Tiny house rentals vacation texas

Tiny House Rentals in Texas Find Their Niche as Vacation Homes

Tiny house rentals vacation texasTiny House Rentals are the Hot Trend in Vacationing

Tiny house rentals in Texas have found a niche in a new vacation home lifestyle.
The tiny house movement is a social and economic experiment that is still in it’s early stages. Some people are wondering if it is a truly sustainable way to live day to day as a normal lifestyle. It’s true, one size does not fit all when considering different types of family needs.

Before You Sell Your Knick Knack Collection

Before making major lifestyle changes families must consider the dynamics of their individual and group needs, especially considering what types of pets and how many pets they have and the age groups and activity levels are of each family member now and 5 years from now. You really need to try before you buy.

A very thorough article written by Andrew Odom at Sustainable Baby Steps reviews many considerations about tiny house living in detail, “How to Prepare for the Tiny House Transition”,, Sustainable Baby Steps, November 28, 2016. This article examines why people are buying tiny homes and how they are able to successfully make the transition.

Where Tiny Houses Work

While deciding whether or not to make major lifestyle changes to your everyday life is a big and difficult decision. You can test out this new style of living arrangements. The tiny house rentals in Texas have found a comfortable and cozy niche in the vacation home industry.

According to Ilyce Glink, the first tiny Houses built thus far range on average from 200 to 400 sq ft and cost between $16,000 to $80,000. “Try Before You Buy: 10 Tiny Homes to Rent on Vacation”, CBS News/Moneywatch, 28 November, 2016.

With such a reasonable price tag a much larger group of people can afford to purchase a tiny house as a vacation home and avoid typical financing and mortgages. While it might be too much to give up your family cat and your option to bake cookies, living in a tiny home for a shorter duration while on vacation becomes ideal.

Tiny Houses are Growing in Popularity

Exciting updates are happening at the Mill Creek Ranch Resort.. Due to popular demand we are adding 4 New Tiny Houses on the property that will be ready for your next vacation.

Affordable Vacation Lifestyle

All tiny house models are available. Come rent one to find out how a vacation lifestyle augments your family’s lifestyle without restricting it.

Our cottages can also be purchased as a vacation home. This is not a retirement community or permanent residence, but an excellent place to come and unwind and have fun. Did you know you don’t have to pay Texas property tax on these tiny houses? Call our sales director for details.

Most of our cottages are owned by individuals and our property management tends to all the needs of the houses and resort guests. We take care of the big things and the little things, from plumbing to landscaping, to soap and towels. Owners don’t have to worry about servicing guests, or clean up after their stay. Our property management takes care of all that as well.

Low Maintenance Passive Income

While renting out your vacation home isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it is a fantastic way to supplement your vacation home lifestyle and make a modest passive income. You can have impromptu weekend vacations when you feel like getting away from the clutter and traffic of normal living. This is a great low maintenance way to enjoy an affordable vacation home lifestyle.

Tiny Houses are Ideal Vacation Homes

In addition to property maintenance, Mill Creek Ranch Resort has even more optional amenities to supplement your vacation experience. The resort offers disc golf, two lodges, games for kids, a spa, fishing, nature trails, hayrides, and more. The most popular attraction is Live Music at The Creek located in the grand lodge. The Creek is a live local music venue at the resort and it is also open to the public. Browse our website to find out more about additional resort amenities, and local attractions. Call to book now.

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christmas cabin rentals texas

Christmas Cabin Rentals Provide Family Adventure and Fun

Christmas Cabin Rentals Let You Escape the Holiday Stresses and Focus on Family

cabin rental in canton texasGo on a Christmas Adventure this year

Christmas cabin rentals are relaxing and, most of all, fun!  Do something different this year.  Escape the crowds and clutter of the holidays and give your family the gift of great memories that last a lifetime.   We offer cottage rentals, RV sites, tiny homes, and a whole lot of fun!

Check out Our Christmas Cabin Rentals

Our Christmas Cabin Rentals are reasonable for your budget.

These cabins are excellent for all your holiday vacation needs for the whole family.

Full sized kitchens, resort spa, shopping, live entertainment, kids activities of all ages, sports, nature and fishing can all be found nearby in our resort and community.

Our Christmas Cabins can become your romantic getaway for the two of you. You’ll have all you need to reconnect over the holidays. Call us today to learn more about our romantic escape packages.

OR invite the whole extended family because our resort is a perfect destination for connecting with a large group of your family and friends. Call us about group discounts.

Essential Luxuries for Holiday Vacations

At Mill Creek Ranch Resort in Historic Canton, TX you will find all the pleasures and amenities you wish for in a vacation lifestyle community.

Discover the essential luxuries of vacation style living. Get away from all the hustle and bustle of the holidays and reconnect with your family by making memories together.  Families that play together stay together and at Mill Creek Ranch Resort you have lots of activities to participate in together.

Here you will find nature, fishing, spas, walking trails and great planned activities for the kids. There is something for everyone at Mill Creek Ranch Resort. Check out our amenities, there is something for everyone. Canton and the surrounding community has great shopping, live entertainment, restaurants, museums, and so much more.

Luxury and Nature All in the Same Place

If you are seeking spas and shopping and your loved one would rather get out in nature and go fishing you can find both activities close together here at the Mill Creek Ranch Resort.  We have a spa on location and, of course, offer catch and release fishing at our fully stocked ponds.  Nature trails abound here at the resort.  Call to book now.

To learn more about our cabin rentals offerings click here
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Cottage Rental Canton TX

Turnkey Cottage Rental Advantages at Mill Creek Ranch Resort

Cottage Rental Canton TXWhether you’re inspired by Airbnb or just want a place to relax that generates income while you’re away, home and cottage rental to vacationers is all the rage these days. When operating a cottage rental, however, there are several considerations. At Mill Creek Ranch Resort, cottage rental is more of a turnkey experience. Here are the things most cottage owners must deal with that we cover for you at Mill Creek Ranch Resort.

Property Maintenance and Upkeep

Maintaining a second property literally requires most of the maintenance that your home does. At Mill Creek Ranch Resort, we handle everything from the big stuff (like plumbing leaks) to the little things (like housekeeping and mowing). We even provide cable and Internet service. If you own a cottage at Mill Creek Ranch, there is no “working” vacation where you have to come out to mow the lawn or make repairs. You only use your cottage for a “vacation” vacation!


For someone who genuinely wants to generate income with a second property, part of that is getting the word out about your place. To start, Mill Creek Ranch Resort is already an established and well-known resort community. We also handle all the marketing and promotions so you don’t have to. This means you actually don’t have to deal with sites like Airbnb or VRBO or the whole reviewing process that goes with it.

No Property Taxes or HOAs

As a Mill Creek Ranch Resort cottage rental owner, not only do you forego any HOA fees, you also don’t have to pay property taxes.

Crowd Control

Mill Creek Ranch Resort puts an emphasis on “family-friendly” in our rental community. Regardless, cottage owners are always afraid of those horror stories where renters completely destroy the property. At Mill Creek Ranch Resort, you don’t actually manage your renters at all. We handle all of that.

At Mill Creek Ranch Resort, you can rest assured knowing that we have your back. No need to worry about accidents, unruly renters or even winterizing. We have all eyes and ears to make sure your place stays in tip-top shape while you’re away.

In addition to the services we offer our cottage rental owners, Mill Creek Ranch Resort is also right in the heart of Canton TX, so it’s close to activities, stores and Canton’s First Monday Trade Days. Our property also has resort-style amenities like a swimming pool and hot tub, and a Grand Lodge with a restaurant, bar and live music every Friday night. If you’re interested in more information on the cottages for sale at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, give us a call at 877-927-3439.

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Cabins for Sale in Texas

Cabins for Sale in Texas at Mill Creek Ranch Resort

Cabins for Sale in TexasIf you’re looking for cabins for sale in Texas, an excellent place to start is at Mill Creek Ranch Resort in Canton. This upscale resort is only 60 minutes from Dallas and features RV sites and cabin and cottage rentals. Not your average campsite, Mill Creek offers first-class amenities and gracious hospitality, while also preserving natural resources. All of this and more makes it the perfect place to purchase a cabin for your own to use, or to rent out for a source of second income. One of the amazing cottages we have for sale is number 98, the Athens Park Home Royal Model lofted cottage.

Cabin 98 Exterior

Looking for million-dollar views? Do you want to spend time in a relaxing environment that is not only picturesque but welcoming? If so, then Cabin 98 is the cottage for you. Imagine spending time on a covered porch that offers views of the Southpointe and Red Tail ponds. Picture yourself walking up to a home that has a manicured lawn with gorgeous plants and bushes that frame the cottage. This Craftsman-style home is delightful both inside and out and one that you’ll be glad to spend time in.

The Cottage’s Interior

Just when you think you’ve seen all of the wonderful features this home has to offer, you take a step inside. You’re sure to be impressed by the open concept floor plan that features lots of light, which is perfect when you’re entertaining or enjoying some time to yourself. High ceilings create a grand feel, which is reinforced by the fireplace and updated appliances. Making use of every inch of this cozy space, the cottage features an amazing loft that offers a place for guests to stay or just provides an area for homeowners to get away from it all.

The Perfect Getaway is Waiting for You

Mill Creek Ranch Resort is the perfect natural setting located just outside of the city. So whether you’re looking for a place to escape or somewhere to create memories in an urban setting, we have what you’re looking for. Just a short drive offers you dozens of fun things to do in Canton, TX, and Mill Creek is close to the world famous First Monday Trade Days. No matter what you want when looking for cabins for sale in Texas, Mill Creek Ranch is sure to provide.

To learn more about the cabins for sale at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, call 877-927-3438.

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Luxury RV Parks Texas

Amenities And Other Features To Look For In Luxury RV Parks

Luxury RV Parks TexasYour unforgettable fall or winter vacation is waiting in East Texas at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, one of the finest luxury RV parks in Texas and the southwest.  The Canton, Texas area is home to a variety of great attractions, not the least of which is the First Monday Trade Days market and that means that RVers from all over Texas and the south head to Canton all year round.  These experienced RV owners know that when it comes to finding a place to stop for a night, a week or longer, there is no substitute for a luxury park that takes care of its residents.

What To Watch Out For In A Sub-Standard RV Park

Once you own an RV, you’ll be on the lookout for every RV park in the state.  You’ll soon find out that there are more than you ever imagined; unfortunately, not all of these parks are reputable and are much less luxurious than you may expect.  There are some traits that most of these substandard parks have in common:

  • Bad management – This can cover just about anything from rude employees to neglected facilities.
  • Hidden fees and charges – Just about every RV park will tell you upfront how much it costs to rent a space from them, but they don’t always tell you about the extra money they charge for things like water, electric etc.
  • Crowded lots – RVs parked too close together, especially when your neighbors are loud, can make for a very tense vacation.
  • Too few amenities – Once you’ve parked your RV, you want to know that you’ll have access to things that will make your vacation fun, like swimming pools and WiFi.
What To Look For In A Luxury RV Park

Luxury RV parks also have some things in common that make them the best choice for RVers:

  • Beautiful facilities – Luxury RV parks are well-maintained, clean and are usually situated in scenic areas with lots of natural beauty.
  • Clean bathhouses and laundry facilities.
  • Clubhouses – Central meeting areas equipped with comfortable furniture, TVs and more, which are important for family get-togethers and rainy days.
  • Attentive staff and great management – Good customer service is what sets luxury parks apart from ordinary parks; friendly staff and management that cares are part of that.
  • Lots of amenities – Luxury RV parks are not only situated near outside attractions that are fun and interesting, they also offer on-site amenities, like swimming pools and other recreational activities, that make a vacation fun.
How To Find The Best Of The Best

If you want the best of the best luxury RV parks in East Texas, look no further than Mill Creek Ranch Resort.  At Mill Creek Ranch Resort, we know how to treat RVers right.  We offer tree-lined pads, a dog park, WiFi, picnic tables, fire rings, a lodge equipped with a big-screen TV, a store and much more.  In addition, we’re located in Canton, Texas with access to everything the area has to offer like water parks, shopping and live music.

If you’re planning on spending time in or near Canton and you want to make one of the best luxury RV parks in East Texas, Mill Creek Ranch Resort, your home-away-from-home, call us at (877) 927-3439 to reserve your spot.  To find out more about what makes us different from other RV parks, visit us online at

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Trade Days Lodging Canton TX

Mill Creek Ranch Resort makes for perfect Trade Days Lodging

Trade Days Lodging Canton TXCanton’s First Monday Trade Days is an age-old tradition in East Texas, as well as the nation’s largest flea market. Trade Days consists of 450 acres of booths; if you want to see everything, plan on attending more than one day. It’s also nearly impossible to make a day trip out of it from DFW. By the time you make the drive and park, your morning is nearly over. If you’re a first-timer, you will want to take advantage of Trade Days lodging options in the Canton area. Here are some tips for finding area lodging:

Make sure it’s close to the market

You’re not staying a night in a hotel just to drive an hour to Trade Days. Make sure the place you pick is in Canton, or very close. Trust us, you don’t want to spend extra time driving after a day of walking, shopping, haggling and funnel cakes.

Ask if they do a shuttle

Trade Days is a huge event in the area. Before you book, ask if your accommodations provide a shuttle to the market. This also saves you the headache of parking. Should you decide to purchase a larger item, like furniture, you can always swing back by the pavilion to pick it up.

Look for other amenities

You may be so excited you just can’t hide it about a weekend chock-full of antiquing. However, your travel partners may not share the same sentiment. Look for a place that has other activities (like a pool, spa, live music, golf, etc) in the event one of your travel companions and kids would rather relax while you shop the 2nd day. Relaxing amenities (like a hot tub) will also soothe some sore feet at the end of the day.

Book Ahead

The Trade Days lodging options in Canton tend to sell out – so plan ahead, and book ahead.

Ask if they have dining options

Given that the whole town of Canton fills up during Trade Days, it goes without saying that the restaurants do too – at least for dinner! Look for a place that has an on-site dining option or in-room kitchenettes to save lengthy waits at area restaurants.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort is the perfect place for Trade Days Lodging. We are only 1/4 of a mile from the Marketplace and provide a shuttle to the main pavilions. Our property also has a relaxing pool, hot tub, scenic nature trails and even an on-site spa so you can relax after a harried day of shopping. We also have a restaurant in our Grand Lodge and live music Friday nights. We do fill up, though, so book ahead for the next First Monday Trade Days by calling 877-927-3439.

Trade Days Lodging Canton TX
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
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Canton, Texas 75103
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3 Tips for Planning Fun, Effective Corporate Retreats This Fall

team building events venue canton txFrom training events to bring your company together as a team to socializing with your employees and their family members, the fall is a great time to plan corporate retreats. With cool and crisp weather and the beautiful scenery from nature, your employees and their families will have a great time learning and bonding. Here are a few tips to plan the perfect retreat for your company this fall.

Corporate Retreats Location

Most people enjoy spending time outdoors during the fall season. Temperatures are usually comfortable, so your employees and their families will be able to enjoy themselves without worrying about heat, humidity, or thunderstorms. When choosing your location for the retreat, consider an outdoor area that offers space, beauty, and fun.

You and your company can enjoy the changing colors of the leaves, relaxing sound of running water, and elegant sunsets if you plan an outdoor retreat that begins in the afternoon and moves into the evening. Guests can enjoy bonding together as a company in a natural, relaxing outdoor setting. It’s also important to choose a location that is close to town and easy to get to but still far enough out of town to give your event the feeling of a “getaway.”

With so many different backdrops, an outdoor location is a perfect option for a retreat in the fall.

Team Building Activities

Your employees and their guests will enjoy bonding and meeting one another, but you should plan a few activities to ensure everyone has fun during the retreat. Thankfully, you can plan your retreat at an area that offers many activities, so everyone can have a good time.

Spend time indoors for training sessions and to mentor and motivate your employees. For after any seminars or training classes, live music, spa services, fishing, golf, playgrounds, basketball, hiking, are great activities for employees to enjoy during the retreat after the seminars and classes.

Company Events require Professional Help

If you run a business, you are most likely extremely busy. You may not have the time or skill needed to plan or implement a retreat for your company. Fortunately, professionals are ready, willing, and able to help you plan corporate retreats for your company. Consult professional planners to help you design an organized, memorable, and effective retreat.

The professional corporate sales managers at Mill Creek Ranch Resort will help you plan each and every detail needed to make your retreat a success. From team-building activities and menu planning to overnight accommodations for each employee and even their guests, you can trust the planning process to the professionals at Mill Creek Ranch Resort.

A retreat is a great way to bond and motivate your employees, but you may not know where to begin planning this event. With the help of the Mill Creek Ranch Resort in Texas, planning corporate retreats can be easy, so contact the resort today at 877-927-3439.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort | Corporate Retreats Texas | 877-927-3439

Canton TX Campgrounds

No Mo’ Smores: 3 Unique Snacks to Roast on the Fire at the Campgrounds

Canton TX CampgroundsIf you are planning to spend a large portion of time relaxing around the fire at the Canton TX campgrounds this fall, you may have stocked up on graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars. While these ingredients are essential for making the classic S’mores, you can create other delicious snacks around the fire. Here are a few unique snacks to consider roasting around this fire the next time you are at the campground.

Pizza Nachos

Most people love pizza. And, most people love nachos. Thankfully, you can combine these two favorites around the fire. To get started, set a cast iron skillet on the fire and fill it with traditional tortilla chips.

Place one stick of unsalted butter into the pan with the chips and throw in a large amount of shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheeses. Allow the cheese and butter to melt onto the tortilla chips for a few minutes. Make sure to shake the cast iron pan a bit to stop the ingredients from sticking.

Once the butter and cheese have melted, add your favorite toppings. Diced pepperoni, ham, peppers, and onions are delicious toppings that do not require much effort to cook. Allow these ingredients to cook for a few minutes before topping the entire pan of nachos with more shredded cheese.

Remove the pizza nachos from the fire and allow to cool for a few minutes before eating.

Mini Melts

Toasty bread, warm ham, and gooey cheese will ensure you are comforted and satisfied. To create warm ham and cheese melts, you will need a few roasting sticks.

Slide a small piece of thick bread onto the roasting stick. Then, bunch up a piece of your favorite deli ham together to slide it onto the stick. Add a thick piece of cheese, a sliced pickle or onion, and then another piece of bread to top the sandwich.

Roast it over the fire for 5 to 10 minutes before enjoying this delicious treat.

Cones at the Campgrounds

If you have a sweet tooth but are tired of the traditional s’mores, consider creating faux ice cream cones around the fire.

Each person around the campfire can fill a waffle cone with their favorite items. Consider diced fruit, chopped candy bars, cereal pieces, nuts, a scoop of peanut butter, or chocolate chips. Once filled, wrap the cone in aluminum foil and place on a rack over the campfire. Allow it to cook for just a few minutes.

Use caution when removing it from the fire. You should eat the faux ice cream cone warm, but cool the snack down by topping it with whipped cream.

If you want to spend time roasting these unique snacks at beautiful campgrounds, contact Mill Creek Ranch Resort in Canton, TX at 877-927-3439.

Canton TX Campgrounds
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
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Cabins East Texas

Explore Options for Tiny Living Cabins in East Texas

Cabins East TexasSo is it really possible to achieve tiny house living in some of the cabins in East Texas? Absolutely!

Tiny house living is the latest housing movement that enables people to become homeowners on a much smaller scale; both in their budget and square footage.

Tiny homes are constructed on trailer format foundations. Generally, they range in size from a mere one hundred to several hundred square feet. These tiny living quarters are not built for seasonal living, rather they are constructed with all of the amenities of home, albeit with scaled down features that can fit into small spaces. Available in a wide range of forms and shapes and designed with complete kitchens and bathrooms, tiny houses offer all of the comforts you would expect to find in any home.

People who choose to live in tiny houses are looking for a way to become homeowners without the extra costs of property taxes. Some tiny home dwellers want to be able to purchase their own homes using smaller budget limitations. Still, others no longer need all of the space included in a typical home and are in search of a place to live without the burden of maintaining unused square footage.

By living in smaller spaces, it’s possible to have more time for travel and recreation. Instead of spending money on property taxes and house maintenance, funds can be used to travel to visit new and interesting places. Rather than wasting time on cleaning areas of a home that are unused, hours can be spent on recreational activities and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

If you’re looking to join the tiny house living movement, consider the Mill Creek Ranch Resort cabins in East Texas. Whether you’re looking to rent a room to try it out or to own your own, their tiny house cabins will provide you with the opportunity to lead the simple life while enjoying memorable recreational activities. At Mill Creek Ranch Resort, we’ll help you to simplify your living arrangements and offer you a wide variety of activities in a picturesque forest setting that will keep you, your family and your friends, perfectly content.

Featured on an episode of Tiny House Hunters which premiered Monday, September 12 on HGTV, Mill Creek Ranch Resort helped a young family find a tiny home with a cabin feel.

Call Mill Creek Ranch Resort today at (877) 927-3439 to talk to one of our friendly representatives about all that we have to offer. Or visit us online at

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Vacation Rentals Canton TX

Tips for a Budget Friendly Vacation Rentals with all Comforts of Home

Vacation Rentals Canton TXWise vacationers understand that a memorable holiday at a vacation rental in Canton Tx is as much about the experience as it is about the destination. If you are budget-minded traveler there are several tips to consider in order to ensure that your get value for your hard-earned money and long lasting memories of special times with the ones you love.

Make Simple Plans

While expensive attractions may seem like the best choice in destinations for a family, keep in mind that many times the best memories come from simple plans. Activities like nature walks, building bonfires and searching for insects. What you might consider the best plans may be more than your family or friends envisioned. Stick to your limitations and know that as long as you are happy, your travel mates will be happy as well.

Stick to a Slow Pace

Often times we are so excited about getting to our vacation rental destination in Canton Tx that we completely forget about the adventure in getting there. Plan your journey over several shorter trips so that you can stop and smell the roses along the way.

Pack Your Snacks

Bring a picnic basket along with you on your trip. Fill it with a variety of foods that you and your family will enjoy. This will allow you to stick to your budget, eating along the way without having to stop and buy food along the way. Packing your own lunch is often healthier, to boot!

Use Your Rewards

If you have any type of reward card, use it to earn points that you can spend on your vacation rental in Canton Tx trip. Many cards offer reduced fees on things like entrance tickets to parks and the cost of flights and hotels. Some cards even offer freebies at certain locations.

Choose Your Accommodation Carefully

A stay in a hotel can quickly run your budget-friendly vacation off the rails. Think about making reservations at a destination that provides more of the comforts of home. Mill Creek Ranch Resort is proud to offer all of the amenities you will need to enjoy a memorable vacation with friends and family, at a price that’s probably less than your monthly car payment. By purchasing your own cabin at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, you can enjoy trips with family and friends and enjoy amenities at no extra cost. Whether you choose to rent a cabin or stay in your RV, Mill Creek Ranch Resort is one of the best vacation rental destinations in Canton, TX. Call us today at 877-927-3439 and speak to one of our representatives to find out more about all of the fun you can have on your family vacation.

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