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Tips for a Budget Friendly Vacation Rentals with all Comforts of Home

Vacation Rentals Canton TXWise vacationers understand that a memorable holiday at a vacation rental in Canton Tx is as much about the experience as it is about the destination. If you are budget-minded traveler there are several tips to consider in order to ensure that your get value for your hard-earned money and long lasting memories of special times with the ones you love.

Make Simple Plans

While expensive attractions may seem like the best choice in destinations for a family, keep in mind that many times the best memories come from simple plans. Activities like nature walks, building bonfires and searching for insects. What you might consider the best plans may be more than your family or friends envisioned. Stick to your limitations and know that as long as you are happy, your travel mates will be happy as well.

Stick to a Slow Pace

Often times we are so excited about getting to our vacation rental destination in Canton Tx that we completely forget about the adventure in getting there. Plan your journey over several shorter trips so that you can stop and smell the roses along the way.

Pack Your Snacks

Bring a picnic basket along with you on your trip. Fill it with a variety of foods that you and your family will enjoy. This will allow you to stick to your budget, eating along the way without having to stop and buy food along the way. Packing your own lunch is often healthier, to boot!

Use Your Rewards

If you have any type of reward card, use it to earn points that you can spend on your vacation rental in Canton Tx trip. Many cards offer reduced fees on things like entrance tickets to parks and the cost of flights and hotels. Some cards even offer freebies at certain locations.

Choose Your Accommodation Carefully

A stay in a hotel can quickly run your budget-friendly vacation off the rails. Think about making reservations at a destination that provides more of the comforts of home. Mill Creek Ranch Resort is proud to offer all of the amenities you will need to enjoy a memorable vacation with friends and family, at a price that’s probably less than your monthly car payment. By purchasing your own cabin at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, you can enjoy trips with family and friends and enjoy amenities at no extra cost. Whether you choose to rent a cabin or stay in your RV, Mill Creek Ranch Resort is one of the best vacation rental destinations in Canton, TX. Call us today at 877-927-3439 and speak to one of our representatives to find out more about all of the fun you can have on your family vacation.

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Cabins for Sale in Texas

Searching for Cabins for Sale in Texas? Consider Cottage #97

Cabins for Sale in TexasWith all the different cabins for sale, you may think that finding one suited to your wants, needs, and budget is impossible. However, selecting a cabin that offers versatility, appeal, and affordability is not as complicated as you may think. To make an investment that will stand the test of time, consider purchasing a resale cottage with a loft for more sleeping room. Here are a few key benefits of investing in cottage #97.

Cottage Versus Cabin

The overall look of cottage # 97 is versatile enough to appeal to most people’s styles. Although it offers a Craftsman design on the outside, the cottage offers the cozy, comfortable, and classic style that is so popular with cottages.

Spacious Floorplan With a Loft

If you have been searching for spacious cabins for sale with an open concept, cottage # 97 is your best option. This cottage floorplan offers an open living room that leads to a galley kitchen.

The main bedroom is perfectly suited for the ultimate in relaxation. Wake up and head from the bedroom directly onto your back patio. Grab a cup of coffee and sit and rock in a pair of rocking chairs.

The cottage also features a quaint loft area with two twin mattresses and a television. The cottage is furnished with lovely décor and comfortable furniture, so you can rest easy in knowing you are making a great investment with cottage # 97.

Outdoor Living

You already have read about your back patio with rocking chairs, but the cottage also offers plenty of space to add on for additional outdoor living space.

In addition, the landscaping around the cottage offers sufficient space for sunbathing or taking a peaceful nap on a hammock or lounge chairs. Walk a few steps away from the cottage to the dock and fish from the Red Tail Pond.

Personal Enjoyment or Income Property

Most people do not realize the benefits of owning a cottage. Not only can you purchase the cottage for your own personal enjoyment, but you can also rent out your cottage throughout the year for extra income.

The purchase of your cottage may seem overwhelming, but you will see a higher return on your investment by renting out your cottage to vacationers visiting Canton, TX.

To learn more about the benefits of investing in cottage # 97 or other cabins for sale, contact the Mill Creek Ranch Resort in Texas at 877-927-3439.

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How to Find the Best Wedding Venues in East Texas for your Taste

Wedding Venues In East TexasWhen looking for wedding venues in east Texas, it’s important to focus on what fits your individuality. Trendy is nice, and affordability is obviously a factor to consider. However, when it comes down to it, what makes you the happiest will be a place that you’ll remember forever. It will be a place that encompasses who you are and where you’re the most at peace. If a very specific place hasn’t popped into your mind yet, don’t worry. Here’s a list of things to consider when you’ve decided to take the plunge in wedding venue shopping.


The first step to finding the perfect wedding venue is to close your eyes and picture your wedding. Don’t think too hard, but just consider what you’ll look like wearing the white dress (or the nice suit.) Then look around you. Are you somewhere warm? Maybe on a lake, or in the countryside? Perhaps you’re somewhere cooler, like in the forest or in a shaded park. Many people just like to be traditional and marry at a church. Wherever it is, consider it. If that was the first place that popped in your mind, there’s a good chance it’s something you’d like!


To cut down traveling expenses, finding a venue close to you and your guests is a great approach. Luckily, wedding venues in east Texas range from heavily wooded areas to flat, pretty grasslands. Finding the perfect spot that isn’t too far away but still has a touch of singularity is key to getting the best wedding venue.


Of course, the one thing we all are forced to consider is affordability. While weddings have to involve a little indulging, spending up your entire wallet isn’t going to go well for your honeymooning plans. Finding a place that balances both beauty and staying inside a healthy budget can be tough, but there are options around every corner.


To get the perfect array of wedding venue choices, tour as many places as you can. Even if it’s not a place you think you’d like, try to visit it anyway. That way, you’ll really get a good gauge of what it is you want by physically being in the area. You might really like the atmosphere of a place you never would have considered before.

If you’re looking for a beautiful wedding venue in Canton, Texas, look no further than Mill Creek Ranch Resort. Not only is the area covered in beautiful woodlands and wildlife, it also includes your choice of a country pavilion, a romantic garden or a rustic lodge to fit your personal desires.


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Three Cottage Rental Tips for Buyers in Canton TX

cottage-rental-canton-tx-1Finding time to relax and unwind with a proper vacation can be tough for a lot of families, especially as the school and holiday season starts kicking into high gear. During one of the most stressful times of the year, having a cottage rental in Canton, TX can be you and your family’s ticket to a quick but restorative weekend getaway, not to mention a lucrative second income. The best part is that you can purchase a cottage that is completely turnkey and comes fully furnished or you can furnish the way you want. All you and your family need to do is show up with the grub, a few board games, and maybe a book or two. Most resorts that do cottage rentals also have a wide variety of amenities for you to choose from. If you are considering investing in a cottage, here are 3 things to keep in mind.

Think about income potential and your comfort

As you shop for the right cottage, it’s important to keep in mind that what you and your family need from the space will be important to other renting families as well.  You build it, they will come and enjoy.  If you like to grill and enjoy a bonfire and roasting marshmallows so do others. The more amenities you put in your cottage the more appealing it will be for other families to rent. The more renters you have the better change you have to rent your cottage out and help pay for expenses.

Try several cottages on for size

The great thing about buying a cottage for the dual purpose of rental is that you can try different styles on for size before you buy. Get the family together and go stay for a few weekends in different kinds of cottages. Some come with lofts, some with larger floor plans and some with larger amenities. Cottages can also be custom designed, like any other home. Staying in different cottages with your family will help you make the best investment choice when you do decide to buy.

Keep community in mind

Where you have your cottage matters; you hhear “Location, Location, Location!”  Find a location and community that supports tourism.  It is easier to rent out your cottage if the location has great amenities and fun things that attract visitors.  A great example is First Monday Trade Days. This event brings a lot of visitors to Canton Texas and they need a place to stay.  You will not be able to be in your vacation home every weekend so finding a community that helps with rental is a great benefit.

At Mill Creek Ranch Resort we have a wide variety of cottage rentals in Canton, TX to choose from. Take a look for yourself and visit us at the resort, stay in one of our cottages or just take a tour. You can find a cottage you would love to stay in and reserve it online or call us and a resort representative will be happy to help with your reservation. Call us at 877-927-3439 today.
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3 Must-Haves To Consider When Planning Rustic Fall Wedding Events


Events Canton TX

Planning wedding events do not have to be challenging since Mill Creek Ranch Resort offers the essential elements you will need for your rustic ceremony and reception. From planning the menu and seating arrangements to choosing your dress and entertainment, you may not know where to start when it comes to wedding organization. Here are a few must-haves to consider when planning your rustic wedding ceremony and reception for the upcoming fall season.

Natural Location

All rustic ceremonies and receptions require a natural location. A wooded background during your reception and a colorful display of the changing leaves during the ceremony are both perfect options for the events on your special day. If you prefer an elegant backdrop, consider a ceremony or reception near the water or inside beautiful gardens. With numerous types of natural locations, planning your rustic wedding day will be simple.

Rustic Décor

Wedding ceremony altars made from reclaimed wood, mason jar candles for accent lighting, and burlap table linens are must have accessories for your rustic fall wedding. Add a bit of color to your event by creating table centerpieces out of pumpkins. Place sunflowers, daisies, and baby’s breath in the center of each pumpkin to create a colorful autumn accent. Or, use miniature pumpkins place cards to reserve seats for your guests.

Not only are these decorative accessories affordable, but they also will complement the rustic, natural setting of your ceremony and reception.

Utilize the resort’s own wedding décor or create your own to use in personal ways. If you prefer to enhance your special day with only the elements of nature, make sure your guests receive clear visuals of the fantastic woodlands, lush greenery, colorful gardens, and romantic setting of the country.

Fine Country Dining

One of the greatest benefits of planning a rustic wedding is that there are no set rules or guidelines on what you should serve your guests. Traditionally, light appetizers come before a formal dinner that is then followed by the standard wedding cake. If this traditional catering is appealing to you and your groom, the resort can accommodate perfectly. However, if you prefer a more casual menu, work with the team of catering professionals to design your dining around your personality and budget.

An elegant, sit-down dinner, simple appetizers on a buffet, or family-style country dining are all options to consider for your rustic fall wedding.
If you are planning wedding events in the Canton, TX area for the upcoming fall season, contact Mill Creek Ranch Resort at 877-927-3439.

Or to learn more about our wedding offerings click here.

Events Canton TX
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Benefits of Investing in East Texas Cabins For Your Retirement

east-texas-cabinsMany retirees invest in RVs and boats in an attempt to spend time on the road or out fishing, but purchasing one of the comfortable, appealing, and fun cabins in East Texas is a better solution. Owning a beautiful piece of real estate offers many benefits that may surprise you. If you are planning to retire, consider investing in a cabin that will appeal to you, your family, and your friends.

Personal Enjoyment

Purchasing a cabin allows you to enjoy your retirement in a variety of ways. Not only can you use the cabin for camping and spending time outdoors with your friends and grandchildren, but you can also enjoy peace and quiet and relaxation on your own.

Enjoy fishing from the creek and ponds or, spend the day hiking along the trails. Rock on a rocking chair on your own cabin’s deck. Enjoy grilling chicken, hamburgers, steak, or kabobs on your own gas grill.

The amount of personal enjoyment your own cabin offers will truly be a priceless benefit.

Family Enjoyment

Making memories with your children and grandchildren is important during your retirement. Thankfully, owning a cabin allows you to make these fun memories with your family. Give your children a break for the weekend by inviting your grandkids up to the cabin for a weekend with their grandparents. Watch your grandkids catch fireflies while you set up the fire pit for roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories.

Invest in multiple cabins and invite your entire family up for a reunion weekend. Multiple cabins in East Texas will offer sleeping accommodations for a larger group of people, so your entire family can enjoy time together to reunite and mingle.

Financial Investment

When you retire, you may not want to spend money on real estate, but you should think of this purchase as a financial investment as well.

During times when you are unable to visit, consider renting your cabin for a small fee. Renting will allow individuals to enjoy your cabin experience while you earn money. You may not want to deal with the stress of managing a rental, but the resort will handle all of the communication and arrangements that are needed to rent out your cabin.

As a retiree, you may not place much emphasis on making large purchases, but buying a cabin is definitely a smart investment.

To learn more about the benefits of owning one or more cabins in East Texas, contact Mill Creek Ranch Resort at 877-927-3439.


East Texas Cabins
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Searching for a Getaway Cabins for Sale? Consider the Royal with Loft

cabins-for-sale-in-texas-1Purchasing one of the many cabins for sale in Texas is not only a smart move for your own personal enjoyment, but it can also be a wise financial investment. Unfortunately, choosing from the many properties available can be overwhelming. From a one bedroom cabin that makes a perfect place for couples to an elaborate cabin that has room for the whole family, making a smart investment will depend on you and your family’s needs. For the best of both worlds, consider the enormous benefits of cabin #60, a beautifully decorated lofted cabin that sleeps up to 6 people, at Mill Creek Ranch Resort.

Sleeping Accommodations

Cabin 60 is perfectly sized so you and a few guests will have plenty of room to sleep, relax, and have some fun.

This cabin is a fully furnished with many upgrades. The bedroom has a queen sized bed and TV and french doors that lead out to the patio. The living room is perfect for your guest and has a sofa sleeper, TV and surround sound. The kitchen is fully equipped with all you need and there is a 3-piece bathroom. The upstairs loft offers two twin mattresses; perfect for children, teens, or adults.

Rustic Décor

The rustic appeal of staying in a cabin is what interests most people and the décor found in Cabin 60 with loft will not disappoint. The cabin features wood cabinetry, a small coffee bar, granite counter tops, comfortable furniture, and rustic fixtures that are truly appealing.


Whether you are grilling outdoors or preparing a meal inside, the cabin’s kitchen is designed for efficiency and function. The kitchen offers a full-size stove, microwave, and traditional refrigerator with ample counter space and a good size sink. If you want to dine indoors, you and your guest can enjoy a meal at the quaint bistro set in the kitchen. Or, consider dining outdoors on a larger table with a beautiful view of nature.

Outdoor Living

Every cabin in the resort offers beautiful scenery that will make you and your guests want to spend time outdoors. However, cabin #60 features an amazing outdoor living space. Lounge on your covered porch and large deck in your wood chairs. Or, spend time on the professionally-designed flagstone patio.

Considering all indoor and outdoor furniture, appliances, and gas grill are included in the purchase of your cabin, you can rest easy in knowing you have made a wise investment.
To learn more about purchasing the Royal model with loft or one of the other cabins for sale in Texas, contact Mill Creek Ranch Resort at 877-927-3439.
Cabins for Sale in Texas
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
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4 Tips On Hosting Corporate Retreats Texas Exployees Will Love


Corporate Retreats Texas

Hosting corporate retreats in Texas is a great way to rejuvenate and reinvigorate your staff. Unfortunately, the thought of most corporate retreats makes Texas employees cringe as they imagine a long weekend of corny trust exercises or pointless meditation. Too often, corporate retreats in Texas can seem more like a forced weekend on the clock versus bonding with the boss and their peers. Here are some tips to make sure you host a corporate retreat Texas employees will love.

Allow your employees to be involved in the planning and decision-making

Like most things in the business world, giving employees ownership or involvement in a project ensures not only success but mutual pride. If they are involved in the planning of the events and the general run-of-show, you are less likely to hear any griping about the event or the usual host of excuses as to why some people can’t attend.

Evaluate whether or not speeches really need to happen live

The only person truly enthralled at a corporate speech is usually the person giving it. Think about whether or not you really need to hold your employees hostage in an auditorium while some guy in a suit who they’ve likely never even really met before waxes poetic about his leadership skills. Turn those speeches into videos that people can watch on the plane or in their hotel room and dedicate the time saved to more meaningful team building and bonding moments.

Use your budget to spend money on stuff people care about

Forget about the hibiscus shirts with the company logo or booking one-half of Fleetwood Mac. Eschew the personalized golf balls or the wine glasses with the cheeky motto on them about how booze fixes everything or how it’s always “wine-o-clock” somewhere. This kind of stuff just makes your company look cheap and uncool. Again, this is a great opportunity to tap your employees for their input.

Bond (and drink) responsibly

Speaking of drinks, there is a right way and a wrong way to serve alcohol at your event. Make sure you staff the bar appropriately so that folks spend more time mingling and less time waiting in line. Most importantly, don’t encourage people to drink. Your employees should never see your corporate retreat as an invitation to binge-drink and get hammered, and a big part of that is how the event is advertised within the company.

At Mill Creek Ranch, our dedicated corporate sales managers can expertly assist you with every aspect of your corporate retreat, from the banquets to the workshops to the team-building activities to even the meal and menu planning.  Our staff will work closely with you to create a unique, customized event that will not only be fine-tuned to your goals for the event but will be in line with your budgetary expectations as well. Contact one of Mill Creek Ranch resort’s corporate sales managers at 877-927-3439 to discuss your needs for your corporate retreat today.


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Not-So-Roughing it With Perks at Luxury RV Parks in Texas

luxury-rv-parks-texasLet’s face it: you didn’t buy an RV so you could spend your vacation roughing it. You have it because you want to take the conveniences and comforts of home with you when you travel. Naturally, you’ll want to stay at luxury RV parksin Texas when you’re traveling the Lone Star State. More than mere “parks,” these destinations are better described as “resorts.” With amenities that rival accommodations at high-end hotels and vacation communities across the country, you’ll have the best of everything with natural scenery and the perks of luxury when you book time at luxury RV parks in Texas.

Rustic Scenery Plus Modern Conveniences

General RV understands that vacationers enjoy relaxing in nature, but still want the conveniences of civilization. That’s why their list of the most luxurious resorts that cater to RV’s includes ones that offer tree-lined sites complete with fire rings and picnic tables, but that also offer full electric, water, and sewer hook-ups and have WiFi. Many RV luxury resorts also have level concrete pads to save you the trouble of leveling your RV or trailer. Many even offer RV concierge services to help maintain your rig during your stay when necessary.

Plenty For the Whole Family to Do

Vacations are a time for enjoying yourself and nature, but sometimes nature has a different idea. Rainy days happen. The best luxury RV parks in Texas offer ample extras to keep everyone entertained, rain or shine. According to the Travel Channel, the best RV parks have clubhouses or lodges stocked with game tables, big-screen televisions, and snack and drink machines–and the best of the best even offer complimentary drinks such as coffee or iced tea. The really great RV resorts don’t leave out the furry members of the family, either. Many include grassy, landscaped dog parks so you can take the family pooch for a romp or a stroll.

Stock Up

The problem with vacationing in the wilderness is that you’re typically miles from nowhere when you run out snacks, or you find that you forgot to bring along some other necessity from home. Luxury RV parks will have a general store where you can stock up on the groceries you need or other RV and camping supplies that you tend to run out of on the road.

Mill Creek Ranch Has it All–and More!

Among the many luxury RV parks, Texas’s best is Mill Creek Ranch Resort. In addition to the amenities that other RV resorts offer, Mill Creek Ranch has the little extras you want such as ultra-clean laundry, shower, and restroom facilities, daily trash pick-up for each site, and your choice of amp service including 20, 30, or 50. Call ahead of time and you can even book a lakeside site. Visit Mill Creek Ranch Resort for the best RV vacation you’ve ever had.


Luxury RV Parks Texas
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
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Quaint Cottages Offer Large-Scale Luxury Vacation Rentals in Canton TX

vacation-rentals-canton-txWhen it comes to vacation rentals in Canton, TX, opting for a cabin or a cottage over staying in a hotel puts you at home away from home. Whether you’re staying for a long weekend or enjoying a retreat from the hustle and bustle of life for several weeks, it’s much more comfortable to rent a small house than to live out of a suitcase for the duration. Not only are vacation rentals surprisingly affordable, but they’re so comfortable and homey that you just might want to move in.

Compact Yet Roomy

Vacation cabins and cottages are adorable and offer luxury living but on a smaller scale. If you wonder why you should choose a tiny house over a standard hotel room, consider that cottage vacation rentals have more than one big bedroom and a bathroom. The Mom Creative points out that families will have space to move around. With separate living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and even private outdoor areas such as decks and patios, no one will be tripping over each other.

Privacy Included

Vacation rentals are miniature single family dwellings so they have their own entrances and private courtyards and decks. Those are features that even the best hotels don’t offer, as you’ll always have to traipse through the lobby when leaving or returning to your hotel room. The balconies and patios in hotels are also typically so close together you can hear what’s going on next door, even if there’s a dividing fence.

Money-Saving Convenience

When you’re considering vacation rentals, Canton, TX, cabins each come with fully equipped kitchens. Yep, full-size fridges, stoves, and dishwashers, too. That gives you the option to cook meals and enjoy more time at your vacation home instead of schlepping out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There’s nothing wrong with going to a restaurant a few times during your vacation, but ABC News advises that home cooking can save you around half of what you’d spend eating out.

Ever Thought of Buying?

You’ll be hooked on tiny house living after spending just one week in a vacation cabin, so why not considering buying one of your own? Not only will you be able to enjoy getting away to your very own cabin whenever you feel like it, but you can even rent it out to help cover the cost of buying it. According to Cabin Living, renting your cabin out for at least 17 weeks of the year could help cover the mortgage and upkeep costs of the property. At Mill Creek Ranch Resort, you can take advantage of the extra income while still leaving the cottage open for your personal use 28 weeks out of the year.
Whether you’re looking for short or long-term vacation rentals in Canton, TX, Mill Creek Ranch Resort has enchanting cabins and cottages for rent or sale. A true resort, you’ll find plenty to do at Mill Creek Ranch including swimming, catch and release fishing, disc-golf, horseshoes, biking, nature walks, paddleboat rides, and so much more. Ready for the good life? Give Mill Creek Ranch Resort a call at 877-927-3439 for reservations.


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