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Health Is Wealth: Benefits of Investing in Cabins for Sale in Texas

Cabins for Sale in TexasShopping for cabins for sale in the Texas area is not only for the super-rich. The properties at Mill Creek Ranch Resort offer numerous physical, emotional, and financial benefits to single individuals, families, and real estate investors. If you are currently searching for a wise investment for your future, use this guide to understand the enormous benefits of purchasing a cabin.

Physical Benefits

If you invest in your own cabin, you will always have a place to get away from the daily grind. The cabin can be your own personal space, which you do not need to share with others unless you have a desire to.

Not only can you paint, decorate, and update as you see fit, but the cabin investment allows you to store the items you know you will need while on vacation. Be sure to leave your clothing, toiletries, toys, and other personal belongings in the cabin, so you do not need to spend time or energy packing when it is time to travel.

Having your own cabin allows you and your family to vacation in either a spontaneous or planned-in-advanced manner.

Emotional Benefits

An estimated 80 percent of workers are stressed on the job, but this workplace stress can also decrease your ability to rest and relax at home. Stress can affect your physical health, increasing your risk of high blood pressure, fatigue, pain, obesity, panic attacks, and depression. If you take prescription medications to ease your stress, you also may suffer from harmful, unhealthy side effects.

Visiting your own cabin on the weekends or periodically for a longer vacation reduces your exposure to stress due to work or home life. By decreasing this stress, you will reduce your risk of the dangerous effects it has on your health while also improving your quality of life.

Financial Benefits

Purchasing cabins for sale in Texas is also a smart decision for your financial future. While you can use this piece of real estate for your own enjoyment, you can also use it as a source of income.

Consider renting your cabin to vacationers to use during times when you know you cannot visit. Be sure to notify the resort’s management, so they can assist you through the renting process and help with marketing.

From a relaxing and enjoyable space for you and your family to an improvement in your financial wellness, investing in a cabin can be a beneficial investment. To learn more about cabins for sale in Texas, contact Mill Creek Ranch Resort at 877-927-3439 today.

Cabins for Sale in Texas
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
2102 N Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103

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Campgrounds in Canton, TX Have the Best Places to Practice S’mores

Campgrounds in Canton TXNo matter the time of year, it’s always the right time for the classic campfire dessert called s’mores. S’more have remained a staple of trips to campgrounds in Canton, TX, and beyond because the combination of a gooey hot marshmallow melting the perfect piece of chocolate while sandwiched between crispy sweet layers of graham crackers makes your mouth water in anticipation. How could such perfection possibly need improvement?

Maybe s’mores don’t need improving, but a little experimenting won’t hurt, right? Each of the three ingredients can be tweaked, substituted, or changed in ways both big and small.  Try one of two or these fun ideas and then decide whether you’ve discovered a new classic!

  • Graham crackers —  Basically, anything crispy, flat, and big enough to handle the marshmallows should work. Some clear and easy choices are Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, waffle cookies, ginger snaps, and shortbread cookies. To add an interesting twist, though, consider savory crackers and even crackers with a bit of a spicy kick.
  • Chocolate — The world of chocolate goes on and on…dark, milk, white, high cacao concentration, filled with caramel or raspberry or orange fillings. As one of the strongest flavors in s’mores, the type and flavor and quality of the chocolate you choose has a big effect on the finished product. You can use chocolate covered products such as pretzels, potato chips, or peanut butter cups. You aren’t limited, however, to only using chocolates. Caramels, nut butters, hazelnut spread, roasted berries, and jalapeno jelly would make your taste buds sing when paired with toasted marshmallows.
  • Marshmallows — While the standard white marshmallow will likely always remain the easy and terrific choice, the more adventurous can always choose flavored marshmallows or even make them from scratch. Imagine yourself biting into a s’more made from almond flavored marshmallows with dark chocolate and a shortbread cookie! The possibilities are almost endless!
  • Extras — Even s’mores made with traditional ingredients can always use another layer or two of flavor. Let your imagination run wild and consider using cinnamon, chile powder, banana slices, or bacon.
At Mill Creek Ranch Resort’s campgrounds in Canton, TX, you can make s’mores to your heart’s content! We have fire pits and wood and the basic ingredients readily available, should you choose to stick with the tried and true classic. Feel free, however, to liven up your taste buds with a new idea of two. When you’re ready to light the fire under your s’mores experience, please call Mill Creek Ranch Resort at 877-927-3439.

Campgrounds in Canton TX
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
2102 N Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103

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East Texas Resorts: TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award

East Texas ResortsThank you!

No, really. Thank you! Mill Creek Ranch Resort is the grateful recipient of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award, and we couldn’t have done it without your support. The good folks at TripAdvisor rely on your reviews and ratings of Mill Creek Ranch Resort in order to give their readers the most current information about accommodations, restaurants, and attractions all over the world. You came through for TripAdvisor…and for us. Mill Creek Ranch Resort’s ratings have been so consistently high over the past year that we earned the Certificate of Excellence.

How did we achieve excellence, as defined by our guests? Excellence is often pursued by people (or groups) with passion, hard work, and lots and lots of practice. While we can’t say for certain, we sure have a few guesses:

  • We strive to show excellence in all we do and in all the improvements we make at the resort. Our cottages and cabins are top-notch, each one with views of the natural beauty that makes East Texas a great destination. With distinctive styles, each cozy cabin gives you a home away from home. In fact, most of you seem to think it’s better than home, what with all of our amenities like the gorgeous pool and hot tub, the fishing ponds, paddle boats, disc golf, and so much more.
  • Our RV park has loads of charm, too. Mill Creek Ranch Resort takes great care to keep the RV park fully up to date and able to accommodate a wide variety of visitors, not to mention rallies. It’s a matter of pride that so many RV clubs return year after year to have fun and make friends here.
  • Of course, we’d be remiss not to mention The Creek in the Grand Lodge entertainment every Friday night. What an unexpectedly perfect treat for your stay in our East Texas resort! Often featuring local artists, The Lodge really gives you the local “sense of place” so many hotels lack.
  • Mill Creek Ranch can easily accommodate your events such as weddings, family reunions, corporate retreats and more. We make it easy for you and fun for the entire group.
As you and your family seek to pursue an excellent choice for your next vacation, consider listening to the advice of those who’ve stayed at East Texas Resorts before. Mill Creek Ranch Resort continues to exceed expectations en route to true excellence. When you’re ready to see why we received the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, please call us at 877-927-3439.

East Texas Resorts
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
2102 N Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103

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The Benefits of Tiny Houses When Looking at Cabins in Canton, TX

Cabins in Canton TXAmericans love tiny houses! The tiny house trend continues to make news and add devotees as more and more people take the plunge–full-time or part-time–to tiny house living. A simple online search shows hundreds of websites talking about the amazing benefits of a tiny house, which is usually defined as having between 100-400 square feet. As one of the foremost purveyors of tiny cabins in Canton, TX, Mill Creek Ranch Resort strongly believes in these benefits:

  • Retirement ease — Tiny houses easily lend themselves to couples who have retired and/or hope to travel without the worry of home upkeep while they’re away. The reduced expenses of the tiny house, coupled with the lowered upkeep, make traveling easier to afford.
  • Environmentally friendly — In almost every way, tiny houses leave a tiny footprint on the planet. From low to almost no power usage, low to no chemical cleaner usage, and modern, environmentally sensitive building practices, a tiny house redefines what it means to “live green.”
  • Decluttering — If you elect to live full-time in a tiny house, you’ll necessarily need to downsize your possessions. The consensus among homeowners seems to be a huge sense of relief at being freed from so many things that required upkeep.
  • Traveling/ministry — Among folks who are heavily involved in ministry or who travel extensively, the tiny home lifestyle works perfectly. Instead of a home and possessions that require a lot of time to maintain, tiny homes become a retreat that affords plenty of time for other pursuits.
  • Change up decorations often — If you are a decorating enthusiast, the smaller “canvas” of a tiny home gives you the opportunity to restyle and restore more often without the huge expenses associated with redecorating a larger home.
  • Less time cleaning and organizing — you simply have less to do, giving you more time for more meaningful pursuits.
  • Tiny houses are so cute! — For many, this might be the most compelling reason of all! Each tiny house distils the essence of a larger home into its most unique and lovely parts.
Mill Creek Ranch Resort has long-recognized the value of a fully functional yet smaller space. Our cabins in Canton, TX, allow our owners to realize the benefits of tiny house living. Of course, we add our own benefits, too: upkeep, potential rental income, resort amenities, a spa on-site, and much more. When you’re ready to upsize your life with a tiny house lifestyle, call Mill Creek Ranch Resort at 877-927-3439.

Cabins in Canton TX
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
2102 N Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103

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Cabins for Sale in Texas: Get Ready for Grilling Season!

Cabins for Sale in TexasGet ready to fire up the grill! Summer provides the perfect opportunity to grill an entire meal–even dessert–over the open flames of a grill. The abundance of fresh vegetables makes meal-planning and prep even easier and more flavorful, especially when their peak flavors are enhanced by the smoky goodness of the grill. Mill Creek Ranch Resort cabins are chock full of grills and fire pits, so we’ve gathered some of the best ideas for you to use during your next stay in one of our cabins for sale in Texas.

3 key ingredients to seasoning your meat and veg are olive oil, salt, and pepper. While fresh herbs make a delicious accompaniment if they’re readily available, the fresh taste of the meats and vegetables you’re grilling really pop with a healthy coating of olive oil, salt, and pepper.  One notable exception: hamburger patties are amazing with Montreal Steak seasoning rubbed in before grilling.

The 3 key ingredients to grilling an entire meal are preparation, preparation, preparation. Prep your meats, vegetables, bread and even fruit before you start placing any of them on the grill so that once something is ready to come off, you’re ready to place the next round of yummy goodness on the grill. It may be tempting to try to prep the next round of food while the current foods cook, for best results you’ll want to give your attention to the grill.

As a general rule, cook meats and any harder to cook veggies–like potatoes–first. As you remove the meat from the grill to rest, you can add faster-cooking vegetables like zucchini or asparagus. To add some unbelievable flavor to your meal, keep a cast-iron skillet handy and place it directly on the grill to easily char some onions and even grape tomatoes. As the vegetables finish cooking, toss a loaf of herbed French bread–sliced lengthwise–on the grill for the final five minutes.

For a dessert like no other, make sure to grab some mangoes or bananas along with vanilla or coconut ice cream. Once you’ve finished grilling your meal, place the unpeeled fruit over the dying embers to caramelize while you eat. Scoop up the ice cream, split open the fruit and scoop out the gooey fruit over the ice cream.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort looks forward to the sights, sounds, and–most of all–smells of your grilled dinner when you check out our cabins for sale in Texas. We expect you’ll be delighted by the easy living here. For a comfortably rustic experience at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, you’ll love Cottage 95 in the Red Tail Pond area of the resort. The barn red cabin decor boasts an antler chandelier and antler lights in the master bedroom, setting the tone for the lovely time you’ll have. With both front and rear deck areas, a fully-equipped kitchen, as well as a bank of grills nearby, Cottage 95 stands ready for summer grilling fun!

When you’re ready to fire up a grill at Mill Creek Ranch Resort’s Cottage 95, please call our sales staff at 877-927-3439.

Cabins for Sale in Texas
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
2102 N Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103

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Vacation Rentals in Canton TX: Diving into Summer at the Water Park!

Vacation Rental Canton TXSummer has arrived and with it the anticipation of summer heat. Even if you aren’t a fan of Texas’ often-blisteringly hot days, relief can always be found when you jump right into your local water park. As you’re pondering what to do during the time you have a vacation rental in Canton, TX, consider these tempting reasons to get your water slide moves perfected:

  • You’ll feel like a kid again. Water parks are replete with life guards and safety features and life jackets. Your only responsibility is to enjoy the ride, the cool water splashing over you…and to keep your suit in place! Speaking of suits…
  • You’ll be free of your work suit, whatever that might be. A swimsuit, however, stretches and moves and gives you the ability to react to the bend in the water slide, swim laps in the pool, or bob up and down in the wave pool. Unless you’re already a lifeguard, your swimsuit is likely far more comfortable than your normal work clothes.
  • You can stretch yourself. Were you scared of the high diving board as a child? Now you can work on overcoming some of those fears. Instead, challenge yourself to have as much fun and thrilling experiences as you possibly can.
  • You can remember how much fun it is to get completely, utterly, soaking wet.
  • You can’t take your phone with you! You’re “forced” to stay in the moment–the screaming your head off, forgetting about real life moment–and you can step out of time for the day. You can enjoy your friends and family face-to-face.
  • You might remember what it’s like to be completely tired of having fun! While kids often play until they are exhausted, adults usually try to conserve their energy. Not at the water park! You can leave it all on the water slide.

If you’re looking for a vacation rental in Canton, TX, this summer Mill Creek Ranch Resort has teamed up with a fantastic water park, Splash Kingdom, to offer a great special for summer. Stay a night in one of the adorable cottages (or two nights in our RV area), and you’ll also receive four passes and four meal tickets for Splash Kingdom, and access to all the amazing Mill Creek Ranch Resort amenities. Please call our friendly staff at 877-927-3439 for rates (at least 72 hours in advance).

Splash Kingdom offers all the best rides and attractions such as a wave pool, lazy river, a kids area, racing slide and water slides galore! What are you waiting for? Book your vacation rental in Canton, TX, at Mill Creek Ranch Resort in Canton, TX, and take full advantage of our splashy summer deal!

Vacation Rental Canton TX
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
2102 N Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103

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Events in Canton, TX: Corporate Retreats–Mixing Business and FUN!

Events Canton TXAre you in charge of planning your company’s corporate retreat? With so many factors to consider for your group, there are probably several questions about where to go, what to do, and how to keep your employees well-fed and well-entertained while accomplishing the specific goals for the retreat. The secret to having a corporate retreat that brings your team together and strengthens your company is all in the location.

  • Is the venue within driving distance of your company? A venue closer to the office will help the bottom line budget for the retreat while hours spent traveling might keep you from all of the activities and team-building efforts that are the crux of your corporate retreat. If the retreat is too close, however, your employees might be tempted to go home or leave early. Further, they may feel as if the familiarity of the area didn’t provide them with a sense of “being away from it all” like they might have hoped.
  • What does the venue offer in terms of meeting space and catering? Your chosen venue should have ample room for not only the whole team but also breakout spaces suitable for smaller group projects and meetings. The staff able should be able to keep your group well-fed so that your whole team can stay focused during meeting times.  Make sure the venue has technical help on call for audio-visual or technological needs. You’ll also appreciate an experienced helper as your retreat liaison, working to proactively plan for the needs of your group.
  • What does the venue offer in terms of attractions and amenities? Because your employees won’t be in meetings or team-building activities around the clock during your retreat, make sure the place you choose has plenty of options for fun and relaxation, both on-site and in the surrounding area. You’re pulling your employees away from their day-to-day lives; make sure they are compensated by having fun options, both indoors and out. Also, be sure to give them a place to actually retreat, have some time to relax and recharge.
Mill Creek Ranch Resort believes that you can find the answers to these questions in our cottages, meeting spaces, amenities, and local events here in Canton, TX. With a location about an hour from Dallas, TX, we are budget-friendly for the company yet far enough outside the Metroplex to give the true sense of being on a retreat. Our meeting spaces work for groups of 10 to groups of one hundred. Our corporate manager stands ready to help you with all technical needs, catering needs, as well as great ideas for fully utilizing our facilities and amenities. We have always been known for our amazing amenities such as hiking, fishing, swimming, disc golf, games, and s’mores at the fire pit! Let Mill Creek Ranch Resort take care of the location details so you and your company have a trouble-free atmosphere for taking care of your business. When you’re ready to book your corporate event in Canton, TX, call Mill Creek Ranch Resort at 877-927-3439!

Events Canton TX
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
2102 N Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103

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Cabin Rentals in Canton, TX: A Puzzling Time Can Be Fun on Your Vacay

Cabin Rentals in Canton TX“The human race is like a puzzle: Everyone fits in somewhere, it just takes a while to figure it out.”  Jen Leaman

Although jigsaw puzzles have been around for centuries, the Industrial Revolution really put them on the map–literally! The first puzzles were educational aids in the study of geography. Since that time, puzzles have become a mainstay of American life. Puzzle enthusiasts might even be considered the original “gamers.” According to the widely cited MacArthur study, puzzles–whether backed by wood or cardboard–can be a great boon to your mind’s health, both intellectually and even emotionally. Bring one with you to your cabin rentals in Canton, TX, and start accruing these benefits:

  • Memory retention–you can help stave off dementia, memory loss, and even Alzheimer’s by using your puzzling powers.
  • Organization and self-talk–mindfully solving a jigsaw puzzle can increase your awareness of your own self-talk and help you to use it more effectively for organization (I’m going to put all the sky pieces in this pile) and discrimination (that piece is too dark for this area).
  • Meta-cognition–thinking about your thinking skills–can be carried over to other aspects of your life and help you problem-solve there, too.
  • Concentration–today’s fast-paced, high-tech world often leads to distraction. Attending to a puzzle for ever-longer periods of time can counteract those effects, as can spending time in gorgeous cabin rentals in Canton, TX. Coincidence? Of course not!
  • Perseverance and goal-setting–completing a puzzle takes time and effort, but the reward includes a feeling of accomplishment that can then lead to a desire to complete a bigger or more difficult puzzle. Continuing to set more goals is a wonderful life skill to have at any age.

“I wanna make a jigsaw puzzle that’s 40,000 pieces. And when you finish it, it says ‘go outside.’”  Demetri Martin

With cabin rentals in Canton, TX, at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, you’ll have the perfect place to work on your puzzle-solving skills. Your family would love taking Cabin 22 for a spin! Including the loft, it sleeps six and includes the usual amenities–fully equipped kitchen, open living area, lovely decor. Cabin 22 also includes extras like a large patio with a lot of outdoor furniture and even a bar.

Your stay at Mill Creek Ranch Resort should be a boost to all of you–mentally, physically, emotionally. Use your time to indulge in puzzles for your brain, long hikes followed by a refreshing massage for your body, and time away from the cares of home to relax your spirit.

Are you ready to treat your whole self with cabin rentals in Canton, TX? Please call Mill Creek Ranch Resort at 877-937-3439 to book Cabin 22!

Cabin Rentals in Canton TX
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
2102 N Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103

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Campgrounds in Canton Texas: Happy Campers

Campgrounds in Canton TXOver the past few years, camping and RV vacations have experienced an uptick in activity and popularity. Whether you’re visiting campgrounds in Canton TX, or places around the USA, you’ll notice some wonderful differences from the stereotypical, old-fashioned camping experiences that only seem to involve a rickety tent and a can of beans! Campgrounds–and even the campers themselves–have changed in ways big and small. Here are a few interesting new trends:

  • Wifi–you can find it in coffee shops, malls, schools, and even…campgrounds? While folks used to view camping as a way to get away from it all, now they can also see a benefit to staying plugged in and having instant access to great information about camping, troubleshooting, starting a fire, first aid, bug or bird or critter identification. Honestly, the list could go on for days! While most people probably want to keep their online time to a minimum while exploring the great outdoors, sometimes a little information goes a long way and augments the trip.
  • Value-added attractions–in the past, visiting campgrounds in Canton TX, or other campgrounds was viewed as an economical way to have a vacation. Most campgrounds fed into that mindset and offered very little in the way of amenities beyond the natural beauty (or not) of the surrounding environment. Today’s campgrounds often attract new campers on the basis of their amenities such as stocked fishing ponds, paddle boats, swimming pools or hot tubs, golf cart rentals, and even weekly dances or live music in very cool venues.
  • Camping to build relationships–the modern camper looks to the positive experiences of camping more than the economic benefits. They expect camping to provide opportunities for their family to “do life together” for a few days away from the demands of daily living, and camping really does provide that occasion.
  • Diversity–Camping now attracts far more from different backgrounds than ever before, and the numbers are only increasing. The camaraderie of a campground makes it the perfect spot to meet new people, discuss commonalities, make new friends and–best of all–make sure everyone gets a s’more!
Mill Creek Ranch Resort’s RV campgrounds in Canton TX, stays on trend to benefit the lucky campers who stay there. In fact, The Spa at Mill Creek takes the resort to a new level of indulgence, or–dare we say it–making us trendsetters. If you’re ready to experience all that modern campgrounds have to offer, call Mill Creek Ranch Resort 877-927-3439 and reserve a place to live your camping dreams.

Campgrounds in Canton TX
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
2102 N Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103

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Cabins for Sale in Texas: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Cabins for Sale in TexasGreen living.

Sustainable lifestyles.

Ecological impact.

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Quite often, phrases like those above bring up thoughts of doing without and major sacrifices–particularly when we focus on “reduce” rather than reuse or recycle. While Kermit the Frog said, “It’s not easy being green,” being environmentally responsible doesn’t need to mean missing out on the great things in life. Unexpected benefits can be found everywhere, even in less obvious places like cabins for sale in Texas. (More on that later!) Focusing on the things you can do, rather than the things you shouldn’t do, makes environmental responsibility a positive force in your life. So, where’s a good place to start?

  • Grow a garden–you can start with a single tomato plant if a whole big garden feels overwhelming or you just don’t think you have room, but those tomatoes will taste so good and fresh that before long you might find yourself talking planting schedules and root vegetables with your neighbors who were inspired to start their own gardens after eating your extra produce. Good food is contagious!
  • Buy local–much like growing your own produce, buying locally grown or produced food benefits the environment by reducing the energy used to transport it. The food tends to be fresher and better quality, too. Local farmers also typically use organic products on their food, providing another great health benefit for you and your family. Win/win!
  • Go vintage–expand your definition of “reuse” to include reusing items that others have stopped using. Although styles come and go, vintage pieces tend to wear well and can add just the touch of quirky charm that makes a house a home, or makes your outfit pop. A little creativity and research can help open your mind to nearly endless possibilities for repurposing vintage finds. Who knew that being eco-friendly could be so fun? One super-fun place to shop for vintage finds is at First Monday in Canton, Texas. While you’re there, you can check out cabins for sale in Texas (more about that later…really).
  • Plant a tree–That’s it. Plant one. Water it so it stays alive. If you find that you enjoyed the digging and the fresh air and the sense of pride that comes from sustaining something beautiful that in turn sustains you and yours for generations, then plant another tree or find an organization that you can help to plant trees in public spaces.

What does going green have to do with cabins for sale in Texas? Easy answer–Mill Creek Ranch Resorts has Eco-Cabins for sale, like our Cabin 46. The manufacturer builds each Eco-Cabin with energy and resource efficiency in mind, making it easy for you to go green because they’ve done the work for you. All you need to do is accessorize it with a vintage find or two, perhaps?

In Cabin 46, you’ll realize you aren’t missing out on anything by being environmentally sensitive. The cabin boasts an open floor plan with the living and kitchen areas, a master suite with a Queen-sized bed plus a loft with twin beds, a fully-stocked kitchen, a large lot with outdoor furniture, a grill, and even a fire pit for use year-round. The views of surrounding nature are spectacular and will help inspire you to look for even more ways to keep your environment green.

To find out how easy and satisfying it is to “go green” with our Eco Cabin 46, call Mill Creek Ranch Resort at 877-927-3439.

Cabins for Sale in Texas
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
2102 N Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103