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Resorts In Dallas: 4 Tips For The Perfect Cottage Honeymoon

resorts in dallas tx | Mill Creek Ranch ResortHave you planned your dream wedding and now you’re thinking about the perfect honeymoon to follow it?  Have you thought about staying in Texas?  There are many resorts in Dallas and the surrounding area that can give you a honeymoon experience you won’t forget without the anxiety and the credit card bills that go along with cruising to the islands or jetting to Europe.

With resorts in Dallas, you can honeymoon in a private cottage that will be so much more romantic than a cabin on a rolling ship or hotel room in a noisy city.  In fact, what could be more romantic  and stress-free than being alone together in a rustic setting, watching the sun setting on your back porch? But even with a low-stress cottage honeymoon, there are still a few things you can do to make it perfect:

  1.  Plan for privacy.  Your wedding is a time to celebrate with family and friends.  Your honeymoon is your time alone together as a married couple, which means you may not want to leave your cottage for any reason.   Make sure you bring music, movies, cards or anything else you can enjoy together.  With the convenience of Mill Creek’s fully equipped kitchens, make sure you bring fun recipes and enough groceries to last your whole stay. And don’t forget a bottle of champagne to sip while you’re watching those sunsets.
  1.  Pack for outdoor living.  If you’re planning on taking advantage of the amenities that many resorts in Dallas offer while you’re honeymooning, make sure to bring the right clothes and equipment.  You may want to hike or fish or swim so bring jeans, walking shoes and swimwear.  Bring jackets for cooler weather and shorts and flipflops for warmer weather.
  1.  Don’t bring anything work-related.  As tempting as it is to stay connected to work, it’s not a great idea for either one of you.  Spending time on the phone with your boss or clients can make for a very unhappy spouse.  Your cottage honeymoon is your calm in the eye of the storm that is your regular lives.  Leave laptops and briefcases where they belong – at work or at home.
  1.  Be flexible.   Your intention may have been to spend a week gazing into each other’s eyes; but that’s never as romantic as it sounds.  Even though you may have planned to stay in, don’t feel bad about wanting to go out and find a restaurant or live music to enjoy.  Just because you’re newly-married doesn’t mean you’ve just met.  Most couples have known each other for a significant amount of time before they get married.  If you do have a long history, forcing a contrived notion of what newlyweds should be doing into your unique honeymoon agenda just won’t be fun.  Keep part of your itinerary open to a little adventure.

At Mill Creek Ranch Resort, we are one of the finest resorts in Dallas and our rental cottages give you the privacy you want in a beautiful, rustic setting while still offering you all the amenities you expect from a deluxe resort.  When you’re ready to plan your honeymoon, call us at (877) 927-3439 or visit www.millcreekranchresort.com to book your cottage online.

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Vacation Rentals In Dallas TX: Where to Eat When Visiting Our Resort

places to eat in Canton tx | Mill Creek Ranch ResortOne of the best things about staying in one of our Mill Creek Ranch Resort vacation rentals in Dallas, TX is how close we are to dozens of great restaurants in the Canton, TX area.  Sure, our beautiful rental cottages come with fully-equipped kitchens where you can turn out all the meals you need for you and your family; but is that really a vacation?  You can find breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the snacks in between at our wonderful, Canton restaurants.

MIMI’s Broasted Chicken

The best chicken and wings in Canton, made fresh with great sides.  Every Friday get the best fried catfish you have ever had.  Your kids will love this chicken better than McDonalds any day.


Buttermilk’s is scratch cooking at its best.  They make everything from chicken-fried steak to Angus cheeseburgers to homestyle red-skinned mashed potatoes. The fried green tomatoes on the appetizer menu are a can’t-miss.  Desserts include delicious buttermilk pie and assorted cobblers.

Val’s Italian Restaurant

Val’s has all of your traditional, Italian favorites like Alfredo pasta, chicken parmesan, shrimp scampi and a variety of pizzas and calzones.  Start your meal with fluffy, garlic bread knots and end it with cannoli, tiramisu or limoncello mascarpone cake.

Dairy Palace

The Dairy Palace has been a tradition in Canton since 1984.  Country breakfasts that feature chipped beef on toast, chili and eggs, pancakes and French toast are served 24 hours a day alongside everyone’s favorites – burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs and hand-dipped Blue Bell ice cream.

Ole West Bean and Burger Restaurant

The name says it all.  Ole West Bean and Burger has a bean bar and a salad bar along with a variety of burgers that you can top any way you like.  That’s not all they offer.  You can get a great rib eye or sirloin steak, pork chops and chicken-fried steaks.  If you have kids, they have a menu just for the little ones.

Baker’s Ribs

No self-respecting Texas city can be without a great rib joint.  Baker’s has even more – ribs, sausage, brisket and chicken with corn and black bean salad, potato salad and Texas toast on the side.  Baker’s fried pies are a specialty and come in flavors that include chocolate, vanilla, cherry, coconut and lemon.

Tacos y Mas Restaurant

You won’t need reservations for the best Tex-Mex in Canton.  At Tacos y Mas, enjoy shredded chicken or pork street tacos on corn or flour tortillas with sides of rice and beans in a relaxed atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating.

No matter what you’re in the mood to eat, you’ll find it in Canton.  Come and enjoy all that Canton has to offer while you’re staying in one of our Mill Creek Ranch Resort vacation rentals in Dallas, TX.  Call us today at (903) 567-6020 to make a reservation and visit us at www.millcreekranchresort.com to see photos of our vacation rentals in Dallas, TX and to find out about our special Escape Packages.

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RV Park Texas Travel Tips for the Newbie from Mill Creek Ranch Resort

RV Park TX | MIll Creek Ranch Resort

If you’ve just bought an RV, we know you have visions of the open road, seeing the country, and all with your happy family right there with you in the ‘ol camper. And while it’s called “camping,” no tent setup is required at your favorite RV Park Texas, you don’t have to sleep on the ground, no carrying everything you need in a backpack that’s bigger than your oldest child, and going to the bathroom doesn’t require a shovel. You couldn’t be more excited.

However, there are a few rookie mistakes people make when taking their first few trips that can turn your fun family vacation into something that you need a vacation from. Here are a few tips for the newbies. Just because we’ve made these mistakes doesn’t mean you have to.

Plan your route ahead of time: Planning your route ahead of time and spending just a few minutes with google maps before you leave can help save you time on the road and help keep you from getting lost. Research which RV park Texas you’d like to stay at and book ahead; some of the really popular parks do fill up and it’s no fun to scramble for another place to go, especially if you already had a setback and get in late.

Time: It’s incredibly important to keep in mind that this is a vacation, not a race to the finish. Don’t schedule 7-8-9 hour drives, at least not for your maiden voyage, because seasoned RVers know that there can always be hangups along the way that will have you setting up camp in the dark, with no staff to help you orient yourself. Maybe you forgot something and need to stop at Wal-mart, then there’s always unexpected traffic, unexpected weather, unexpected “uh oh, where’s the dog?” Keep your driving days to 4-5 hours. Stop and take pictures along way, stop for a picnic or enjoy more time at the RV park Texas once you get there.

Become familiar with your equipment: This tip can really have an article all on its own. Make sure you know your RV, inside and out and this includes knowing how to drive it (this seems obvious, but you’d be surprised). It’s probably even worth the annoyance to give it a spin in the rain before embarking on your first road trip.

Be careful, have fun, and don’t forget to visit us at the best RV park Texas has, Mill Creek Ranch Resort.

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Mill Creek Ranch Resort

Canton, Texas 75103

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Have a snuggly romantic vacation Texas with your Valentine at Mill Creek Ranch Resort

Valentine’s Day is always a good excuse to do something a little extra special for the sweetie in your life. Why stay in the city and wait, and wait (and wait) to get seated at a crowded restaurant when you can spend an evening or a whole weekend enjoying nature, peace and quiet, and nothing but a romantic and cozy atmosphere with your better half. With the big day landing on a weekend night this year, have a little getaway at the perfect spot for a romantic vacation Texas style at Mill Creek Ranch Resort in Canton, Texas.

romantic vacation texas | Mill Creek Ranch Resort

Spend this Valentine’s snuggling up in one of our cozy Texas cottages and take advantage of the many amenities that Mill Creek Ranch has to offer, like relaxing in our hot tub facilities, taking a handheld nature walk in the beautiful East Texas Piney Woods or grab a blanket and roast marshmallows around one of our fire pits. For a little social hour before your alone time, hang out at The Creek (taking place at our Grand Lodge) for some live music, dancing, food and a full bar.

Texas Cottage vacation | Mill Creek Ranch Resort

This Valentine’s, Mill Creek Ranch Resort is running a special for all the happy couples out there. A cottage rental on Valentine’s Day is $175 a night, and includes a dozen roses, chocolate, champagne and holiday inspired romantic decor in your cottage. Want to make a whole weekend of it? Extend your stay through the weekend for $125 a night. If you prefer to add your own personal touches to your romantic vacation Texas, you can forego the flowers and champagne and book for a flat rate of $125 per night for the whole weekend.

If you’re planning on taking advantage of one of our RV sites, we have a special offer for you too. Come on by and take advantage of our Valentine’s Day special of $90 for RV site rental including all of our activities and amenities on the property, and we will include a dozen roses, a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates.

Romantic Texas Vacations | Mill Creek Ranch Resort

Because we know that our happy couples may be staying up a little late over this special weekend, feel free to sleep in; check out is later (at 1 pm) just for Valentine’s Day. So get up early and enjoy the morning, or sleep in late and enjoy the comfort of our leisure resort. 

If you’re looking for the perfect romantic vacation Texas has to offer to getaway and have a little rest, relaxation and alone time with the special someone in your life, take advantage of the Valentine’s Day and weekend specials at Mill Creek Ranch Resort. Call us for more details, any special requests and for reservations at 877-927-3439.

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Finding The Best of East Texas on the Piney Woods Wine Trail While Staying in our Texas Cottages

texas cottages | Mill Creek Ranch Resort Canton TXOnce known only for its wild grape species growing naturally for thousands of years along lakes, rivers and streams, Texas has matured to become a full-bodied and rich wine country.  No longer must you spend a fortune traveling to France or California, great tasting wine is made in our own backyard.
 One needn’t spend hours formulating a self guided wine tour in East Texas, the work’s already been done and for your next weekend getaway all you need do is follow the Piney Woods Wine Trail .  May we suggest an enjoyable afternoon trip, or a tranquil weekend tasting wine and then relaxing in one of the beautiful Texas cottages along your route?  But which route?

How about beginning in the beautiful highlands of the Sabine Valley at the Fairhaven Winery located just north of US 80 at 5340 South FM 2369, Hawkins, TX 75765?The folks at Fairhaven Winery pride themselves in fine grade handmade wines produced from hand picked estate grapes.  

Upon leaving Hawkins our recommended second stop is the unique Miranda Lambert Store and Red 55 Winery located at 100 E Hubbard St, Lindale, TX 75771.     Many folks enjoy the winery store’s gifts and products from Miranda’s merchandise line, but the Belle of the ball is the wonderful wine.  The Lambert family partnered with Lou Vinery Vineyards to produce an amazingly diverse wine offering with Miranda’s signature names.

Next stop we suggest visiting the Crump Valley Vineyards (127 Crump Lane, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482)  where you’ll enjoy great wine at a great price and a whole lot of great home grown entertainment to go along with it!

Finally head to Canton, Texas where the town of 3,581’s claim to fame is it’s tremendous growth once a month of up to 400,000 shoppers converging for the World Famous Trade Days which they tout as the oldest and largest continuously operating outdoor market in the United States.

But Canton is much more than a 4 day a month shopping mecca, it’s home to two of the areas’ superb wineries, Savannah Winery & Bistro and Texas Roads Winery & Roadhouse.  The Savannah Winery & Bistro  located at 574 E Dallas St, Canton, TX 75103 offers wine tasting any time.  If you agree that variety is the spice of life then Savannah Winery is the stop for you.  They carry wines from Brushy Creek Vineyards, Homestead Winery, Landon Winery, Los Pinos Ranch, Lou Viney Cellars and Messina Hof.

The Texas Roads Winery & Roadhouse is a short hop skip and a jump down the road at 124 W Dallas St in Canton.  Offering over 30 local Texas wines with signature wines by winemaker Michael Ramsey.   

After you’ve shared your self guided wine tour with that special someone, why not give your trip the perfect ending by enjoying the rest of the weekend at a beautiful Texas cottage?  A short mile and a half away is the ideal place to relax with a fantastic Romance Package at Mill Creek Ranch Resort.     There’s no need to rush home when you can enjoy one of Mill Creek Ranch Resort’s peaceful Texas cottages.  Pull out the wine glasses and your newly acquired spirits and enjoy overnight accommodations for two in a luxurious Texas cottage, with a dozen roses awaiting your arrival.  The special package includes a $100 dinner credit at Four Winds Steakhouse , full use of the wonderful Mill Creek Ranch Resort amenities and a special 2 p.m. late check-out.

If you feel you must visit  just one more vineyard before your trip is complete, head South to Athens, TX to Tara Vineyard and Winery.  They have a unique bottle shaped bar and fine cuisine that perfectly pair with their signature wines .  You can have a pleasant reminder of your adventure each month when you join the Tara wine club.   The winemakers choose a special wine to share each month with the club members.  You can choose from 1-3 bottles per month.

Make plans today for your next weekend getaway enjoying the finest wines and Texas cottages that East Texas has to offer!

texas cottages
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Our Vacation Cabins in Texas: the Perfect Place to Take a Break from it All

vacation cabins texasIf you have children at home, they probably can’t wait until school is out for the year. As summer vacation nears, they might even be able to tell you how many more days until the break! Have you reserved your Mill Creek Ranch Resort vacation cabin in Texas yet?
It’s a widely accepted truth that after a long school year, kids need a break from homework. But several studies show that grown-ups need vacations from work too — but we don’t always take them when we need them. That’s a shame, since according to CNN Money, Americans collectively leave 226 million vacation days unused, amounting to $34.3 billion of our vacation time wasted. Aside from the financial waste, consider the health benefits of taking time to recharge, reconnect with friends and family members, and enjoy life.

According to an article from CNN, taking just a few days of vacation every year results in better sleep quality, reduced job stress, and better reaction time. Women who take vacations regularly are three times less likely to be depressed and eight times less likely to develop heart disease. Men who regularly take vacations are 32 percent less likely to die of heart attacks, and 21 percent less likely to die early of any cause. Vacations reduce your body’s production of cortisol, a stress hormone that can age you prematurely.

Taking a vacation is good for our productivity, our blood pressure, and our relationships.
Getting away from it all can be as simple as loading the car with a few changes of clothes and our loved ones. Mill Creek Ranch Resort’s fully equipped vacation cabins in Texas are a great option for hassle-free, convenient getaways. There are activities and amenities for everybody, whether it’s playing a round of golf, riding bikes, paddleboats on Walden Pond, teaching the kids to fish in the stocked fishing ponds, or swimming, or relaxing in the hot tub without the kids. What could be better than just taking a nap in peace and quiet? Our vacation cabins in Texas are the perfect place for a vacation that’s as active or as restful as you want it to be.
Contact us today to make reservations for one of our beautiful vacation cabins in Texas at 877-927-3439 or book online!

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Planning Your Texas RV Park Vacation? There’s an app for that!

With RV camping growing in popularity, there are more resources than ever available to help you plan a great RV park vacation in Texas.  Here are a few websites, apps and ideas to get you started.

Guestrated.com is a website where RV Park guests leave reviews and ratings of parks they’ve visited.  You can click the “plan a trip” button and a menu will take you to a search feature that will allow you to find a park and any amenities you would like.  For instance, to find a Texas RV park, one would click on the type of park (RV), the state/province (TX), and then below, “add amenities and lifestyle options.”  Included are options to search for RV parks with internet access, firewood, playgrounds, cable TV, pets welcome…it’s all there. There is even an option to search by highest rated park (Mill Creek Ranch Resort earns an A grade and enthusiastic feedback from reviewers there).

Smartphone apps can make vacation travel so much easier!  Here are a few to try on your next Texas RV park adventure:  

  •  Good Sam Campground Directory helps you find and RV park anywhere you travel.
  •   Gasbuddy finds the cheapest gas in the area
  •   iHandy level iPhone app, to you get your RV level while camping
  •  Google Sky Map is great for stargazing while you’re away from the city lights
  •   OffMaps for iPhone lets you download maps and view them even without a data connection
  •  RV Dumps finds the closest dump station for your septic

Pinterest has many, many boards dedicated to RV camping tips and ideas and is the perfect way to visually plan a vacation. Just search for boards or pins with the words “RV Camping” in them and you’ll instantly have access to recipes, ideas for organizing small spaces, fun recipes, cool RV remodels…you name it.  With a couple of more specific search terms like “Texas hiking trails” or “Canton TX” and you’ll find more specific ideas you may be able to use on your Texas RV park vacation. Create your own board and watch your RV trip take shape before your eyes!

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Vacation Rentals for Sale in East Texas – Canton, TX

Are you thinking about buying a vacation rental in East Texas?  We invite you to visit Mill Creek Ranch Resort and enjoy a peaceful vacation in the piney woods of Canton, TX.  Our guests are always saying how “cute” our cabins are and we hope that you will come and see for yourself just how to buy “cute” when investing in a vacation cabin rental.

Canton, TX cottage rental for sale


Unlike most vacation homes there are very little ongoing expenses, no maintenance headaches and an opportunity to earn rental income when you are not using your vacation rental.


There are no HOA dues or property taxes with our cabins!  We take care of water, sewer, daily garbage pickup, telephone, Wi-Fi, lawn & flower maintenance, rental marketing, housekeeping service, maintenance, renter’s amenities usage, and lease of land.  This means no worries, no hassles, and no vacation cabin rental upkeep for you.  We do it all!


At Mill Creek Ranch Resort we truly want our vacation rental owners to be able to relax and have each visit be a special luxury resort experience.  We offer stocked ponds for catch and release fishing fun, paddle boats, and walking trails for nature hikes.  With 3 designer pools and spa, frisbee golf course, volleyball and basketball courts there are plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Our cabins have the option of a luxury outdoor living room.  Snuggling up with a cup of hot cocoa on the patio with a roaring fire in your outdoor fireplace under the East Texas stars will lead to cherished family memories.  Our guests often like to have a weenie roast and of course enjoy some s’mores at the end of the day when they return to their cabins from all the fun they have had in Canton during the day.

We hope that you will plan a tour with us soon and learn more not only about how to buy “cute”, but how to gain memories to last a lifetime with your family here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort.

Please contact our office to find out more about vacation rentals for sale in Canton, TX or for a tour of our luxury resort at 903-567-6020.

Vacation Rental Canton, TX
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
2102 N. Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103
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New Year’s Eve Barn Bash – Special Events Canton, TX

Special Event in Canton, TX - party venue

We had a great time at the New Year’s Eve Barn Bash special event!  Over 70 people came out to enjoy the celebration at our Canton, TX resort!

party venue in Canton, TXThis special event was catered  by Chez Willie’s black pot specials.  He cooked up some delicious cajun cuisine, and told some great tales as we warmed ourselves by the fire.
Chez Willie cooks at Canton's best RV park and campground

New Year's Party at Canton's best RV Park and Cottage campground
FM 19 Back Porch Band is a favorite for our special events.  Everyone enjoyed ringing in the New Year with this Canton cover band as they danced and sang along throughout the evening.  The FM 19 Back Porch Band is a regular at our Friday night events at The Creek.  Check out our monthly events calendar to see who will play next!

Canton's best rv park and cottage rental resort hosts FM 19 back porch band
Getting to just walk back to the cabin was a nice perk when staying at Mill Creek for this special event, saving everyone a drive home late at night!    

Thanks to all of our friends who came out to celebrate the New Year in Canton at our special events venue, Mill Creek Ranch Resort!

Contact us for more information on party venues and special events in Canton, TX 903-567-6020.
special events Canton, TX
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
2102 N. Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103
United States
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How to Buy “cute”. – Canton, TX cottage rental

Buy a Cottage and make a great income!When guests come to our resort campground and RV park, they always tell us how “cute” our cottage rentals are.  We think they are more than “cute”,   they are a beautiful resort vacation home with the potential to earn income.   We want to show you how to buy “cute”.
When you purchase a vacation cabin/cottage at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, not only do you get a great place to go on vacation, but a great way to earn income while you are away!  Our cottage rentals are headache free for cottage owners.
High quality, luxurious park models cabins/cottages coupled with an upscale resort is fast becoming one of the hottest trends in the vacation home market.  Here at Mill Creek Ranch the vacation lifestyle we are creating for our owners is truly dedicated to leisure.  Unlike most vacation homes there are very little ongoing expenses., no maintenance headaches and an opportunity to earn rental income when you are not using your home.

Cabin rentals for sale in Canton, Tx

There are no HOA dues or property taxes!  We take care of water, sewer, daily garbage pickup, telephone, Wi-Fi, lawn & flower maintenance, rental marketing, housekeeping service, maintenance, renter’s amenities usage, and lease of land.
This means no worries, no hassles and no up-keep for you.  We do it all!

Cabin rental for sale in East Texas

Each of our cottage rentals are custom built with all of the high quality construction features found in the residential home market.  There are many floor plans, and options to choose from.   Customizing your cabin rental to your specifications is easy.   Everything you need is conveniently packaged into your purchase price from your choice of landscaped lot, utility connections, furniture, and appliances including washer/dryer, flat screen TV with an entertainment system, down to linens, dishes, cookware, etc.  You get a beautiful cottage rental with your personal touch and we take care of everything so that so you can relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy the serene nature inspired setting and amenities of East Texas’ premier destination resort. With all we have to offer you can enjoy several vacations with your family each year and not just one very expensive family vacation trip to Disney or Mexico!

East Texas Cabin for Sale

Our resort has something for the entire family!  There are so many things to do at Mill Creek you may never feel the need to go off grounds.  Playgrounds, catch and release fishing, swimming at one of our two designer pools or relaxing in the hot tub, disc golf, beautiful water features throughout to enhance your views on a nature walk, hiking, horseshoes, volleyball, basketball,  paddleboats, and fire pits are just a few of the amenities we offer here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort!

Cabin for sale in East Texas!

Call our Cottage Sales Manager Stacy Crossley at (903) 567-6020 ext: 229 or toll free at 1-866-488-6020 to schedule a tour or find out more information.

Cottage rental – Canton, TX
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
2102 N. Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103
United States