family vacations texasFor better or worse, you probably remember taking family vacations as a child. Whether it was the most fun in the world or a perceived disaster, at the end of the day the result was, indeed, family togetherness and bonding. Now it’s your turn to take your family on a vacation, but what happened in that generation gap? Why does something so simple suddenly seem so stressful?

Here are a few common trip-planning stressors, and how to help ease your anxiety so that your kids will remember those times of family togetherness with fondness, too.

Is it worth it to upend my kid’s routines?

Going on vacation is disruptive to your child’s day-to-day routine. Do what you can to keep elements of their routine on the road (like storytime and other bedtime routines no matter where you are). It’s also helpful to remember that learning how to handle unfamiliar situations is important, as is having new experiences to create curiosity within the world. In other words, yes, it’s worth it.

Great – let’s upend their routine. Now how do I keep my kids from driving me nuts?

A long road trip is no time to remind your kids how little technology you had when you were their age. Entertainment is key. Make sure your kids have lots of movies and games loaded up on their tablets for travel and bring along books, games and toys to fill any downtime once you arrive at your destination. Make sure you have activities that work without wi-fi should you experience any disruption in service.

Give yourself plenty of time to plan.

If you have trip anxiety, chances are you’re not the type to go on a spontaneous weekend getaway. And you know what? That’s okay! Not everybody has to be spontaneous, and planning ahead doesn’t mean you won’t have fun. Make your lists, check them twice, then go out there and have a great time. If you still forget something, bear in mind there are very few things you can forget that won’t be available once you arrive.

Do something the kids will enjoy.

Part of keeping your kids entertained, happy, and appreciative of the family vacation is making sure to plan something they will actually enjoy doing. This means maybe wine country isn’t the best option. Choose a kid-friendly resort or a destination with family-friendly options.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort in Canton, TX has oodles of family-friendly activities to keep your kids engaged in both nature and family time. The beautiful forested area of Canton, TX is a great backdrop to help them appreciate nature and our resort has all the amenities for a fun weekend or week. For more information on stress-free family vacations in Texas at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, call (877) 927-3439.


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