests from hearing your officiant and you or your spouse talking during the ceremony.  Renting a basic sound system with clip-on microphones for the three of you will ensure that everyone hears your vows.

6 – Let Nature Do The Decorating

The one really big upside to having an outdoor wedding is, of course, the outdoors.  With trees and greenery around, birds tweeting and the sun setting in a beautiful palette of purples and oranges, you don’t have to make much of an effort to add to the romance of the setting.  A decorative trellis for the ceremony, some fairy lights or lanterns in the trees, your bouquet and flower centerpieces are all you need to make your wedding impressive.  



To find out more about one of the finest outdoor wedding venues in East Texas, Mill Creek Ranch Resort, visit  To schedule your big day, call our social events manager at Mill Creek Ranch Resort at (877) 927-3439.

Cabin Rentals in East Texas

Cabin Rentals In East Texas: Your East Texas Fall Couples Getaway

Cabin Rentals in East TexasIf you’re planning a fall getaway for you and your significant other, consider how much fun cabin rentals in East Texas can be.  No matter where in Texas you’re from – or where in the United States you’re from – East Texas is the perfect place for a cool-weather vacation for couples who need time away from the stress of everyday life.  

East Texas Is The Perfect Destination

East Texas is loaded with natural beauty and, of all the areas in the state, it’s probably the most unexpected.  Everyone knows that Texas is bigger than most countries and that means that a one- or two-day road trip can take you from canyons to plains to beaches; but for many people, driving through the Piney Woods of East Texas is a jaw-dropping surprise.  Forests of tall pine trees aren’t what most people think of when they think of Texas; and cabin rentals in East Texas that are set in and among the pines make for a cozy, romantic setting, especially when there’s a chill in the air.

A Tiny Vacation House Is Made For Two

When you choose a tiny house for your East Texas cabin rental, you’ll not only get to snuggle that much closer to your loved one, you’ll also get a taste of what tiny house living is like.  The tiny house movement is a growing trend toward choosing the smallest space necessary for living.  It’s better for the environment and easier on the wallet to live or vacation in a house with limited square footage.  Whether or not you’ve already considered downsizing your home and trying tiny house living, a stay in a tiny vacation cabin may make you think twice about needing that three-car garage or walk-in closet.  

There’s Fall Fun For Couples In Canton, Texas

As if staying in small house cabin rentals in East Texas wasn’t enough to bring you closer to your partner, when you choose a cottage rental near Canton, Texas, you’ll find lots of fun fall activities outside the cabin for the two of you to share.  The annual Festival of Trees will get you both in the mood for Christmas with a display of fun, unique Christmas trees decorated by local businesses, organizations and individuals to raise money for the Canton Chamber of Commerce.  Once you’re in the mood for the holidays, take in some shopping as you stroll hand-in-hand down Canton’s main street with its one-of-a-kind shops and boutiques.  If you really love shopping, you can time your vacation to coincide with First Monday Trade Days, the country’s largest flea market with over 7,000 vendors.  After a hectic day of shopping slow down with a romantic dinner for two.  Canton and the surrounding areas have a variety of restaurants to choose from, including the Four Winds Steakhouse, for steaks and seafood, and Dodge City Dinner Theater, for dinner and a movie.
The best cabin rentals in East Texas can be found at Mill Creek Ranch Resort.  When you’re ready to book your couples getaway in one of our tiny house-sized cabins or cottages, call us at Mill Creek Ranch Resort at (877) 927-3439.  You can also visit us online at to find out more about our on site amenities and fun things to do in Canton, TX.

Christmas Festival of Trees - Things to do in Canton TX

Things To Do In Canton, TX: Experience The Christmas Festival Of Trees

Christmas Festival of Trees - Things to do in Canton TXChristmas is on the horizon and if you’re chomping at the bit for some holiday-related things to do in Canton, TX, put the annual Festival of Trees at the top of your list.  Nothing says Christmas like a beautiful tree decorated with sparkling lights and colorful ornaments and the Festival of Trees is your chance to look at – and bid on – dozens of unique Christmas trees that will get you ready for the holiday season.


What is the Festival of Trees?

The Festival of Trees is an annual event that raises money for the Canton Texas Chamber of Commerce.  Individuals, families, organizations and businesses decorate and donate artificial Christmas trees, from mini trees to standard-sized trees.  These trees are displayed at the Canton Plaza Museum in downtown Canton, where local residents and visitors to the city can decide which ones are their favorites.  Not only are the trees available for auction, they’re also pitted against each other in an annual competition for coveted 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies.  


When does it happen?

The Festival of Trees happens around the same time every year.  This year, it kicks off on Friday, November 20, 2015 with an opening extravaganza from 4pm to 7pm that will give the public a chance to get their first look at the trees, check out the museum Christmas decorations, listen to Christmas carols and submit their bids in a silent auction for the decorated trees.  The close of the day’s festivities will be the Main Street Tree Lighting at 7pm.  The Festival of Trees will end on December 12, 2015 with the annual Lighted Christmas Parade.  


Is there more to do in Canton at Christmas time?

In addition to the annual Festival of Trees, there are a number of things to do in Canton, TX that revolve around the holidays and are fun for families and couples.  From the Christmas Playland at YesterLand Farms to Christmas shopping at the world-famous First Monday Trade Days, Canton, TX has something for everyone.  Your best bet is to plan on staying at least a couple of days to experience everything Canton has to offer for the holidays.   


Where’s the best place to stay in Canton?

Get the most out of your visit to Canton by staying at the best resort in East Texas, Mill Creek Ranch Resort.  Why Mill Creek Ranch Resort?  Because in addition to our RV sites and rental cottages and cabins that are loaded with all the comforts of home, we have amenities that will make you feel like you’re treating yourself and your family to a mini vacation that’s so special, you’ll want to come back for the holidays every year.
To find out more about Mill Creek Ranch Resort, visit us online at and check out all of the fun things to do in Canton, TX and at the resort.  When you’re ready to make your reservation, call us at (877) 927-3439.

Canton Cabins - Cabin 19

Canton Cabins: Cottage 19, Our “Cozy Cabin” Addition

Canton Cabins - Cabin 19

Canton Cabins: What You Get When You Reserve Cottage 19

There’s no better place to vacation in Texas than the beautiful Piney Woods of East Texas and no better way to vacation than to stay in the Canton cabins at Mill Creek Ranch Resort.  To get the best of our Canton cabins at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, check out our newest “Cozy Cabin” addition, Cottage 19.

Canton Cabin Rental 19 – A Nature Lover’s Dream!

Cottage 19 is one of our executive cabins that sleeps 6 and its location couldn’t be more advantageous to the nature lovers in your family.  Nestled under the trees, Cottage 19 has a great view of all of the scenic beauty the Canton area has to offer; plus, it’s only steps away from the walking trail, North Pointe Pond and Morning Dove Pond.  When you walk up to the front of the cabin, you’ll see that it was built for this woodsy setting with the look of a log cabin.  

Your Cabin In The Piney Woods

There’s no doubt you’ll feel like you walked into a Texas ranch house when you step through the front door.  The decor is rustic with cowhide and Lone Star accents in almost every room; but that doesn’t mean you’ll be roughing it.  Cottage 19 boasts all of the comforts of home and then some.  In the kitchen, you’ll find all of the appliances you need to whip up a great meal.  The living room and bedroom and loft area all have flat-screen TVs and the loft even has a WII to keep your kids entertained at the end of a long day of outdoor fun.  Want to wind down in the living room or master bedroom with a good book or a glass of wine?  Turn on the electric fireplaces in either room to make the cabin a relaxing and cozy hideaway no matter what the weather outside is like.

Room For Everybody

Because Cottage 19 sleeps 6, you’ll have room for the whole family.  The master bedroom has a queen-sized bed while the loft has two twin beds, just right for the kids.  The living room sofa is a sleeper with a memory foam mattress that will be great for parents, friends or anyone else staying with you.  When you have 6 people in one cabin, you need a great outdoor space where everyone can spread out.  Cottage 19 is equipped with a large, flagstone patio, fire pit, grill, tables, chairs and even a bench swing.  


Mill Creek Ranch Resort Amenities

One of the best parts of renting Canton cabins at Mill Creek Ranch Resort is getting to enjoy all of the amenities the Ranch has to offer.  Family activities include the pools and a hot tub, paddleboating, fishing, nature trails, biking, hayrides, volleyball, basketball and more.  For the grownups, weekends at Mill Creek Ranch Resort include cocktails and live entertainment at The Creek, featuring local bands. Once a month, shopping is only five minutes away from the Ranch at First Monday Trade Days, the largest flea market in America with over 7,000 vendors selling everything you could ever imagine wanting to buy.
Call Mill Creek Ranch Resort today at (877) 927-3439 to reserve Cottage 19 for your next vacation.  If you’re interested in owning one of our Canton cabins or cottages at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, call us or visit us online at to find out what a great investment owning a vacation cabin at Mill Creek Ranch Resort can be.

bachelorette weekend vacation package

Wedding Venues In East Texas: 5 Steps To A Great Bachelorette Weekend

bachelorette weekend vacation packageIf you’re a maid of honor looking for a great location for a bachelorette weekend, take a look at wedding venues in East Texas. Why are wedding venues a great idea for your bride’s pre-wedding get-together with her friends? Because wedding venues in East Texas are already set up for multiple guests, usually have great amenities and are normally situated close to the entertainment and nightlife that can make a bachelorette weekend memorable. Finding that great location is just one of many steps you’ll have to take as the chief party planner; but if you keep it simple and stick with these 5 basic steps, you’ll end up with the best bachelorette weekend ever:

1. Ask For Help
Make a list of all of the tasks you have in planning the weekend ahead of time – then ask other members of the bridal party for help with each one, whether it’s coordinating with the resort or hotel, making restaurant reservations, decorating, creating invitations, etc. Even if you’re a control freak, letting some of the decision-making fall to others and getting help means less stress for you.

2. Talk To The Bride.
Of course, she’s your friend, but don’t assume you know what she’ll want in her bachelorette weekend. Talk to her and ask her where she prefers to have her weekend, what kinds of activities she wants you to plan and who she wants (and doesn’t want) at her party. Does she want the weekend to be one, long nightclub crawl or a peaceful weekend of shopping, mani-pedis and romantic comedies? She might surprise you.

3. Think About Budgets And Travel Time
When choosing a location for the party, take costs and travel distances into consideration. If your guests are chipping in, make sure that you don’t price people out of the weekend by choosing a super-expensive venue. And try to choose a location that is as easy as possible for the majority of your guests to get to. You’re not going to be able to please everyone with the location, but you can try to please the guests who are most important to the bride.

4. Do Some Scouting
Once the location is decided on, it’s time for a field trip or two to find out firsthand what the venue you’ve chosen has to offer your guests. If it’s close to a city that has restaurants, bars and other entertainment, check them out and make reservations as early as possible once you know how many guests will be there for the weekend and what kinds of activities the bride wants.

5. Go With The Flow
A hitch or two in your plans is inevitable so don’t worry too much when something does go wrong. From inclement weather to no-shows to lost reservations, there are an almost endless number of reasons you might end up pulling your hair out in bunches. Just make the best of it! As long as your bride is happy and everyone has a good time, don’t sweat the things that are out of your control.

When you’re ready to start looking at wedding venues in East Texas for a bachelorette weekend, start with Mill Creek Ranch Resort. At Mill Creek Ranch Resort, you can rent cottages and cabins for your girls that have all the comforts of home with amenities that will make them feel like they’re at a five-star resort. Visit us online at to find out more about us or call us at (877) 927-3439 to make a reservation for the best bachelorette weekend ever.

Wedding Venues In East Texas
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
1880 N Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103
(877) 927-3439

Halloween Weekend Schedule of Events

Halloween Weekend Schedule of Events

Halloween Weekend Schedule of EventsThe ancient tradition of Halloween culminates in an epic weekend of family fun beginning on Friday October 30. Mark your calendars. This Fall Festival is something that you do not want to miss out on. There will be pumpkin tossing, hayrides, costume contests, trick-or-treating and more! Below you will find our Halloween Weekend 2015 Schedule of Events so that you can read through, spend some time imaging how unbelievably awesome this weekend is going to be, and plan your itinerary during your stay here.

Located in Canton, TX, Mill Creek Ranch Resort is the premiere location for the finest East Texas resort hospitality.  RV Sites, Cottages, Cabins, and Tiny Houses are all available on our 200 nature inspired acres. It is the perfect spot for your weekend getaways and vacations. Book your reservation soon! Space is limited 877-927-3439.


Friday October 30

1:00pm Popsicle Frankenstein

1:45pm Pumpkin Toss

2:30pm Mason Jar Jack O’ Lantern

3:00pm Make your own Trick or Treat Bags

4:00pm Hayride (Meet at Grand Lodge)

4:45pm Pet Costume Contest (Meet in the Outdoor Pavilion)

5:30pm Trick or Treating (Meet at RV Lodge)  /  Costume Contest judging during Trick or Treating (RV Lodge, Kitchen & Grand Lodge Staff)

6:15pm It’s a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Movie Night


Saturday October 31

12:00pm Spooky Spiders

12:45pm Ghost Bowling

1:30pm Build your own Spooky Skeleton

2:00pm Melted Crayon Pumpkins

3:00pm Haunted Balloons

4:00pm Hayride (Meet at the Grand Lodge)

5:30pm Trick or Treating (Meet at the Grand Lodge)  /  Costume Contest judging during Trick or Treating (RV Lodge, Kitchen & Grand Lodge Staff)

6:15pm Halloween Bingo  /  Immediately following Trick or Treating (Meet at the RV Lodge)

Trade Days Lodging In Canton, TX: 3 Must-Haves For First Monday Weekend

Trade Days Lodging In Canton, TX: 3 Must-Haves For First Monday Weekend

Trade Days Lodging In Canton, TX: 3 Must-Haves For First Monday WeekendNothing says fun in East Texas like a trip to First Monday Trade Days and if you’re headed out for a little shopping, a little eating and a little more shopping, you’ll need trade days lodging in Canton, TX.  Why?  Because nobody can see all 450 acres of over 7000 vendor booths filled with everything from furniture to antiques to funnel cakes in just one day.

What First Monday Trade Days Is

First Monday Trade Days is only the largest flea market in America that boasts hundreds of acres of vendor booths where you can buy anything and everything your heart desires.  For over 150 years, shoppers have made their way to Canton to look for clothing, jewelry, furnishings, arts and crafts, collectibles and more.  First Monday Trade Days are held Thursday through Sunday before the first Monday of every month.  

What 3 Things You Must Have For A First Monday Weekend

There’s no doubt that a First Monday Trade Days weekend will be hectic and tiring.  So to be sure that you maximize the enjoyment of your shopping experience, you must choose trade days lodging in Canton, TX that can offer you these 3 must-haves:

1 – Proximity To The First Monday Grounds

If you’ve already driven to Canton for First Monday Trade Days, you don’t want to have to spend even more time than is necessary in your car getting from your resort to the the First Monday grounds. When you choose lodging that is close by, preferably less than 5 or 10 minutes away, you’ll spend more time shopping and less time commuting.  

2 – Shuttle Service Back And Forth

How about not having to move your car at all once you get to your resort?  The best lodging – one that caters to the First Monday crowd – will offer shuttle service back and forth from the First Monday grounds to your resort.  

3 – Entertainment For Winding Down

After logging in what will feel like hundreds of shopping miles during the day, you need lodging that’s more than just a bed.  You need to treat yourself to lodging that offers relaxing weekend amenities like swimming, roasting marshmallows over a fire and listening to live entertainment while sipping a cocktail.  After all, shopping is hard work.    

Where You Need To Stay

If you want to make your First Monday weekend special, choose Mill Creek Ranch Resort for your trade days lodging in Canton, TX.  Mill Creek Ranch Resort is 3 minutes away from the First Monday Trade Days site with shuttle service back and forth.  It offers cottage and cabin rentals as well as RV site rentals that will give you access to all the resort has to offer, including bike trails, fishing, swimming and live music in the Grand Lodge featuring the musical talent of East Texas singers and songwriters. 

If you’re ready for a shopping weekend at First Monday Trade Days, why not call us at Mill Creek Ranch Resort at (877) 927-3439 for trade days lodging in Canton, TX.  You can also visit us online at to learn more about our accommodations and all of our resort amenities.