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4 Tips On Hosting Corporate Retreats Texas Exployees Will Love

Corporate Retreats TexasHosting corporate retreats in Texas is a great way to rejuvenate and reinvigorate your staff. Unfortunately, the thought of most corporate retreats makes Texas employees cringe as they imagine a long weekend of corny trust exercises or pointless meditation. Too often, corporate retreats in Texas can seem more like a forced weekend on the clock versus bonding with the boss and their peers. Here are some tips to make sure you host a corporate retreat Texas employees will love.

Allow your employees to be involved in the planning and decision-making

Like most things in the business world, giving employees ownership or involvement in a project ensures not only success but mutual pride. If they are involved in the planning of the events and the general run-of-show, you are less likely to hear any griping about the event or the usual host of excuses as to why some people can’t attend.

Evaluate whether or not speeches really need to happen live

The only person truly enthralled at a corporate speech is usually the person giving it. Think about whether or not you really need to hold your employees hostage in an auditorium while some guy in a suit who they’ve likely never even really met before waxes poetic about his leadership skills. Turn those speeches into videos that people can watch on the plane or in their hotel room and dedicate the time saved to more meaningful team building and bonding moments.

Use your budget to spend money on stuff people care about

Forget about the hibiscus shirts with the company logo or booking one-half of Fleetwood Mac. Eschew the personalized golf balls or the wine glasses with the cheeky motto on them about how booze fixes everything or how it’s always “wine-o-clock” somewhere. This kind of stuff just makes your company look cheap and uncool. Again, this is a great opportunity to tap your employees for their input.

Bond (and drink) responsibly

Speaking of drinks, there is a right way and a wrong way to serve alcohol at your event. Make sure you staff the bar appropriately so that folks spend more time mingling and less time waiting in line. Most importantly, don’t encourage people to drink. Your employees should never see your corporate retreat as an invitation to binge-drink and get hammered, and a big part of that is how the event is advertised within the company.

At Mill Creek Ranch, our dedicated corporate sales managers can expertly assist you with every aspect of your corporate retreat, from the banquets to the workshops to the team-building activities to even the meal and menu planning.  Our staff will work closely with you to create a unique, customized event that will not only be fine-tuned to your goals for the event but will be in line with your budgetary expectations as well. Contact one of Mill Creek Ranch resort’s corporate sales managers at 877-927-3439 to discuss your needs for your corporate retreat today.

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Nature Provides the Perfect Setting For Events In Canton TX

Events in Canton TXGroups looking to host events in Canton, TX will have the added benefit of the beauty brought on by a natural setting that no interior decorator or designer can match. Mill Creek Ranch Resort will lend a rustic charm to your event, regardless of the occasion, plus our expert staff and planners have experience planning a wide range of events, from weddings to RV rallies.

Naturally Beautiful Weddings

Save thousands on flowers or decorations and let the East Texas landscape do all the work of taking your guests’ breath away. The East Texas Piney Woods is teeming with vibrant woodlands and immense green spaces, offering a great selection of settings for your dream wedding. Mill Creek Ranch Resort has a variety of upscale cottages that blend rustic charm with modern amenities, perfect for adding to the comfort of the bridal party and the guests the day of.

An Inspired Setting for Team Building

Whether your team is large or small, Mill Creek Ranch Resort has the wide open spaces to accommodate your team-building event. While we also have all of the latest technology, our gorgeous outdoors amenities will provide the perfect setting for any number of team-building exercises, from the fun and physical, to the quiet contemplation of group meditation.

Wide Open Spaces for Big Family Reunions

A one-stop shop can save you a bundle by bundling! Our resort offers everything you need for your big family reunion from catering to activities, and our outdoor amenities like our pool and cabana area will ensure the comfort of you and your guests. The spacious entertainment pavilion can handle parties of up to 150 while giving you all of the creature comforts in the middle of the great outdoors.

Serene Surroundings For Discovering Spirituality

Let nature provide all the serenity and setting that you need for worship or your next church retreat. Whether you want to worship in the woods, need space indoors or outdoors for workshops, or want to host a worship concert, Mill Creek Ranch has all of the resources you and your congregation will need.

Rally Right In the Heart of Texas

If you’re planning on holding an RV Rally, our resort has the perfect setting and all of the amenities you need, whether you need full catering or you want to host your own cookout or potluck. Make sure to ask about our special pricing for rallies!

Mill Creek Ranch Resort is the perfect setting for all types of events in Canton, TX from weddings to family reunions to corporate team building events. Our staff is ready to help you bring your group together and your vision to life. Call us today at 877-927-3439 for help with booking and planning your next event at our resort.

Events in Canton TX
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Explore The Benefits Of Mill Creek Ranch Resort’s Texas Vacation Rentals For Your Next Corporate Retreat

corporate retreats dallas |Mill Creek Ranch ResortIf you’re a business owner or manager and you’re trying to find the perfect place to take your employees for a retreat that will both relax and re-energize them, check out the Texas vacation rentals at Mill Creek Ranch Resort in Canton, TX.  Why Mill Creek Ranch Resort?  Because we not only have state-of-the-art technology and exceptional facilities for hosting almost any size group, we also have the peaceful atmosphere that you can only find on 200 acres of tranquil East Texas woodlands

There’s no company, no matter what size, that can’t benefit from a retreat.  You and your employees work hard every day, keeping your noses to the grindstone to make your business a success; but that kind of single-mindedness can lead to stagnation when it comes to new ideas and enthusiasm about what you do.  A retreat in which you can think, relax, learn and share ideas will open up new avenues of communication among your employees and create an atmosphere of team spirit that no amount of hurried meetings during lunch around a conference table can.

Your employees will know that their comfort is your priority when they arrive at Mill Creek Ranch Resort.  Our Texas vacation rentals for corporate retreats include our cottages and cabins – we even have executive cottages to rent.  Each cottage or cabin is decorated with a it very own charm that includes a queen-sized bed, television, WiFi, full kitchen and full bath.  When the group gets together, we have the facilities to offer meeting space, food venue and full team building areas.

When you don’t have team-building activities or meetings scheduled, you and your staff can stroll along the walking trails, paddle-boat on Walden pond or fish from the dock.  If relaxation means sports, you can enjoy basketball, volleyball, horseshoes, disc golf or biking.  And, if the amenities of the resort aren’t enough, your group can take a stroll around the shops and boutiques of downtown Canton.

Call our corporate sales manager at Mill Creek Ranch Resort today at 877-927-3439 to get the best rates for January and February for your corporate retreat.  You can also arrange to take a tour of our Texas vacation rentals and learn how we can help you with every detail including team-building activities, entertainment and menu planning.  We want your retreat to be a success so we’ll work with you any way we can – even customizing your retreat to fit your needs and budget.  Call Mill Creek Ranch Resort today.  You’ll be happy you did.

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3 planning tips for corporate retreats Texas at Mill Creek Ranch Resort

corporate retreats texas | Mill Creek Ranch ResortMaybe you are doing general team building, or maybe your company has a project that will require a little more time than one (way too long) meeting. Corporate retreats Texas are a great way to do both, and with the facilities at Mill Creek Ranch Resort we are here to assist you in taking care of business while taking a little bit of a load off. Here are a few tips to make your next corporate retreat productive, successful and fun.

Plan ahead. Keep in mind that you are taking people away from their homes and their families for a work-related event. You owe it to them to make sure the retreat is both productive and at least somewhat entertaining. Make sure you’ve done extensive research and planned ahead, creating an itinerary of any seminars, speeches, meetings, team building activities or brainstorms so the day or weekend runs smoothly.

Keep your eye on the goal. If your goal is to have ample time together to go through any number of phases of a big project, keep your focus on that. Plan activities and tasks that work towards completing your project as a whole group, in smaller groups, and then regroup as a whole to consider your progress. Do not plan an afternoon of trust falls if your main goal is to get ahead on a big project. On the flip side, do not plan on working on projects if your main goal is team building. Trust fall away!

Location, location, location! The location of corporate retreats Texas is especially important if you are planning an overnight stay. While the purpose of the retreat is to work and/or team build, you are not going to be doing that until your team falls into their beds at night. Book your retreat at a place that has a few things to do after dinner and/or work time.  Mill Creek Ranch Resort’s corporate retreat facilities include low-key activities such as nature walks, roasting marshmallows over a campfire or relaxing in the hot tub so your team will find the retreat fulfilling for both work and mental rejuvenation.

With a little planning and a little help from our corporate sales manager and our activities director, Mill Creek Ranch Resort is the perfect place to plan corporate retreats Texas. Between our state-of-the-art meeting rooms, full catering options, and tranquil luxury resort, let us help you plan a successful, productive and enjoyable corporate retreat.

corporate retreats texas
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Mill Creek Ranch Resort Makes the Perfect Dallas Special Events Venue

Dallas special events | Mill Creek Ranch ResortOur facilities at Mill Creek Ranch Resort make a perfect little getaway for anyone looking for a Dallas special events venue, and we are just an hour out of town nestled in the beautiful East Texas Piney Woods in historical Canton, TX. We accommodate any event you may have in mind, including weddings, family reunions, corporate retreats and team building events, church retreats, even RV rallies!

We have meeting spaces that can accommodate a small group of 10 to a larger group of 100 for corporate events, board meetings or symposiums, audio/visual equipment to meet any technical needs you may have and the ability to adjust the seating arrangement in a more formal, banquet or classroom style or a more casual theater style. We are also right in the vicinity of the Twin Lakes Golf Course (one of Dallas’ top ten according to the Dallas Morning News), a challenging zip lining course (perfect for team building), several wonderful little shops and restaurants or stay on site and enjoy an archery competition. Check out our facebook page to see more team building fun!

For a smaller, family event, we are also just a mile away from Yesterland farm, an old-school style farm that’s kind of like a nostalgic country fair all the time. They have loads of special events and a renowned pumpkin patch and special Christmas events (like a Christmas tree farm). You can double up on your deals too with a wintertime visit; Yesterland farms has free admission during the Christmas season and we have a special off-season 50% discount on event spaces when you make us your Dallas special events venue from November through February. (Be sure to call us for more details and to book your holiday event!)

If your family reunion is anything but small, don’t worry; the more the merrier. We love big families! Our outdoor entertainment pavillion can accommodate up to 150 people.  In the pavilion and RV Lodge,  you can cook your own meals or we offer catering services if you just want to relax and let us handle everything.

Don’t forget our great executive cabins to make any getaway a pleasure.  We have many styles of our Texas cottages.  You can view more on our interactive map, or come out for a tour!

Whether you want to DIY it with a ton of personal touches or sit back, relax and let us do all the work, we are here to help. Mill Creek Ranch Resort, your Dallas special events venue. Let us help make your event fun, relaxing and memorable.

Dallas Special Events Venue
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
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dallas special events | Mill Creek Ranch ResortSometimes teams, whether co-workers, student government leaders, church group leaders,  etcetera aren’t quite functioning at their optimum level.  Or perhaps, there is a newly formed group who have not yet had the opportunity to get to know each other.  A Dallas special events team-building workshop might be just the ticket to get your group up and running at its best.

Following are some tips to assure that your Dallas special events team-building workshop is a success:

HAVE A PURPOSE IN MIND.  Mind Tools, an organization highly recommended as an important part of one’s professional leadership toolkit, suggests that, “Team-building exercises can be a powerful way to unite a group, develop strengths, and address weaknesses. However, only if the exercises are planned and carried out strategically.  In other words, there has to be a real purpose behind your decision to do the exercise – for example, improving the team’s problem-solving or creativity skills – rather than because you felt like giving your people a nice day out of the office.”

WHAT ARE YOUR TEAM’S CHALLENGES?  Mind Tools suggests that the very most important step in the process of planning a team-building event is figuring out what issues your team is facing.  Then you can select a team-building activities that will most effectively help them work through these challenges.

IDENTIFY THE ORIGIN OF THE PROBLEMS.  Mind Tools further suggests asking some questions to identify the source of the organizations troubles:

  • Do members of the team need to get to know one another?
  • Is there an issue with communication?  Do communication problems slow the advancement of the group?
  • Are some members seeking their own accomplishments to the detriment of the group?
  • Do group members need to learn how to work collectively, instead of individually?
  • Is there a morale problem among group members?
  • Are some individuals opposed to change?  Is this affecting the rest of the group?
  • Are there disagreements between certain people that generates divisiveness within the team?

A handy tool that Mind Tools shares to investigate the issues facing your team is their Team Effectiveness Assessment.  Upon completion of the assessment you are directed to tools that will help improve the areas of team-working problems identified in the assessment. 

“Teamwork has a dramatic effect on organizational performance.  An effective team can help an organization achieve incredible results.  A team that is not working can cause unnecessary disruption, failed delivery and strategic failure.”

Sometimes in order to achieve the most successful Dallas special events team-building workshops, it is important to get away from the usual work environment.  Mill Creek Ranch Resort is perfect for your Dallas special events.  Offering: Corporate Meetings, Board Retreats, Seminars and Corporate Trainings.  The beauty and serenity of Mill Creek Ranch Resort allows your group to focus, relax and re-energize.  Less than an hour from Dallas in beautiful East Texas, we offer exceptional facilities, corporate amenities and state of the art technology.  Our meeting space accommodates groups of 5 to 150.  Theatre, conference, banquet and classroom-style seating arrangements are available.  Full catering is also available with budget friendly options.  Our Activities Director is available to coordinate all your team-building activities and desired entertainment, and our Corporate Sales Manager will handle every other detail for your group.  Overnight accommodations are available in our gorgeous cottages and cabins each equipped with a queen bed, sofa sleeper, WiFi, TV, full bath/shower and kitchen.  Executive cottages offering deluxe amenities are also available.  Let us help make your next Dallas special events Team-Building Workshop a success.

Dallas special events
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Photo Credit: ©Depositphotos.com/Andres Rodriguez