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Canton RV Park: Sprucing Up Your RV’s Interior

Canton RV ParkAre you getting ready to fire up your RV and come to the fantastic Canton RV Park at Mill Creek Ranch Resort? Whether your RV has been resting comfortably or working hard during the winter, a thorough spring cleaning makes sense now that temperatures are rising. Be sure to give it a good scrub down and air everything out for a fresh start this vacation season. After a good scrubbing, you might also like to incorporate an idea or two to revitalize the interior and give it some added “pop” before you hit the open road!

What about sprucing up the inside of your RV? Although decorating your RV can be similar to decorating your home, you can also use it as an opportunity to be more daring with your choices so your place is the envy of your fellow RV enthusiasts at our Canton RV Park.

  • Use more color and patterns–while bright colors and patterns might feel overwhelming in large quantities, pops of color and bold patterns can add a lot of style quickly and really boost your mood every time you enter your space.
  • Replace cabinet knobs or drawer pulls–they are an easy and relatively inexpensive update in a small space but they pack a big punch. Whether you’re going for a vintage piece with country charm or a sleek metallic knob, you’ll see the difference fast.
  • New artwork–do you have an empty spot on the wall, or perhaps a dated piece of artwork that no longer lifts your spirits? Try something new and catchy, use an oversized clock or even oversized letters that spell out your name or meaningful phrase. If you’re in an especially whimsical mood, hang fabric garlands in swags around the top of your walls.
  • Organizers–as you’ve cleaned, you’ve likely considered better ways of storing things during travel. Consider buying or making a colorful organizing tool instead of a utilitarian one so you’ll be more inspired to use it. For example, a sturdy and structured tote in a fabric to coordinate with your space makes a great place to collect regional maps and tourist information about your travels.
We look forward to seeing you and your snazzy RV at our spruced up and ready to go Canton RV Park at Mill Creek Ranch Resort. Although we suspect you’ll spend your time here fishing, hiking, enjoying our live music venue, playing horseshoes or disc golf, paddle boating, swimming, or any of our many other activities, we also know you’ll be glad to return to your pristine RV to rest up for your next adventure.

For more information about our RV campground, please call our friendly staff at 877-927-3439.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort
2102 N Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103

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Planning Your Texas RV Park Vacation? There’s an app for that!

With RV camping growing in popularity, there are more resources than ever available to help you plan a great RV park vacation in Texas.  Here are a few websites, apps and ideas to get you started.

Guestrated.com is a website where RV Park guests leave reviews and ratings of parks they’ve visited.  You can click the “plan a trip” button and a menu will take you to a search feature that will allow you to find a park and any amenities you would like.  For instance, to find a Texas RV park, one would click on the type of park (RV), the state/province (TX), and then below, “add amenities and lifestyle options.”  Included are options to search for RV parks with internet access, firewood, playgrounds, cable TV, pets welcome…it’s all there. There is even an option to search by highest rated park (Mill Creek Ranch Resort earns an A grade and enthusiastic feedback from reviewers there).

Smartphone apps can make vacation travel so much easier!  Here are a few to try on your next Texas RV park adventure:  

  •  Good Sam Campground Directory helps you find and RV park anywhere you travel.
  •   Gasbuddy finds the cheapest gas in the area
  •   iHandy level iPhone app, to you get your RV level while camping
  •  Google Sky Map is great for stargazing while you’re away from the city lights
  •   OffMaps for iPhone lets you download maps and view them even without a data connection
  •  RV Dumps finds the closest dump station for your septic

Pinterest has many, many boards dedicated to RV camping tips and ideas and is the perfect way to visually plan a vacation. Just search for boards or pins with the words “RV Camping” in them and you’ll instantly have access to recipes, ideas for organizing small spaces, fun recipes, cool RV remodels…you name it.  With a couple of more specific search terms like “Texas hiking trails” or “Canton TX” and you’ll find more specific ideas you may be able to use on your Texas RV park vacation. Create your own board and watch your RV trip take shape before your eyes!

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Mill Creek Ranch Resort
2102 N. Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103
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