family reunion venue with cabins

Cabin Rentals: An Ideal Family Reunion

cabin rentals texas family reunionsFamily reunions are a great way to catch up, bringing family together to laugh, eat, play and reminisce. They can also become incredibly stressful if you don’t have enough help. Here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, we want to make it easy for you to enjoy your time with your loved ones.

Cabin rentals and RV sites keep everyone close.

The resort is a great way to get everyone together in one place. We can accommodate up to 150 people in the entertainment pavilion. Hang out, swap stories, and reminisce over all the times you’ve shared together.

Focus on the family.

It’s always a good idea to throw specific family activities into the mix. Slideshows and home movies, family award ceremonies, chili cook off and family history storytelling are great ways to include everyone and remind them why they are here.

We have audio/visual equipment at the resort to help facilitate these types of activities.

There’s plenty to do.

There are nature trails to explore, water for swimming, paddle boating, and catch-and-release fishing, and basketball and volleyball courts, to name just a few. There’s literally something for everyone, including a playground for the kids and a dog park for your four-legged family members.

When weather drives everyone indoors, there’s a library, board games, video games, computers, and plenty of internet access.

Check out our Amenities page to see the top 24 available activities.

Cabin rentals make it easy to find time to relax.

At the end of the day, all that activity can leave you feeling wiped out. You can relax in our hot tub to melt the stress of the day away, or curl up with a good book. We even have an on-site masseuse for those hard to reach aches and pains.

Not sure what to do?

We have an activities coordinator! If you’re struggling with ideas to keep everyone busy, or just having a hard time narrowing down your options, contact us, and we can help you create the perfect schedule.

We will even cater!

Planning menus can take the fun out of an event, and coordinating mealtimes can be a pain with so many people. We have plenty of space for cooking, if you’d like, but we’d be happy to cater your event so that all you have to do is come and enjoy.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort really has it all. It’s the kind of family reunion location that’s sure to bring you back year after year.

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canton cabins for spring break vacation

Canton Cabins are Where It’s At for Spring Break

Spring Break – the time of year when you can shake off the winter blues and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. All that time off can be fantastic… or it can lead to too much free time.

There are so many places you can go to make the most of your vacation, but whether you’re planning on traveling or sticking close to home, Canton, Texas is a fantastic place to vacation during your time off. Here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, we have a full itinerary of activities to keep the whole family happy all week long.

Locals: Experience Canton through a fresh perspective.

Staycations are all the rage these days, and we’re lucky to live in such a beautiful area. Here at the resort, we have tons of activities planned. Come stay with us to get out of the house, gain fresh perspective, and visit the Canton like a tourist. You’ll save tons on travel, and you might find yourself a new favorite thing to do in the town you love.

Out-of-Towners: We have the best places to visit.

Whether you want to take advantage of the activities we have planned, or you want to explore the resort or town, we have everything you’ll need. Canton is such a beautiful place to be, and we’re confident that you’ll love it here.

If you’re interested in exploring the town, check out this list of our favorite places to go.

Everyone: Activities, activities, activities.

From crafts like string art and magic bottles, to movies, to three-legged races and water balloon volleyball, there are so many fun things to do. We have events planned every day from Friday the 10th through Sunday the 19th. Between activities, all our regular amenities are available as well. With all our offerings, you’ll never get bored.

Click to see all of the activities we have planned or check out our amenities.

Find time to rest (Canton cabins are great for this).

There’s something for every member of the family, and with so much going on, you won’t want to leave – and you don’t have to! Rent a cabin or RV site so you can stay close to the fun. Take time to relax between activities in your own private area, soak in the hot tub, or schedule a session with our on-site masseuse. Keeping the family entertained while keeping your sanity has never been easier.

Book Your Canton Cabin Now

Don’t wait until the last minute! Call us at the number below with questions and bookings, and ensure you get a prime spot on the resort so you can take advantage of all Canton has to offer this Spring Break.

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east texas wedding venue

East Texas Wedding Venue: Finding Somewhere to Love

east texas wedding venueChoosing an East Texas wedding venue can be daunting. With so many beautiful options to choose from, you might be overwhelmed. Here are some things to consider to help you narrow down your list.

What’s your wedding budget?

This is a great place to start. Knowing how much you can spend plays a big factor in what’s available. Once you have a number, you can call the places you’re interested in for detailed information about pricing and availability. This way, you don’t waste time visiting (and falling in love with) a site you can’t afford.

What do you want your East Texas wedding venue to look like?

A beautiful setting isn’t always enough. You need to capture your style and tastes in the place you get married. Are you looking for something quaint or magical? Rustic or modern? Elegant or laid back? Choosing the right style will help guide you to the ideal location.

How many people will attend your wedding?

Your budget will also have a big impact on how many people you can afford to invite. But after that, it can be difficult to nail down a firm number. RSVPs are slow to roll in, and those who don’t respond still may show up. No matter what sized guest list you have, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t invite more people than your venue can handle.

When will you be getting married?

Summer dates tend to be more popular, and you’ll want to book your venue well in advance to make sure you get the day you want. Winter weddings will likely require an indoor affair to combat fluctuating temperatures.

Even the time of day can affect your decision, as night settings need to consider lighting options, and midday settings may need shade.

Do you want the wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue?

There are upsides and downsides to any answer. Changing locations can give the bride and groom time for pictures while the guests are entertained elsewhere, but this can lengthen the event or even loose guests. Staying at the same location allows for shorter events and tighter budgets, but it might be more difficult to find the time and space for all the activities you want to accomplish.

What event services do you need?

Some things you may want to ask your venue if they provide include:

  • Catering
  • Tables and chairs
  • Linens
  • Glassware and dishes
  • Lighting
  • Bartenders and alcohol
  • Décor
  • Music and audio/visual elements

If they don’t provide these things, then do they have vendors that they can recommend? Can you bring in your own vendors, or are you required to use ones they’ve approved?

Answering these six quick questions should significantly narrow down your list of options.

Here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, we have beautiful gardens to accommodate many styles of ceremonies, and a choice of Grand Lodge or Pavilion for receptions. Our intimate settings can hold anywhere between 75 to 150 guests, and we have cabins available for your out of town guests. With affordable packages and tailored services for nearly any budget, our friendly staff will do our best to exceed your expectations.

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rv park in canton tx

4 Things To Look For When Choosing Luxury RV Parks in Texas


Glamping is the new trend in outdoor recreation and there’s no better way to enjoy Mother Nature and all she has to offer (and all she can throw at you) than from the comfort of a well-appointed RV at one of many luxury RV parks in Texas. That being said, it matters just as much where you park that RV when it comes to maximizing your enjoyment while on your glamping getaway. Here are 4 must-haves any serious comfort camper should look for when searching for luxury RV parks in Texas.


Look for lots surrounded by nature


You bought an RV to see more of America and all of the abundant scenery it has to offer and most importantly, to commune with nature. The last thing you need is an RV park that is really just a glorified parking lot. A really good RV park should have not only lush surroundings with lots of open grass areas and shade trees, but it should be designed in such a way that promotes community with your RV neighbors, while still giving you space and privacy to relax in style.


Make sure the lots accommodate today’s larger RVs and trailers


Not to harp on the issue of space here but it cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to parking and staging your recreational vehicle and any of the toys you may have brought with you, like bikes or water sports equipment. If an RV park hasn’t updated their lots for today’s modern glamper the result is a crowded park where neighbors engage in turf wars — the exact opposite of relaxation and getting away from it all. Spaces that are clearly defined help keep everyone happy and friendly.


Staff who are friendly and eager to serve

There are few things worse than pulling in after a long day’s drive and encountering park personnel who are less than accommodating or even downright rude. RV parks at the top of their game know that providing outstanding service and having staff willing to go the extra mile can make all the difference for weary drivers. Look for extra perks, like treats at check-in (think cookies and coffee). The employees should also have a good knowledge of the general and surrounding areas where you are staying and be able to offer tips and recommendations to make your stay truly top notch.


Don’t forget the amenities

While becoming one with nature is often a goal, relaxing after you’ve spent all day playing in the woods is also key to a happy glamping experience. Look for RV parks with amenities like resort-style pools and hot tubs.


Mill Creek Ranch Resort is a step above other luxury RV parks in Texas. With a host of park amenities to keep you entertained and a variety of vistas and lot situations to choose from, our welcoming resort has the perfect place where you and your family can make the most of your RV camping experience, call us today at 877-927-3439 to reserve your spot today.


Mill Creek Ranch Resort | Luxury RV Parks Texas | 877-927-3439

Things to Do in Canton and places to stay

Cabin Rentals Maximize Your Time At Trade Days In Canton TX

Canton TX Trade Days LodgingOne of the most popular things to do in Canton, TX is to attend the First Monday Trade Days. This monthly event started out over a hundred years ago as a simple flea market but has now become a hub for antiquing, collectors, and shabby chic home furnishings. However, it still maintains the country charm of down-home human relationships between shoppers and vendors, and it’s one of the big reasons folks keep coming out month after month to discover new one-of-a-kind items. Here are some pro tips for making the most of your trip to First Monday Trade Days.

Since First Monday is one of the most popular things to do Canton, TX you should make a point to arrive early, as it actually starts on a Thursday. Dress comfortably and wear cozy shoes, as you will be walking a lot. Bringing along a shopping wagon or another way to haul your hauls is also a good idea, and will help minimize long treks back and forth to your car.

Things to Do In Canton, TX – Stay in a Cabin Rental

One of the other things to do at First Monday in Canton, TX is consider renting a cottage at nearby Mill Creek Ranch Resort, especially if you plan on attending with a group, or visiting the grounds for multiple days. The cottage rentals are priced to fit any budget and the resort is chock full of great amenities that will turn your trip to First Monday into a relaxing vacation in no time. The fully-furnished cottages also come fully furnished and most have decks and grills included, so family members can enjoy some down time if they get tired of shopping. However, you should plan ahead. Overnight stays are a popular option for First Monday veteran shoppers, and lodging can book up well in advance.

If you are a regular First Monday attendee, buying one of our cottages can also be a good investment. In addition to the other great benefits of owning a cottage at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, as an owner, you will also always have a place to stay on First Monday weekends! While they vary in size, our cabins typically accommodate 4- 8 people so bring your friends! At Mill Creek Ranch Resort, you are a hop, skip and a jump from Trade Days and can come back and relax after long days of shopping.

If you’re traveling with a group, the cottage can also make for an ideal meeting place, should you choose to pair off and explore in smaller groups. You should also be aware that First Monday happens rain or shine, so knowing that you have a cozy cottage to relax in while any inclement weather passes will take the stress out of any trips where Mother Nature becomes an unwelcome guest.

If you’re ready to experience a different kind of cabin resort and make your next trip to First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX a truly memorable and productive experience for yourself and your family and friends, call us today at 877-927-3439 to reserve your cabin.

To learn more about our cabin rentals click here.

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Own A Piece of East TX Heaven With One of Mill Creek’s Cabins For Sale

cabins for sale in texasIf you’re looking into cabins for sale in Texas, consider one of the beautiful resale properties at Mill Creek Ranch Resort. Purchasing one of our cottages is not only a cost-effective investment but the perfect opportunity to own a piece of East Texas Piney Woods paradise.

Cabins for Sale in Texas, Featuring Cabin 95

Just one of our cabins for sale in Texas is the charming Cabin 95, located in our tranquil Red Tail Pond area. Imagine relaxing with friends and family and watching the sunset from either the front porch or back deck. Picture yourself amid the lush landscaping or playing pit master over one of the community grills located behind this property. And, if the Tiny House craze has a special place in your heart, you’ll love the cozy interior that comes with all of the creature comforts you and your friends or family need to decompress and reconnect.

Our cabins for sale are styled in a way Texas families will love, with rustic chic details, pine wood cabinetry and trim, vaulted ceilings and updated appliances. Many of our cabins come fully furnished, so all you need to bring for your first getaway is the food and the fun. Our cabins are also situated near and under mature growth trees, which helps to keep everything from the living room to the luxurious deck cool in the summer. One of the unique features of Cabin 95 is the beautiful water view of  Red Tail Pond just out your front porch. 

Perfect Location for a Cabin Rental

Located in beautiful Canton, Texas, with its small town feel yet big city attractions, Mill Creek Ranch Resort is only a sixty-minute drive from Dallas. The diversity of the location ensures you will have a plethora of choices for things to do, whether it is spending the day relaxing in your cabin by the pond, or taking in the famous Canton Trade Days, or shopping at nearby outlet malls. Regardless, the first class resort amenities of Mill Creek Ranch, outstanding hospitality, and turn-key property maintenance will guarantee that every visit to your cottage home will be relaxing and rejuvenating, never a hassle or a bore.

If you’re ready to experience a different kind of cabin resort and make a wonderful investment for yourself and your family, call us today at 877-927-3439 to schedule your tour of Cabin 92, as well as the rest of fabulous resort. We look forward to seeing you and welcoming you to the Mill Creek Ranch family of owners.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort | Cabins For Sale in Texas | 877-927-3439

what to do for valentines

What To Do For Valentine’s Day – Vacation at Glamping Resorts in Texas

what to do for valentinesTexas-style glamping is perfect for Valentine’s Getaways

What to do for Valentine’s Day is an age-old question each couple tries to answer each year with, sometimes, little luck.  Glamping resorts in Texas hits the jackpot when it comes to rustic chic vacationing for any romance, young or old.

What is Glamping?

Glamping is a great new way to get away from it all, but still enjoy the comforts of home and modern day amenities.  Do you love the outdoors, but want to stay connected to the internet?  Do you love fishing but you want a nice kitchen to cook the fish?  Does one person want to go camping but the other wants to have a spa vacation?  Glamping is the answer to pleasing everyone!

What do I need to go glamping?

Glamping is all about extravagance, which makes it even more perfect for Valentine’s Day.  Some people enjoy staying in a yurt, tiny home rental, cabins, or even more popular is the deluxe RV!  Here is a short list of amenities you can find here at the resort to make the glamping experience complete:

Fire Pits & Gas Grills
Stocked Ponds
Fully-Equipped Kitchens
Fenced Dog Park
Store on site
Luxury Pools
Hot Tub

What to expect at glamping resorts in Texas?

At Mill Creek Ranch Resort, we offer RV sites for all RV sizes.  Each RV guest can expect a complimentary stack of firewood delivered for their first night’s stay and a fire ring for each site.

Cabin rental guests enjoy a fully-equipped kitchen and beautifully furnished living areas and sleeping quarters with fresh linens provided.

Tiny House renters are also provided a stack of firewood for the first night’s stay, a fully equipped kitchen, fresh linens and indulge in the latest in tiny house design.

So, when you are wondering what to do for Valentine’s day…don’t think twice.  Pack a bag, throw in a string of twinkle lights, and head out to Mill Creek Ranch Resort.  We know how to accommodate the resort lifestyle while keeping things a bit rustic.  Call us to book your romantic Valentine’s getaway today!

Mill Creek Ranch Resort | Glamping Resorts in Texas | 877-927-3439

things to do in canton for valentines day

Things to Do in Canton Texas Adds Adventure to Long-Term Relationships on Valentine’s

things to do in canton for valentines dayThings to Do In Canton Helps Break up The Monotony of the Everyday

With all the things to do in Canton, you can discover a variety of creative experiences to add new energy to your relationship. Have you been together for years and are looking for something fun and unique to do? Maybe something you have never done before? When you feel like you’ve done it all before,sometimes you need a fresh perspective.  Here are a few tips to make this Valentine’s a little different from the planning to the plan.

Don’t Let Familiarity Get in the Way of Romance

Searching for new ideas the two of you can share can get tricky after you’ve been together for a while. As a successful couple, you both become familiar with what the other loves and doesn’t enjoy.   It’s natural that the two of you struggle with trying new things because you might assume your partner won’t enjoy it. This is the kind of thinking that will get you in a date rut.   It’s fine to find your everyday groove but when it comes to Valentine’s plans the way to avoid getting stuck in that date rut is trying something new together.

Seek Experiences Rather Than Purchases

The best romantic experiences aren’t always about something you purchase, like a diamond tennis bracelet or that pro series fishing rod.  It’s rarely about what you give or get, it’s more about what you share.  Relationships built on shared experiences and quality time together are stronger.  Laugh together, cry together, support one another, and be happy together come what may.  Here are just a few ideas the two of you can enjoy together even if you both have very opposite opinions about what is fun.

Paddle Boat Racing
S’more Roasting
Couples Massage
Listen to Live Local Music
Antiquing or Pickin’

Get Out Of Your Normal Routine And Go On An Adventure

Trying something new together can be uncomfortable for both of you.  Even if things don’t turn out as expected, the shared experience of stepping out of your comfort zone can bring you closer together. Have you ever tried ziplining?  Why not try a local favorite?   Take a guided tour at New York Texas Ziplining in nearby LaRue, TX.  Learn a little something about the East Texas wine scene with the Piney Woods Wine Tour,  With an open mind and a good attitude new ideas, whether they work out or not, can be a way to make great memories with someone you love.

Escape Valentine’s Monotony with Resort Vacationing

Rent a cozy cabin or reserve a tiny house rental or bring your RV  and spend some romantic time together here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort.Sit down and pair together an itinerary filled with activities you both love.  There are many things to do in both indoors and outdoors here in Canton.  Even if the two of you have different tastes in what is fun you can get creative with your schedule.  We recommend an itinerary that includes trying a combination of fishing in the morning and then working in some time at our on-site spa for a relaxing massage.  Have a delicious evening meal for two in your fully-equipped cabin and rise early for a day of shopping at the local antique stores,  finding great bargains together and finish off the evening with live music at one of the local front porch pickin places.  If it’s Friday, you can always find a local troubadour at The Creek in the Grand Lodge from 6-9pm.

Sleep in, stay up late, stay in all day, just enjoy one another and make great memories.  We’d love to help make this Valentine’s Day special with our Valentine’s Romance Getaway Package.  Package includes, one night stay in a cabin or RV site, romantic candlelight dinner for two at Buttermilk’s, sparkling beverage of choice, return to your cabin or RV to find a dozen roses and a box of delectable chocolates.  Call 877-927-3439 for pricing and availability.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort | Things to Do in Canton TX | 877-927-3439

Tiny house rentals vacation texas

Tiny House Rentals in Texas Find Their Niche as Vacation Homes

Tiny house rentals vacation texasTiny House Rentals are the Hot Trend in Vacationing

Tiny house rentals in Texas have found a niche in a new vacation home lifestyle.
The tiny house movement is a social and economic experiment that is still in it’s early stages. Some people are wondering if it is a truly sustainable way to live day to day as a normal lifestyle. It’s true, one size does not fit all when considering different types of family needs.

Before You Sell Your Knick Knack Collection

Before making major lifestyle changes families must consider the dynamics of their individual and group needs, especially considering what types of pets and how many pets they have and the age groups and activity levels are of each family member now and 5 years from now. You really need to try before you buy.

A very thorough article written by Andrew Odom at Sustainable Baby Steps reviews many considerations about tiny house living in detail, “How to Prepare for the Tiny House Transition”,, Sustainable Baby Steps, November 28, 2016. This article examines why people are buying tiny homes and how they are able to successfully make the transition.

Where Tiny Houses Work

While deciding whether or not to make major lifestyle changes to your everyday life is a big and difficult decision. You can test out this new style of living arrangements. The tiny house rentals in Texas have found a comfortable and cozy niche in the vacation home industry.

According to Ilyce Glink, the first tiny Houses built thus far range on average from 200 to 400 sq ft and cost between $16,000 to $80,000. “Try Before You Buy: 10 Tiny Homes to Rent on Vacation”, CBS News/Moneywatch, 28 November, 2016.

With such a reasonable price tag a much larger group of people can afford to purchase a tiny house as a vacation home and avoid typical financing and mortgages. While it might be too much to give up your family cat and your option to bake cookies, living in a tiny home for a shorter duration while on vacation becomes ideal.

Tiny Houses are Growing in Popularity

Exciting updates are happening at the Mill Creek Ranch Resort.. Due to popular demand we are adding 4 New Tiny Houses on the property that will be ready for your next vacation.

Affordable Vacation Lifestyle

All tiny house models are available. Come rent one to find out how a vacation lifestyle augments your family’s lifestyle without restricting it.

Our cottages can also be purchased as a vacation home. This is not a retirement community or permanent residence, but an excellent place to come and unwind and have fun. Did you know you don’t have to pay Texas property tax on these tiny houses? Call our sales director for details.

Most of our cottages are owned by individuals and our property management tends to all the needs of the houses and resort guests. We take care of the big things and the little things, from plumbing to landscaping, to soap and towels. Owners don’t have to worry about servicing guests, or clean up after their stay. Our property management takes care of all that as well.

Low Maintenance Passive Income

While renting out your vacation home isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it is a fantastic way to supplement your vacation home lifestyle and make a modest passive income. You can have impromptu weekend vacations when you feel like getting away from the clutter and traffic of normal living. This is a great low maintenance way to enjoy an affordable vacation home lifestyle.

Tiny Houses are Ideal Vacation Homes

In addition to property maintenance, Mill Creek Ranch Resort has even more optional amenities to supplement your vacation experience. The resort offers disc golf, two lodges, games for kids, a spa, fishing, nature trails, hayrides, and more. The most popular attraction is Live Music at The Creek located in the grand lodge. The Creek is a live local music venue at the resort and it is also open to the public. Browse our website to find out more about additional resort amenities, and local attractions. Call to book now.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort | Tiny House Rentals in Texas | 877-927-3439


christmas cabin rentals texas

Christmas Cabin Rentals Provide Family Adventure and Fun

Christmas Cabin Rentals Let You Escape the Holiday Stresses and Focus on Family

cabin rental in canton texasGo on a Christmas Adventure this year

Christmas cabin rentals are relaxing and, most of all, fun!  Do something different this year.  Escape the crowds and clutter of the holidays and give your family the gift of great memories that last a lifetime.   We offer cottage rentals, RV sites, tiny homes, and a whole lot of fun!

Check out Our Christmas Cabin Rentals

Our Christmas Cabin Rentals are reasonable for your budget.

These cabins are excellent for all your holiday vacation needs for the whole family.

Full sized kitchens, resort spa, shopping, live entertainment, kids activities of all ages, sports, nature and fishing can all be found nearby in our resort and community.

Our Christmas Cabins can become your romantic getaway for the two of you. You’ll have all you need to reconnect over the holidays. Call us today to learn more about our romantic escape packages.

OR invite the whole extended family because our resort is a perfect destination for connecting with a large group of your family and friends. Call us about group discounts.

Essential Luxuries for Holiday Vacations

At Mill Creek Ranch Resort in Historic Canton, TX you will find all the pleasures and amenities you wish for in a vacation lifestyle community.

Discover the essential luxuries of vacation style living. Get away from all the hustle and bustle of the holidays and reconnect with your family by making memories together.  Families that play together stay together and at Mill Creek Ranch Resort you have lots of activities to participate in together.

Here you will find nature, fishing, spas, walking trails and great planned activities for the kids. There is something for everyone at Mill Creek Ranch Resort. Check out our amenities, there is something for everyone. Canton and the surrounding community has great shopping, live entertainment, restaurants, museums, and so much more.

Luxury and Nature All in the Same Place

If you are seeking spas and shopping and your loved one would rather get out in nature and go fishing you can find both activities close together here at the Mill Creek Ranch Resort.  We have a spa on location and, of course, offer catch and release fishing at our fully stocked ponds.  Nature trails abound here at the resort.  Call to book now.

To learn more about our cabin rentals offerings click here
Mill Creek Ranch Resort | Christmas Cabin Rentals | 877-927-3439

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