Luxury Cottage Rentals in Texas

Blue Crystal Cottage - exterior and rock garden.
Cottage 71 - Exterior

Our Canton Cottage Rentals

Picture vacationing the way it was meant to be.  Getting away from it all, enjoying the beauty of nature in the company of family and friends. Our beautiful East Texas cottage rentals offer peace and serenity as you enjoy the views of Mill Creek from your covered patio and deck or walking on the nature trails on our beautifully wooded grounds.  All this relaxing beauty is just 1/4 mile from Canton TX First Monday Trade Days grounds.  To find your perfect Texas vacation rental view our selection of cottages below.

Exclusive Cabin


4-6 Guests

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Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace

2-4 Guests

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Premium Cabin

Premium Cottage

4-6 Guests

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Non-Lofted Cottage

Non-Lofted Cottage

2-4 Guests

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Lofted Cottages

Lofted Cottages

4-6 Guests

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Accessible Cabin Rentals


2 Guests

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Pet Friendly Cottages

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Fully Equipped “Cabins” Make Packing Easy!

Cabin 46 kitchen with stove, dishwasher, table and fridge

Our cottages are fully furnished and equipped.  All you need to bring is food and you will have everything you need to relax and enjoy a vacation full of fun. We have “cabin” rentals that feature a washer and dryer to help you pack light when preparing for your trip to our resort. We also have accessible cottages to make sure everyone can enjoy the fun. When you are looking for something a little extra, we offer executive cottages with deluxe amenities. Our cottage rentals are perfect for the lone traveler, a couple’s getaway or a fun-filled family vacation with all the amenities that define a truly great resort experience.

Take a look for yourself by going to the resort map and take a tour  Find a cottage you would love to stay in and reserve it online or call us and a resort representative will be happy to help with your reservation.

Canton Cottages

Cabin 24 Cabin 24

Cabin Cabin 24

Cabin 25 Cabin 25

Cabin Cabin 25

Cabin 10 Cabin 10

Cabin / Executive Cabin 10

Cabin 19 Cabin 19

Cabin Cabin 19

Cabin 22 Cabin 22

Cabin Cabin 22

Cabin 30 Cabin 30

Cabin Cabin 30

Cabin 46 Cabin 46

Cabin Cabin 46

Cabin 50 Cabin 50

Cabin Cabin 50

Cabin 52 Cabin 52

Cabin Cabin 52

Cabin 53 Cabin 53

Cabin Cabin 53

Cabin 57 Cabin 57

Cabin Cabin 57

Cottage 60 Cottage 60

Cabin Cottage 60

Cabin 62 Cabin 62

Cabin Cabin 62

Cabin 67 Cabin 67

Cabin Cabin 67

Cabin 71 Cabin 71

Cabin Cabin 71

Cabin 72 Cabin 72

Cabin Cabin 72

Cabin 73 Cabin 73

Cabin Cabin 73

Cabin 74 Cabin 74

Cabin Cabin 74

Cabin 76 Cabin 76

Cabin Cabin 76

Cabin 77 Cabin 77

Cabin Cabin 77

Cabin 78 Cabin 78

Cabin Cabin 78

Cabin 79 Cabin 79

Cabin Cabin 79

Cabin 80 Cabin 80

Cabin Cabin 80

Cabin 81 Cabin 81

Cabin Cabin 81

Cabin 82 Cabin 82

Cabin Cabin 82

Cabin 83 Cabin 83

Cabin Cabin 83

Cabin 84 Cabin 84

Cabin Cabin 84

Cabin 85 Cabin 85

Cabin Cabin 85

Cabin 86 Cabin 86

Cabin Cabin 86

Cabin 87 Cabin 87

Cabin Cabin 87

Cabin 89 Cabin 89

Cabin Cabin 89

Cabin 88 Cabin 88

Cabin Cabin 88

Cabin 90 Cabin 90

Cabin Cabin 90

Cabin 92 Cabin 92

Cabin Cabin 92

Cabin 93 Cabin 93

Cabin Cabin 93

Cabin 94 Cabin 94

Cabin Cabin 94

Cabin 95 Cabin 95

Cabin Cabin 95

Cabin 96 Cabin 96

Cabin Cabin 96

Cabin 97 Cabin 97

Cabin Cabin 97

Cabin 98 Cabin 98

Cabin Cabin 98

Cabin 99 Cabin 99

Cabin Cabin 99

Cabin 100 Cabin 100

Cabin Cabin 100

Cabin 101 Cabin 101

Cabin Cabin 101

Cabin 102 Cabin 102

Cabin Cabin 102

Cabin 103 Cabin 103

Cabin Cabin 103

Cabin Testimonial

Al Brooks

Great amenities - especially pools! Courteous Staff! Great location - go visit the Alligetors!' Quality Utilities. Well maintained. Will return when temps are below 100+

Cabin Testimonial

Christine David

Loved this resort, short drive for us first time RVers. Very clean friendly with lots to do onsite. The live music was great in main lodge Friday.

Cabin Testimonial

Tanya Portinause

Mill Creek was very nice! The grounds were well kept as well. We will definitely stay there again when we return to Canton.

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