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corporate retreat venue texas | Mill Creek Ranch ResortCorporate retreats can be a fun and relaxing way to increase company morale, energize your team, strategize, and strengthen your company’s values. However, they can also prove to decrease morale, de energize, and end up completely unproductive if not planned correctly. Mill Creek Ranch Resort’s team at our corporate retreat venue are always here to help you avoid those oft-made mistakes in corporate retreat planning. Here are some additional tips to make sure your corporate retreat is productive, successful, and a whole lot of fun.

1. Talk with your people, not at them. An involved discussion will insure that their eyes won’t glaze over while they start thinking about what’s for lunch. Involve everyone in attendance in a conversation. If your group is rather large (Mill Creek Ranch Resort can accommodate over 100 people), quickly introduce a topic and break everyone up into groups to discuss.

2. Don’t throw money at chintzy things. Sure, retreat t-shirts, monogrammed golf balls or hiring a semi-popular band seems like a good idea at the time of planning, but often it ends up just being a waste of money. Funnel all of that money into one nice thing that your employees will actually enjoy, even if it’s just a really nice dinner. This tells your employees that you do value them, and don’t value cheapness.

3. Let people choose things for themselves. Yes, the activities director here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort will help you plan group activities for team building during your stay, however, leave the rest and relaxation choices up to your employees. We have scores of fun activities on site, from nature walks to paddle boats. Don’t plan mandatory pool time, as you probably don’t want the mental image of your employees in a bathing suit any more than they do of you. Same goes for food. Don’t serve overly sugary or overly healthy options; have a good mix, your employees are adults and can choose for themselves.

4. A little education goes a long way, so try to include it in your retreat. This does not mean a Power Point presentation of clichés your employees already know. Take the time, before the retreat, to research some cutting edge ideas and discuss them with your people. TED Talks are a great place to start, as they are typically cutting edge, interesting and short enough to hold people’s attention throughout the whole thing. Find a good TED Talk that’s pertinent to your company strategy and hold a discussion afterwards. Mill Creek Ranch Resort is fully equipped with state of the art audio/visual equipment for online streaming, videos and presentations.

For more information on the corporate retreat venue amenities at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, contact our corporate events manager at 877-927-3439 or look for more information online.

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