corporate events in texas to drink or not to drink

corporate events in texasIt’s time to start planning company picnics and other team building corporate events in Texas, but there is always one thing that party planners tend to be on the fence about. Should we have alcohol?

Everybody has heard of or seen nightmare scenarios involving alcohol and company events, resulting in embarrassment or even a firing. At the same time, taking your employees on a company retreat is time you are taking away from them at home. They should be able to kick back and relax. Not to mention the fact that alcohol does tend to help break the ice and get everyone to loosen up a little. Is it worth the risk? Here are five tips for having your drinks and keeping it classy.

Provide limitations

Sticking with beer and wine only is one way to help people self-monitor and to keep everyone from getting too drunk too fast. Liquor is, after all, quicker. If you’re still concerned with an open bar, go to a drink ticket system or just provide a cash bar. People tend to drink less when it’s on their dime.

Evaluate the Company Culture

If the majority of the attendees are going to be in their early 20’s, it will be helpful to let everyone know what the expectations are and providing limitations (see above) might be something to think hard about. If your employees are more mature, they will be more likely to self-moderate. This is also a good idea to remind team members of the current company policies regarding alcohol and general expectations when it comes to behavior.

Lead by Example

If your manager is passing around shots, it sets a precedent. Speak with the managers and other leaders in the company and make sure they know that they are expected to lead by example and not get out of hand themselves.

Serve Food

Nothing starts an embarrassing moment like four glasses of wine and a salad. Make sure there is plenty of hearty food available when alcohol is served so that nobody is drinking on an empty stomach.

Include an Activity

Never make drinking the sole activity or focus of any corporate retreat. Drinking can accompany dinner, but make sure there are plenty of games, speakers and other team-building activities to keep everyone engaged throughout the day and evening.

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