Photo of a Curious Chital inside Rocky Ridge's Safari Park in Texas.

Take a Drive on the Wild Side at the Newest Safari Park in Texas

Drive-through safari parks have never been more enticing than they are today, for obvious reasons. However, even before COVID-19, Texas welcomed a new safari-like experience seemingly every year in places like Jacksonville, Franklin, Jefferson, and San Antonio. On November 28, 2020, East Texas welcomed Rocky Ridge Drive-Thru Safari to the family. This brand new East Texas safari park is located approximately 13 miles due south of Canton, home to the award-winning Mill Creek Ranch Resort and always extravagant First Monday trade days, a 170-year tradition.

Rocky Ridge, a Brand New Safari Park in East Texas

Photo of a Bison Grazing at Rocky Ridge's Safari Park in East Texas.Rocky Ridge boasts 200-plus acres of preserved, well-maintained land along a backcountry road (farm-to-market road 1256) where the earth’s semi-arid floor meets a lush forest. Taking a drive on the wild side has never been this exhilarating for kids and adults alike, as these towering, majestic beasts will approach your vehicle without hesitation. As the newest drive-thru safari park in Texas (and the South), Rocky Ridge expects thousands of visitors over the coming months. The admission price depends on the size of your party, but costs range from $13.50 to $17.50 per person (kids two and under are free). In order to keep visitors and the animals safe, please read through Rocky Ridge’s rules before your arrival. Now, let’s move onto the main event: the animals!

25 Species (and Counting)

Photo of a Barasingha Relaxing at Rocky Ridge's Safari Park in Texas.Much like other East Texas safari parks, most of Rocky Ridge’s exotic inhabitants reign from Africa and Asia. These foreign species thrive in East Texas’ climate. Rocky Ridge boasts a wide variety of well-known animals, including bison, zebras, cattle, llamas, and emu. However, gear up for an up-close-and-personal encounter with a never-before-soon animal, such as a sable antelope, aoudad, barasingha, fallow deer, and chital. It’s not only a visual delight, but each car is gifted a bag of seed. Remember: no hand-feeding; riders are asked to toss the seed out of the window. With 25 different species (and counting), Rocky Ridge is bound to be one of Canton’s main attractions for many years to come.

Cottage Getaways in Texas: Mill Creek Ranch

Photo of a Mill Creek Cottage, Just a Short Drive from the Best Safari Park in Texas.After motoring through (at eight miles an hour) East Texas’ newest safari park, return to Mill Creek Ranch Resort for a memorable evening. Leave yourselves ample daylight in hopes of taking full advantage of our many on-site amenities, including the swimming pool, disc golf course, fishing ponds, hiking trails, and children’s treehouse. Mill Creek remains one of the most eclectic getaway destinations in East Texas (and far beyond) as we boast 100 RV sites, cottages, a yurt, and, of course, tiny houses!

During the winter months, our most popular asset is our monthly RV park rentals. We can accommodate groups of all sizes, even mega RV rallies. So, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or an inquiry. Please check availability online or call us directly at 866-488-6020.

Photo of a Couple on a Winter Road Trip through Texas.

15 Things to Do in East Texas: Winter Texan Edition

The first Winter Texans have officially arrived here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, the South’s premier RV resort. Our award-winning, 200-acre property remains a four-season haven for native Texans and guests from Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. But once the calendar flips to November (and December), countless Northerners set their sights on Canton, TX, home to the world’s largest flea market. Winter in East Texas is undeniably idyllic, with average highs hovering around 60 degrees. We welcome Winter Texans from all across the country, including Chicago, New York City, and Denver. And 60 degrees in January and February feels a lot like 90 to them.

15 Ways to Embrace Winter’s Arrival in East Texas

In hopes of enhancing your upcoming getaway to East Texas, we’ve compiled 15 ways to embrace winter’s inevitable arrival, ranging from birding to campfire cookin’ and golfing. While we’re incredibly close to the DFW metroplex, most Winter Texans choose Mill Creek Ranch Resort for its seclusion, spacious (and beautiful) acreage, and countless on-site amenities. Don’t be afraid to explore the region’s many off-the-beaten-path gems, as you never know when you’ll stumble upon a new favorite restaurant, a crowd-less state park, or an undeniably scenic country drive. Remember to bookmark this article for future reference.

  1. Play 18 holes of golf at a nearby course.
  2. Embark on a self-guided brewery tour, with stops in Tyler, Seven Points, and Athens.
  3. Go birding on Mill Creek Ranch Resort’s 200-acre property (or venture to a nearby state park).
  4. Lace-up your boots and head into the backcountry on a scenic, peaceful hiking expedition.
  5. Cook (and enjoy) a bevy of campfire recipes over your well-constructed bonfire.
  6. Shop ‘til you drop in downtown Canton.
  7. Visit a countryside vineyard, such as Cannon Creek or Valle della Pace.
  8. Take a day-trip to Tyler, home to the exciting Caldwell Zoo, the enthralling Discovery Science Place, picturesque Tyler State Park, and more!
  9. Plan an RV rally with your closest friends and relatives.
  10. Blaze through the dense forestry on a canopy tour via New York Texas Zipline Adventures, celebrating 10 years of sky-high, Texas-style thrills.
  11. Dive into Athens Scuba Park’s private lake in search of hidden, underwater treasures.
  12. Meet a legion of curious reptiles at the East Texas Zoo & Gator Park.
  13. Enjoy an hour or two of ultra-relaxing, catch-and-release fishing at Mill Creek Ranch Resort.
  14. Join the world’s largest treasure hunt.
  15. Visit historic Ben Wheeler, the “Wild Hog Capital of Texas.”

Photo of Mill Creek's Pool Area, the Perfect Place to Relax This Winter in Texas.There’s still time to plan a much-needed extended break from the city. Many Winter Texans are pleasantly surprised to discover that our spacious RV sites are quite affordable, despite being steps from so many on-site amenities, such as the community pool and hot tub, fishing ponds, hiking trails, a disc golf course, horseshoes, and more! To book a well-deserved winter escape to East Texas, please call us directly at 866-488-6020 (or check availability online).

Photo of a Group Roasting One of These Tasty Campfire Dinner Recipes.

15 Campfire Dinner Recipes to Try at Mill Creek Ranch

There’s never an offseason for campfires here in Canton, TX, home to Mill Creek Ranch Resort, the state’s top-rated RV park. Each cottage and RV site boasts a private fire pit. When utilized correctly, a fire pit can act as a miniature kitchen (with a little help from the picnic table). Most campfire dinner recipes require a little pre-vacation preparation and TLC. However, thanks to Swiss industrialist Robert Victor Neher (the inventor of aluminum foil), most meals can be quickly plopped onto a grate and smoked to perfection in 20 to 30 minutes without hesitation.

Campfire Dinner Recipes: An East Texas Pastime

Photo of Roasted Corn, One of the Tastiest Campfire Dinner Recipes.While RVs and cottages typically feature full kitchens, there’s something gratifyingly primal about cooking up a mess of meat, potatoes, and veggies atop a blazing campfire. It’s also a splendid opportunity to teach the kiddos how to build and, furthermore, utilize a campfire when fast-food and restaurants aren’t options. These 15 undeniably tasty campfire dinner recipes showcase a variety of core ingredients, including chicken, corn, beans, salmon, and shrimp. There’s something for everyone here.

Don’t forget to bookmark this article for future reference.

  1. Five Can Chili – Simplicity in a Dutch oven. It’s perfect on a brisk “winter” evening.
  2. Hobo Dinner – Hamburger. Potatoes. A few vegetables. And some seasoning. Yum!
  3. Cast-Iron Beans – The hot dogs are optional. However, feel free to slice them up and toss the hunks into the vat of beans.
  4. Shrimp Scampi Foil Packets – Ready in a matter of minutes. Damn Delicious? You could say that again! Here’s a tasty alternative.
  5. Mac ‘n Cheese – It’s such a mind-blowingly obvious campfire dinner recipe that will change the way you think about this classic dish.
  6. Grilled Corn with Chipotle-Lime Butter – When is grilled corn not utterly delicious? Never, especially when combined with some spicy, zesty flair.
  7. Campfire Bean ‘n Ham Soup – There’s nothing quite like a hearty bowl of ham soup beside a crackling campfire in the fall or winter.
  8. Campfire Hash – Similar to the Hobo Dinner, but much more of an emphasis on jumbo kielbasa.
  9. Sheepherder’s Breakfast – Just pondering this campfire dinner recipe is making our mouths water.
  10. Campfire Foil Packs – The best part of this straightforward recipe is that it can be amended to perfectly fit any dietary restriction. We particularly like pesto-basted or Mediterranean-style chicken cubes with vegetables soaked in olive oil and spices.
  11. Grilled Salmon with Lemony Asparagus – The title says it all. Oh, and it’s easier to cook than you think.
  12. Campfire Pizza – Wood-fired pizza remains an otherworldly delight, particularly for those who enjoy a charred, slightly-flaky slice of cheesy pie.
  13. Camping Breakfast Burritos – Not into breakfast for dinner? Replace the eggs with spicy, tomato sauce-basted chicken or lean hamburger.
  14. Brad’s Campsite Jambalaya – We might need to invite Brad to our next dinner party.
  15. Hawaiian Chicken – Prepare your tastebuds for a tropical voyage across the Seven Seas of flavor.

Ranch-Style Family Vacations in East Texas

Photo of a Couple Travelers Relaxing near Their RVs. Click Here for 15 Campfire Dinner Recipes!So, what isn’t Mill Creek? It’s a resort. It’s an RV park. It’s a fishing destination. It’s a tiny house community. It’s a four-season paradise. Not only does our 200-acre estate feature everything from a nine-hole disc golf course to an old-fashioned swimming hole and a dog park, but we’re centrally located to East Texas’ most beloved attractions, including the world’s largest flea market (First Monday Trade Days), several golf courses, numerous state parks, and countless hillside vineyards. Hopefully, families are able to utilize a few of these campfire dinner recipes this winter, especially when the weather calls for a blazing fire and a steamy meal.

And there’s never been a better time to escape the DFW metroplex en route to peaceful, scenic Canton! To check availability, please visit us online. Otherwise, we can be reached at 866-488-6020.

Photo of a Couple Snuggling near a Pond at Mill Creek. Click Here for 15 Fall Date Ideas near Dallas!

15 Fall Date Ideas near Dallas: Explore Canton

Photo of a Couple at a Pumpkin Patch. Click Here for 15 Fall Date Ideas near Dallas.Every autumn, thousands of couples attempt to compose a meticulously-gathered list of fall date ideas near Dallas. More times than not, the DFW metroplex doesn’t provide a necessary amount of tranquility and natural beauty to truly enchant a couple in desperate need of romance. Thus, fall is the best time of year to escape Dallas en route to Mill Creek Ranch Resort, Canton’s crown jewel. Canton is not only less than an hour from the city, but it’s an idyllic, picturesque place to rekindle that wavering flame. Mill Creek Ranch itself boasts various accommodations, including rustic (yet modernized) cottages, a yurt, tiny houses, and 100 individual RV sites.

Date Ideas near Dallas: Bonfires, Pumpkin Patches, and Spiced Libations

To ensure that your long-awaited autumnal getaway is nothing short of fabulous, we’ve compiled 15 unique fall date ideas near Dallas. You’ll be happy to hear that you’ll rarely have to leave our 200-acre haven to truly embrace fall’s arrival. However, perhaps a wee bit of off-site outdoor adventure will provide a spark this fall—and maybe some much-needed spice?

  1. Rent a private cabin-like cottage, complete with a fire pit, full kitchen, spacious patio, porch, television, and distinctive decor.
  2. Pick pumpkins, solve a corn maze, and munch on festival foods at YesterLand Farm.
  3. Hike through a nearby state park and “snap” some head-turning Instagram photos.
  4. Build the perfect bonfire, complete with s’mores, a fall-inspired Spotify playlist, ghost stories, and stargazing.
  5. Enjoy a pumpkin ale or Oktoberfest lager at a local craft brewery. Don’t forget to purchase a growler for your late-night bonfire!
  6. Carve pumpkins outside of your cottage or RV just before dusk.
  7. Play 18 holes of championship golf at a nearby course, where the foliage will soothe the hurt of that missed three-foot putt.
  8. Soak in Mill Creek Ranch’s hot tub at dusk—watch the steam sway into the colorful night’s sky!
  9. Sip on pumpkin-spiced lattes at The Pony Expresso Coffeehouse while planning your day or reminiscing of the trip’s best moments.
  10. Go birding on our picturesque, 200-acre estate.
  11. Savor the region’s finest vino at a nearby winery.
  12. Meet some new furry friends at the underrated East Texas Zoo.
  13. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a little catch-and-release fishing beside one of Mill Creek Ranch’s largest ponds.
  14. Craft some sexy fall drinks inside your cottage or RV.
  15. Bicycle through the heart of Canton, past a variety of colorful trees, showcasing vibrant hues of amber and crimson.

Memorable Romantic Getaways in Texas

Photo of a Mill Creek cottage. Click Here for 15 Fall Date Ideas near Dallas!Hopefully, these 15 playful, passionate date ideas near Dallas enhance your upcoming getaway to East Texas’ most beloved resort destination. As one of the largest RV parks in Texas, we’re expecting a full house this autumn. Thankfully, you can swiftly book a stay at For even more tantalizing, adventurous date ideas near Dallas, please visit our travel guide, chockful of potential mid-day pursuits. As a reminder, prospective travelers can check availability online or simply call us at 866-488-6020. By booking directly, you’ll happily avoid hidden third-party fees.

Photo of an Indigo Bunting, One of the Most Vibrant Birds of East Texas.

Birding in East Texas: Survey Mill Creek’s 200-Acre Estate

Birding (or “birdwatching”) is a quiet, calming pursuit that’s often incorporated into a hiking, backpacking, or geocaching excursion. The many birds of East Texas frequent Mill Creek Ranch Resort’s 200-acre estate during all four seasons in search of refuge, nourishment, and solitude. East Texas is home to approximately 130 species, ranging from common, vibrant cardinals to jovial yellow-breasted chats.

Birding in East Texas: Discover Canton

Photo of a Cedar Waxwing, One of the Prettiest Birds of East Texas.
Cedar Waxwing

Canton rests in between the state’s central core and the lush “Piney Woods,” which spill into neighboring Louisiana and Arkansas. Our idyllic location acts as a common gathering place for a vast array of birdlife, including 25-plus different species. This four-season, 200-acre haven boasts many winding hiking trails that meander underneath tall trees. But you’ll also quickly notice the property’s eight ponds—sublime water sources for thirsty birds. Per usual, please bring a trusty pair of binoculars and an East Texas birding field guide, perhaps Greg Homel’s handy pamphlet. It’s also worth noting that Mill Creek provides complimentary binocular rentals, but availability is limited, so please plan ahead when at all possible.

25 Commonly-Spotted Birds of East Texas

Photo of a Northern Flicker, One of Cutest Birds of East Texas.
Northern Flicker

Before diving into 25 of the most “common” birds of East Texas, we’d like to share a few of our favorite off-site birding locales. If you’re in the mood for a little mid-day exploration, set your GPS for Tyle State Park, Mineola Nature Preserve, or Purtis Creek State Park. Otherwise, as stated above, our 200-acre woodland property does typically play host to 25-plus species, as listed below.

  1. American goldfinch
  2. Blue jay
  3. Brown-headed cowbird
  4. Brown thrasher
  5. Cedar waxwing
  6. Chuck-will’s-widow
  7. Eastern bluebird
  8. House finch
  9. Indigo bunting (as pictured above)
  10. Kestrel
  11. Northern cardinal
  12. Northern flicker
  13. Nuthatch
  14. Painted bunting
  15. Pileated woodpecker
  16. Pine warbler
  17. Red-bellied woodpecker
  18. Red-headed woodpecker
  19. Rose-breasted grosbeak
  20. Ruby-crowned kinglet
  21. Ruby-throated hummingbird
  22. Summer tanager
  23. Tufted titmouse
  24. Yellow-breasted chat
  25. Yellow-rumped warbler

Award-Winning RV Resorts in Texas: Mill Creek Ranch

Mill Creek Ranch Resort remains one of the South’s top-tier monthly RV parks, and we cannot wait to usher in waves of “Winter Texans” in the coming weeks. The resort itself boasts tiny house rentals, cozy cottages, a yurt, and, of course, nearly 100 RV sites that are equally spacious, scenic, and serene. When you’re not birding in East Texas, remember to make time for 18 holes of golf, a craft beer, and a little downtown shopping. To learn more about our remarkably tranquil slice of East Texas, please visit us online at (or give us a call today at 866-488-6020).

Photo of a Pristine Green with a Sunset Backdrop at One of the Best East Texas Golf Courses.

The Top 3 East Texas Golf Courses

Golf remains an integral aspect of an East Texas staycation (or an extended weekend away), mainly because the weather and pace of play are typically idyllic. While Mill Creek Ranch Resort features a fun, nine-hole disc golf course, we know that avid golfers cannot resist the allure of an 18-hole diversion. There are over a dozen quintessential East Texas golf courses within 40 minutes of our cottages, tiny houses, and RV sites. However, we’ve hand-selected three favorite course designs that provide uncrowded tees, ample natural beauty, and unparalleled rates.

The Best East Texas Golf Courses

One might classify these three East Texas golf courses as “hidden gems.” Regardless, you’re in for a visually-appealing, semi-challenging treat! Fervent and novice golfers alike will be pleasantly surprised to discover a diverse array of course designs in Canton, Hideaway, and Mineola, respectively. Unlike many other American golf meccas, there are dozens upon dozens of public golf courses near Dallas—all are welcome to experience the beauty of East Texas.

Van Zandt Country Club

Photo of a Sunset Above One of the Prettiest East Texas Golf Courses.Less than two miles from Mill Creek’s 200-acre ranch-style estate lies Van Zandt Country Club, an oft-overlooked gem between Dallas and Tyler. Rates range from $25 to $60. There’s no need to break the bank at Van Zandt! As Van Zandt nears its 50th anniversary, the course is only just coming out of its shell. As the years roll by, the trees continue to play a more substantial factor. Golfers can take pleasure in the still ponds, wide fairways, and well-groomed bermudagrass.

Hide-A-Way Lake Club

Tucked between Hideaway Lake and Interstate 20 rests a semi-private, 27-hole marvel in touch with the community’s inhabitants. Golf communities like Hide-A-Way Lake Club are hard to find in Texas. As the neighborhood continues to flourish, the course itself becomes even more enticing and visually appealing. Hide-A-Way Lake consists of three distinctive nine-hole courses, combining to make up a 27-hole mecca worth revisiting time and time again. The club has noticeably spent thousands of dollars on cosmetic alterations, such as rock piles, tree implementation, flowery, and water hazards. There’s plenty of curb appeal at Hide-A-Way—that much is for sure.

Mineola Country Club

Mineola Country Club sits along the western rim of town in the densely-thicketed backcountry. Although the town’s high school and airfield lie just beyond the forestry, Mineola feels distinctly remote and undeniably quiet. Woodland critters often scurry across the landscape, and morning fog typically blankets the course around first light. The nine-hole design is among the prettiest in the region. However, due to its size, Minneola is mostly frequented by beginners. Regardless, it’s one of our three favorite East Texas golf courses.

The Finest RV Parks in Texas: Mill Creek Ranch

Photo of Mill Creek's RV Park, Just Minutes from the Best East Texas Golf Courses.Combine 18 holes at one of the best East Texas golf courses with a flight of craft beer, a shopping spree, a backcountry hike, and a late-night campfire. Truth be told, guests rarely feel the desire to leave Mill Creek Ranch Resort’s acreage, primarily because of the on-site pool, hiking trails, fishing ponds, and children’s treehouse. Unlike your typical resort, we boast an array of accommodation types, including a yurt, tiny house rentals, monthly RV sites, and an eclectic mix of cottages.

Although we’re living in unique times, the overall experience at Mill Creek has not changed. We still offer a remote location, a friendly atmosphere, a bevy of free amenities, and over 200 acres of backland glory. Please give us a call today at 866-488-6020 to book a long-awaited golf getaway (or check availability online).

Photo of a Beer Toast at an East Texas Brewery.

An East Texas Brewery Guide

Although Pabst Blue Ribbon now owns San Antonio’s Lone Star Beer, it played an integral part in Texas beer history. It laid the foundation for countless Texas breweries in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The industry itself took several decades to regain steam following Prohibition. Thankfully, as we surge ahead toward 2021, craft breweries continue to surface all across The Lone Star State, including here in East Texas. In fact, Mill Creek Ranch Resort is within an hour’s drive of eight taprooms, despite our semi-remote location east of the DFW metroplex. Thus, we’ve created a handy East Texas brewery guide with three quintessential stops in three unique towns.

A Self-Guided East Texas Brewery Tour

The growing East Texas brewery scene continues to multiply. Five notable Texas craft breweries didn’t make this list, including ETX Brewing Company, Thirsty Bro Brewing Co., Backstory Brewery, and Cypress Creek Southern Ales. They’re all within an hour’s drive of Mill Creek Ranch. We feel confident that the three taprooms chosen (as seen below) perfectly encapsulate the appeal of an East Texas brewery.

Photo of a Group Saying "Cheers" at an East Texas Brewery.

True Vine Brewing Company – Tyler, TX

A self-guided East Texas brewery tour is incomplete without a stop at True Vine and its sprawling outdoor patio. True Vine remains the best brewery in Tyler. While the interior is pleasingly open-concept, the well-lit, multi-purpose outdoor patio is a rustic yet glamorous four-season haven for beer drinkers. The gigantic, tin-covered area ropes in local musicians, while the authentic brick aesthetic is a tip of the cap to another era. With everything from double dry-hopped session IPAs to coffee-infused porters, you’ll find a brew that melds with your palate.

Cedar Creek Brewery – Seven Points, TX

We simply cannot get enough of Cedar Creek’s German-style Biergarten, where fun events, particularly around Oktoberfest, often draw thousands of thirsty Texans. Those 10-beer flights are perfect for dabblers. It’s worth noting that Cedar Creek is family and pet-friendly. Oh, and those deep-fried onion rings are a revelation!

Athens Brewing Co. – Athens, TX

One of the newest members of the East Texas brewery family is Athens Brewing, located in a historic downtown district known “the Square.” Athens’ curb appeal is highlighted by all that dazzling red brick. Frequent patrons love devouring baskets of “sexy fries” and fried pickles while sipping on refreshing pints of the medium-bodied Märzen, fragrant Brut IPA, or crowd favorite Apricot Ale. Choose between the pub-like interior or the outdoor seating area where live music always seems to be filling the air on weekends.

Photo of Cabin Rental 102 near a bevy of East Texas breweries.Places to Stay in Canton, TX

Because Mill Creek Ranch Resort is one of the most romantic getaways in Texas, many couples ask about local breweries, regional wineries, and nearby hiking trails. We offer a variety of lodging types, including an RV park, cottages, tiny house rentals, and a yurt. On-site amenities include fishing ponds, a disc golf course, hiking (and bicycling) paths, a pool, and 200 sprawling acres of East Texas beauty. For information, please visit online at You can also call us at 866-488-6020.

Photo of Mill Creek, One of the Best RV Parks in Texas.

The Best RV Parks in East Texas: Mill Creek Ranch

Photo of a Puppy Peeking Out of an RV at Mill Creek, One of the Best RV Parks in Texas.The sprawling, rolling acreage of East Texas is calling. Hidden along the northern rim of peaceful Canton, TX, home to the world’s largest flee market, lies Mill Creek Ranch Resort, known to so many as the idyllic escape from the DFW metroplex. A common thread in today’s American tourism scene is the restoration of the country’s RV lifestyle. One thing that 2020 has taught us is that an RV is, without a doubt, the best way to travel. In fact, with so many people working from home, you can simultaneously work AND vacation every day. Mill Creek Ranch Resort is many things: 200 acres of woodland, a tiny house outpost, and a heavenly wedding venue. But this award-winning resort is also home to one of the best RV parks in East Texas.

Mill Creek: The Ideal Staycation or Extended Getaway

Because an RV is virtually a home on wheels, an extended, multi-week escape from Dallas to Mill Creek Ranch Resort isn’t outside the realm of possibility. To become one of the best RV parks in East Texas, we spent decades enhancing the guest experience. Today, you’ll be happy to discover 100 RV sites, all of which are complete with ample private space, a grill, a fire ring, and a table with chairs. But the sites themselves somewhat pale in comparison to the abundance of on-site recreational opportunities, such as fishing, swimming, and horseshoes.

The Best RV Parks in East Texas: Customize Your Escape

Photo of the Hiking Trail at Mill Creek, One of the Best RV Parks in Texas.We know a thing or two about RVing. People choose the RV lifestyle for its flexibility, customization, and privacy. The best RV parks in East Texas instinctively offer affordability, availability, and supreme hospitality. Here at Mill Creek Ranch, you’ll unearth a little slice of heaven. Rise with the sun, sip on a steaming cup of coffee at dawn, and let the day’s temperature dictate what comes next—the possibilities are seemingly endless! Off-site activities include hiking trails, countryside wineries, and, of course, the world-famous First Monday Trade Days. That being said, you likely won’t feel the need to leave the property once you’ve discovered our diverse array of complimentary perks, such as the bicycling trails, hot tub, and disc golf course.

Enhance Your Stay

The team here at Mill Creek is exceedingly proud to be one of the best RV parks in East Texas. We’re dedicated to our guests, whether you’re rolling into town for two nights or planning to stay throughout winter. To learn more about a potential monthly RV park rental, please don’t hesitate to reach out at 866-488-6020. And don’t forget to read these companion articles (as seen below) in an effort to enhance your stay. RVing allows true flexibility, but it doesn’t hurt to bone up about our various offerings and East Texas itself. We look forward to seeing all of your smiling faces this summer!

Photo of Mill Creek, the Ideal Reason to Escape Dallas.

Escape Dallas with an East Texas Staycation

Photo of Mill Creek's Pool. Escape Dallas This Summer!There’s never been a more suitable time to start planning a well-deserved staycation near Dallas to East Texas’ Mill Creek Ranch Resort. We are still here for you, thanks to our exemplary customer service and always-marvelous cleaning techniques! If your family is aching to escape Dallas this spring, don’t forget about our sprawling, multi-faceted ranch. Yes, we boast 100 award-winning RV sites, but our small fleet of cottages and tiny houses are as enticing as ever. The ongoing global pandemic has changed the way most think about travel (and vacationing, in general), which is why it’s imperative to find a safe haven that’s within reach, semi-isolated, and packed full of potential mid-day fun.

Escape Dallas, Discover Mill Creek Ranch

Mill Creek Ranch Resort has been the epitome of an “East Texas staycation” for over a decade, thanks in large part to the property’s 200 acres of sprawling woodlands and, of course, its unique combination of affordability, convenience, and beauty. First and foremost, Mill Creek Ranch acts as an epicenter for RVers, Winter Texans, and staycationers alike. Our team knows, just as well as you, that it’s necessary to escape Dallas and Fort Worth on a semi-regular basis to unwind, relax, and refresh. The ranch itself is an award-winning complex that plays host to families and groups of all sizes. Many of the cutest cottage rentals in East Texas can be found here. At the end of the day, our guests typically choose us because we’re accessible, affordable, and focused on providing the highest level of excellence.

What to Do in Canton (Post-Coronavirus)

In actuality, to truly escape Dallas’ clutch, one must unplug from the daily grind. Take a break from emails, television series’, and social media by exploring East Texas’ best. This is the perfect opportunity to teach your kids about the outdoors, including how to build a campfire, make the perfect s’more, barbecue beef, birdwatch, and play disc golf. Mill Creek Ranch’s 200-acre property allots ample space for each and every guest to explore and play in a wide variety of ways. Here’s a condensed list of potential mid-day activities to try during one of your upcoming weekend getaways in Texas.

Texas Ranch Vacation Getaways

Photo of a Mill Creek Cottage. Escape Dallas ASAP to Experience Sheer Tranquility.As one of the premier RV parks in Texas, we see a lot of campers, mobile homes, and caravans. However, please don’t hesitate to explore our various other lodging options, including cottages, tiny houses, and even a yurt rental. We urge you to escape Dallas with a purpose, whether that’s a family retreat, bachelor party, or digital detox. It’s crucial during this unique time to arrive with a semi-detailed itinerary with several on- and off-site activities to ensure proper social distancing and comfortability. Thankfully, Mill Creek Ranch’s acreage allows all guests to feel comfortable in every sense of the word.

To learn more about our particularly peaceful slice of East Texas, please visit us online. You can also call us today at 866-488-6020 to get matched with an elegant cottage rental.

Aerial View of Mill Creek, One of the Best RV Parks near Tyler TX

RV Parks near Tyler, TX: Plan a Summer Visit to Mill Creek

Photo of a Beauitful, Black RV at One of the Best RV Parks near Tyler TXThere’s never been a better time to hit the open road with the family inside your state-of-the-art RV than right now. The highways are empty; the kids are aching for a bit of outdoor recreation and exploration; and an RV naturally fosters social distancing. By now, you’re an expert at cleaning and disinfecting your rig, inside and out. You’re also likely looking for a fun, easy way to treat the family. And what’s better than a week away from the house at one of the top-reviewed RV parks near Tyler, TX? The award-winning Mill Creek Ranch Resort remains a shining example of Southern hospitality, rustic beauty, smile-inducing convenience, and complimentary on-site amenities. We’re the entire package!

The Allure of Mill Creek

Now more than ever, people are looking for alternatives to your classic, run-of-the-mill hotel stay inside a cramped room, where the only thing to do is swim in a clammy pool beside 10 other families. At Mill Creek Ranch Resort, there’s ample space to spread your wings, as we have 100 RV spots on our sprawling, 200-acre property on the outskirts of peaceful Canton, TX. Families can cook a hearty breakfast in their RV, pack a picnic for mid-day adventures, and barbecue dinner just in time for a crackling campfire. There’s so much to love here at Mill Creek, including monthly RV spot rentals, spacious acreage for Winter Texans, and specialty RV rally facilities.

Complimentary On-Site Activities

Photo of Children on Peddleboats at One of the Best RV Parks near Tyler TX

But, of course, what entices most travelers to our particularly serene slice of East Texas is our countless complimentary on-site amenities, ranging from catch-and-release fishing to a nine-hole disc golf course. Practicing social distancing, even after everything returns to normalcy, comes naturally here at one of the premier RV parks near Tyler, TX. Play horseshoes with the family, explore our 200-acre woodland property on a bicycle, observe the many native birds that call Mill Creek “home,” and paddle out to the center of peaceful Walden Pond. You’re also more than welcome to explore the many neighboring attractions, such as outland wineries, popular geocaching destinations, and, of course, several of the area’s best hiking trails.

The Best RV Parks near Tyler, TX

Mill Creek Ranch Resort is less than 45 minutes from both the DFW Metroplex and Tyler, TX. So, an extended week (or full week) of relaxation, adventure, and good, old-fashioned family fun can be obtained after just a brief, scenic drive along Interstate 20. As one of the top-reviewed RV parks near Tyler, TX, our RV spots fill up quickly during peak seasons, such as midsummer. Because of our countless on-site amenities, proximity to the First Monday Trade Days, and eclectic mix of lodging options, we’ve also evolved into one of the most talked-about luxury RV resorts in Texas. Please visit us online at any time to learn more about our picturesque slice of East Texas. You can also give us a call today at 866-488-6020.

Photo of Grapes at One of the Best East Texas Wineries

The Top 4 East Texas Wineries

Photo of a Couple Toasting With Their Child at One of the Best East Texas WineriesEast Texas is widely celebrated for its tranquil wilderness, bustling flea markets, picturesque small towns, and reinvigorating ranches. But a rapidly growing winery scene continues to allure DFW metroplex residents as well as RVers who’re merely rolling through the territory in search of something special. You’d be hard-pressed to find a vineyard around these parts about a decade ago. Fast forward to today, however, and there are over a dozen East Texas wineries scattered across the region in the communities of Garden Valley, Chandler, and even right here in Canton. Whether you’re looking for a fun girls’ getaway activity or a mid-day adventure with friends or family, one of these visually-striking Texas vineyards will appeal to the masses. And the perfect place to start and finish each glorious day in East Texas is right here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, one of the top-rated RV parks in Texas.

The 4 Best East Texas Wineries

To ensure that your next escape to Mill Creek Ranch is nothing short of flawless, we’ve compiled four of our favorite East Texas wineries. We might be a bit biased, but they’re likely some of the best vineyards in Texas. Depending on the destination, you and your group can partake in a wine tasting, vineyard tour, or a friendly meet and greet with the owners.

Cannon Creek Vineyard – Canton

Let’s start in Canton at the family-owned and operated Cannon Creek Vineyard, a 30-acre operation that’s entering its fourth year. Cannon Creek specializes in Blanc du Bois and Black Spanish (Lenoir) grapes, both of which are American hybrids. Black Spanish grapes are sweet and juicy, while Blanc du Bois gives off hints of lemon, honey, and banana with a citrusy aroma. Because Cannon Creek is in its “infancy,” they currently only market six bottles (three whites and three reds).

Valle della Pace – Garden Valley

Valle della Pace’s modest but sincere tour is what typically attracts oenophiles (wine connoisseurs). The tasting room is open for eight hours, four days a week. Their lush, well-groomed vineyard is an idyllic spot for a romantic photo with your partner. Dr. Clark, the house vintner, is a New Orleans native with a Ph.D. physical biochemistry.

White Fox Vineyards – Murchison

The short journey from Mill Creek Ranch to the north edge of Murchison is a pleasant one that carves through dense forestry, past babbling creeks, and weaves alongside serene farmland. Unlike most East Texas wineries, White Fox sits on over 300 acres of land—there’s obviously a lot of room for expansion. As you might imagine, these lovely fields are a perfect spot for a wedding. The tasting room’s wine garden overlooks the countryside; thus, making it a hard place to leave.

Green Goat Winery & Vineyard – Chandler

Green Goat narrowly thwarted Mineola’s Grand Oaks Vineyards & Winery to round out this handy list of East Texas wineries. The aromatic, oaky vino itself, combined with the always-changing live music lineup and the pleasant branding, makes Green Goat a popular hangout. As a reminder, Green Goat is only open on Friday and Saturday.

Quintessential Weekend Getaways in Texas

Photo of a Cottage Near the Best East Texas Wineries

After visiting a couple of these award-worthy East Texas wineries, retreat to Mill Creek Ranch Resort for a Texas-style barbecue, fishing at dusk, and ‘smores around a crackling bonfire. Over the years, we’ve not only added a wide variety of lodging options, including tiny homes and a yurt, but you’ll also discover dozens of complimentary amenities. Spend your days swimming, playing disc golf, birdwatching, and bicycling with the ones you love most. To book a long-overdue escape from the DFW metroplex, please give us a ring today by dialing 866-488-6020 (or check availability online).

Photo of a Woman Shopping in Canton TX

Shopping in Canton, TX: An Eclectic Day around Town

Photo of Antique Shopping in Canton TXTexans have been escaping the jaws of the DFW metroplex for decades, searching for something quiet, quaint, and leisurely. That search typically leads to Canton, TX, the South’s best-kept secret. Incidentally, Mill Creek Ranch Resort is often labeled Canton’s “best-kept secret.” However, the secret is out: Our particularly serene slice of East Texas is officially the four-season resort of choice for most city dwellers. The town itself is known for its First Monday Trade Days, the largest recurring flee market in the world. It’s so massive and extravagant that we curated a helpful Survival Guide. But there’s also an eclectic, nostalgic mix of shopping in Canton, TX, especially for those with a special place in their heart of antiques, porcelain, handcrafted artworks, and handstitched clothing.

First Monday Trade Days

It would be a mistake to neglect the First Monday Trade Days, especially if we’re focusing on shopping in Canton, TX. We could spend a full day diving into the many intricacies of the Trade Days. It takes several hours of planning to truly conquer this world-famous gathering. There are many key points of emphasis when planning a trip around this monthly jubilee. Firstly, avoid weekends. Secondly, dress for the weather; you don’t want to get caught in the sun wearing too many layers. Thirdly, bring cash (and lots of it). Lastly, arrive hungry. We also recommend bringing a sturdy cart, a festival map, and ultra-comfortable shoes. You never know what you’ll return to your RV holding—perhaps a rare collectible, a vintage dress, or repurposed decor.

An Afternoon Spent Shopping in Canton, TX

If you’re planning a trip Mill Creek Ranch Resort on a weekend that doesn’t align with the First Monday Trade Days, don’t fret, because there are several timeless shops in town. Shopping in Canton, TX, takes a bit of skill and craft. Mom-and-pop shops line Trade Days Boulevard and Dallas Street. So, it’s essential to do a healthy amount of research before your arrival. That being said, we’ve pieced together six links to some of our favorite shops in town (as seen below), several of which are within walking (or bicycling) distance.

Mill Creek: Canton’s Best-Kept Secret

As one of the top-reviewed romantic getaways in East Texas, we often receive questions about an afternoon spent shopping in Canton, TX. Our friendly, knowledgeable is always here to steer you in the right direction! Hopefully, this easy-to-read Canton shopping guide is worth revisiting once you arrive. After a couple of purchases, return to Mill Creek Ranch Resort to fish, hike, swim, and play horseshoes before it’s time for a crackling campfire! Don’t forget to browse through our cozy cottages, RV spots, and tiny house rentals before booking direct at 903-567-6020. You can also check availability online at any time.

Photo of Golfers During a Texas Bachelor Party

8 East Texas Bachelor Party Ideas

One of the most memorable weekends of a man’s lifetime is his long-awaited bachelor party. Each year, thousands of men flock to overcrowded and overpriced destinations, such as Las Vegas, Miami, and New Orleans, but sometimes the best place to gather with your friends is off the beaten path. For those who reside in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, East Texas is a popular destination because it’s close, affordable, and undeniably secluded. An East Texas bachelor party certainly isn’t for everyone—you have to love the outdoors, be creative, and prefer fireside relaxation over cramped clubs.

Adventure and Ingenuity: 8 East Texas Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelor parties have become commonplace here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, primarily because of our proximity to the First Monday Trade Days and our countless on-site amenities. To be successful, an East Texas bachelor party should utilize three things: relaxation, adventure, and ingenuity. It’s important to take advantage of the area’s natural wilderness while also thinking outside the box. Below, you’ll find eight unique East Texas bachelor party ideas that genuinely encapsulate Mill Creek Ranch’s ambiance.

  1. Thrifting and Discovering: A First Monday Trade Days Getaway – We couldn’t think of a better way to spend time with long-lasting friends than perusing through a world-famous, 450-acre flea market. 
  2. Golf Outing at Van Zandt Country Club – Play 18 holes at Van Zandt, a challenging yet picturesque landscape that can act as a perfect precursor to a spectacular weekend.
  3. An Outdoorsman Adventure – Canton, TX, is ideally situated near several hiking meccas, all of which are ideal for an outdoorsy East Texas bachelor party. We also have on-site fishing, horseshoes, birdwatching, cycling trails, and disc golf.
  4. Photo of a Scuba Diver During a Texas Bachelor PartyScuba Diving in Athens – Dive into a private lake in search of 35 sunken wrecks.
  5. Lake Fork Fishing Tourney – With a whopping 27,690 acres of aquatic space on Lake Fork, there’s no better spot in the state for a bass fishing tournament.
  6. A Grill-Off – Nothing rivals a good, old-fashioned grill-off on a warm summer evening with your best buds. Crack open a few beers, throw some local meat on the grill, and let the best man win!
  7. A Night to Remember: Build the Perfect Campfire – Last April, we wrote about crafting the perfect campfire. That skill will undoubtedly come in handy during your late-night East Texas bachelor party shenanigans.
  8. Geocaching, a New Obsession – More and more Texans are becoming enamored with geocaching, a trendy version of hide and seek that’s sweeping the nation. Geocaching is slowly becoming one of the most popular bachelor party activities here in Canton, TX.

Photo of a Cottage, Perfect for a Texas Bachelor PartyBachelor Party Lodging in Canton, TX

Mill Creek Ranch Resort has several types of lodging on-site, including 100 RV spots, tiny houses, cottages, and a yurt. We highly recommend giving our team a call at 866-488-6020 to book a block of cottages or sites. You can also ask about a few more outdoor bachelor party ideas in Texas—our team is always here to help! Don’t forget to read more about Canton’s hidden gems, springtime activities, and on-site activities before your arrival.

Photo of RV Rally

Plan an Unforgettable RV Rally at Mill Creek Ranch

One of the long-lasting and often underappreciated traditions among seasoned travelers of the road is the art of an RV rally. So, what is an RV rally exactly? Well, in plain terms, it’s a gathering of 10 or more rigs in one location where families, friends, and new acquaintances congregate to eat good food, share stories, and commemorate a long-awaited vacay. And Mill Creek Ranch Resort has quickly evolved into one of the premier RV parks near Tyler, TX, thanks to our countless complimentary amenities, affordable rates, and, of course, 100 RV sites. A lot of preparation goes into a rally, which is why we crafted this handy article. Keep reading to learn more about the sites, perks, and amenities here at Mill Creek Ranch, as well as a few fun RV rally activity ideas.

The RV Sites

Photo of RV RallyMill Creek Ranch Resort does have a wide variety of tiny homes, modern cottages, and even a yurt, but most of our visitors arrive via a glossy, oversized RV. There aren’t many RV parks in East Texas that feature 100 sites in one space, let alone a resort that offers dozens of free amenities, specialty packages, and the prettiest acreage in Canton, TX. The sites range from standard back-in to premium pull-through—all of which can host rigs up to 45-feet-long.

The Perks of an RV Rally

Besides offering all guests on-site swimming, fishing, disc golf, and hot tub relaxation, there are several perks to hosting an RV rally at Mill Creek Ranch, including:

  • We can accommodate up to 100 rigs at once!
  • Our team offers full catering for that long-overdue potluck or cookout.
  • Rates for groups of 10 or more start at just $32 per night.
  • We have a dedicated RV Lodge available upon request.
  • Take full advantage of Mill Creek’s friendly RV concierge service.
  • The use of our kitchen facility is readily available.
  • Let our team help plan your days! A meticulously-detailed itinerary goes a long way, especially for oversized RV rallies in Texas.

RV Rally Activities | 10 Fun Ideas

Photo of RV RallyRV rallies (also known as motorhome rallies) have become an integral aspect of our peaceful wilderness respite. Nothing brings us more joy than seeing several rigs worth of folks enjoying each other’s company around a communal campfire, beside a still pond, or inside our on-site spa. To ensure that your RV rally is nothing short of flawless, we’ve compiled 10 ideas that should add an extra element of fun this winter.

  1. Hidden Gem Hunt
  2. Fishing Tournament
  3. Birding Rally
  4. Summer Olympics
  5. East Texas Hiking
  6. White Elephant Gift Exchange
  7. Sundae Social
  8. Cookoff Competition
  9. Guest Speaker
  10. Worship Together

Mill Creek Ranch Resort has a team dedicated to organizing events, such as an RV rally, so please give us a call today at 877-927-3439. Whether you’re planning a Winter Texan gathering, church retreat, or holiday party, our team will ensure that your rally is truly one of a kind!

Christmas Party Venues

Festive Christmas Party Venues in Texas: Mill Creek Ranch

Christmas Party VenuesWe’re on the heels of yet another magical Christmas here in sunny Canton, TX, an idyllic haven for Winter Texans (also known as snowbirds). But don’t forget that Mill Creek Ranch Resort remains one of the most desirable Christmas party venues in East Texas. If you’re looking for a sizable, grand gathering space for your family, company, or team within 45 minutes of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, then look no further than our beautiful, affordable wilderness retreat. In today’s world, people can search for “company Christmas party venues near me” on their smartphones and receive a wide variety of results. Still, nothing matches Mill Creek’s holly, jolly event space, heartwarming Christmas decor, classic Southern hospitality, and, of course, adorable cottages.

The Best Christmas Party Venues in East Texas

While we’re most commonly known as one of the three best RV parks in Texas, Mill Creek Ranch Resort has evolved into one of the region’s top locales for weddings, reunions, and, yes, parties—most notably, Christmas get-togethers. Over the years, we’ve helped plan Christmas-themed family reunions, well-deserved corporate holiday parties, and everything in-between. We begin this year’s festivities with the Servants for Santa cookoff, a fundraiser for the Children’s Advocacy Center.

East Texas Christmas Spirit

Christmas Party VenuesDuring each holiday season, we decorate the Grand Lodge with bundles of Christmas spirit, including a dazzling, towering pine tree. For those interested in utilizing our sizable Christmas party venues, please visit our website. While most groups prefer our Grand Lodge, we actually have six venues that can fit anywhere from 60 to 150 people. We also urge large families to book neighboring cottages or RV sites. Families commonly utilize the ample lawn space to piece together a holiday-inspired scene, complete with colorful Christmas lights, large outdoor decorations, and perhaps an ugly sweater or two.

10 Christmas Party Ideas

The friendly folks here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort have witnessed a wide variety of wacky Christmas themes. It’s genuinely a delight to observe people’s creativity! Our sizable Christmas party venues allow each group to enjoy the holiday season without a care in the world. And, to ensure that your holiday get-together goes swimmingly, we’ve compiled 10 office Christmas party ideas:

  1. An Ugly Sweater Christmas
  2. A Grinch-Themed Christmas
  3. A Masquerade Christmas Ball
  4. A Cozy Christmas PJ Party
  5. A Very Country Christmas Party
  6. An Inspirational Church Christmas Party
  7. Solve the Crime: A Murder Mystery Christmas Party
  8. An Ornament Crafting Party
  9. A Classic White Elephant Gift Exchange
  10. Christmas Caroling at Mill Creek Ranch

For a closer look at the available holiday party venues “near me,” please visit You can also give us a call today at 866-488-6020 to speak with a friendly, knowledgeable member of our event management team.

Hiking in East Texas

Hiking in East Texas During Autumn’s Peak

No, East Texas doesn’t experience absurdly-low temperatures in October and November, but our scenic landscape still (gradually) transforms into a colorful utopia every autumn. The dense forestry that encircles Mill Creek Ranch Resort typically welcomes a variety of colors, including amber, crimson, and marigold. During autumn’s peak, guests often spend their days walking along our secluded wilderness trails, fishing for catfish in our ponds, and roasting marshmallows around crackling campfires. But we also highly recommend that you embark on a mid-day escape to a couple of scenic East Texas hiking trails in the forests near Tyler, Mineola, and Eustace. Hiking in East Texas is ideal for adventurers who’re looking for tranquility, exercise, and, of course, a healthy dose of fall foliage!

Hiking in East TexasThe Top 3 East Texas Hiking Trails

We always encourage guests to “spread their wings” during the highly-anticipated fall season by hopping into the RV en route to a handful of the most-popular East Texas hiking trails. For those who’ve never visited our particularly serene countryside haven before, hiking in East Texas is, typically, not overly strenuous. These rolling hills are perfect for all ages.

Tyler State Park

Location: 789 Park Road 16, Tyler, TX
Best Trail: Lake Loop Trail (2 miles, moderate)
Description: The two-mile hike around Tyler State Park Lake has it all: deep-woods serenity, sprawling lake vistas, boardwalks, cascading waterfalls, and frequent wildlife sightings. The fall foliage allots ample photo opportunities, especially near the water’s edge. Several varieties of colorful trees mix well with the emerald pines, which provide a heartwarming resinous aroma.

Mineola Nature Preserve on the Sabine River

Location: 1860 County Road 2724, Mineola, TX
Best Trail: Palmer Trail (easy)
Description: Mineola Nature Preserve remains of one Texas’ hidden gems. In fact, this preserve has the largest collection of multi-purpose hiking trails in East Texas. If you’re planning to search for “nature walks near me” this autumn, we recommend starting in Mineola. Sadly, there is very little information online about Mineola’s many nature trails, but trusts us—hiking in East Texas doesn’t much better than a stroll along the Sabine River. You’ll also likely cross paths with several animals at this well-maintained preserve, including longhorns, snakes, herons, hogs, and even alligators.

Purtis Creek State Park

Location: 14225 FM316, Eustace, TX
Best Trail: Wolfpen Hike Trail (2.1 miles, easy)
Description: Eustace’s Purtis Creek is one of the least talked about places to hike in Texas. While Purtis Creek is often overshadowed by Tyler State Park and Mineola Nature Preserve, we couldn’t think of a more peaceful destination for an autumn picnic. Wolfpen is one of our favorite East Texas hiking trails because of the lake views, towering trees, and friendly wildlife. Foxes, squirrels, woodpeckers, deer, and raccoons frequently scamper through the dense forestry in search of a treat.

Hiking in East TexasHiking in East Texas | Mill Creek Ranch

Don’t forget that Mill Creek Ranch Resort is home to one of the few walking trails in Canton, TX. These peaceful, quintessential East Texas trails meander along the outer edges of our 200-acre property. Feel free to ask a member of our friendly, knowledgeable staff upon arrival about their favorite backpacking trails in Texas. To learn more about our award-winning RV resort, please give us a call today at 866-488-6020 (or check availability online).

Things to Do in East Texas

3 Fun Things to Do in East Texas This Weekend

Every autumn, first-time visitors to East Texas are pleasantly surprised by our fall foliage as our tall trees transform into a colorful meld of amber, marigold, and emerald. Here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, we encourage our guests to hit the open road to spend an afternoon “leaf peeping.” But don’t forget to seek out the top-rated things to do in East Texas during your travels. Some of our favorite hidden gems in Texas lie within 25 minutes of Mill Creek Ranch, one of the only monthly RV parks in the region.

3 Kid-Friendly Things to Do in East Texas

We recently collected the best things to do in Canton, TX, so now it’s time to take a more in-depth look at our peaceful neighboring communities. All four of these things to do in East Texas are fun, inexpensive, and less than 30 minutes from Mill Creek Ranch Resort. So, without further ado, let’s start this list with a local favorite: Athens Scuba Park.

Athens Scuba Park – Athens, TX

Experts may not label East Texas as a “scuba diving haven,” but the folks at Athens Scuba Park would beg to differ. For just $60 per person, visitors can plunge into a warm, spring-fed lake on the edge of Athens, TX, to observe an array of underwater marvels. Over the years, the scuba park’s team has sunk a 60-foot jet, three sailboats, a bus, and many more “wrecks.” These artificial wrecks are quite healthy for our underwater friends as they provide a habitat for marine life. Unlike those scary deep-sea scuba diving trips, Athens’ depth sits at just 35 feet.

Things to Do in East Texas

East Texas Zoo and Gator Park – Grand Saline, TX

For those who’re hoping to observe an alligator feeding session and a wide variety of adorable animals, look no further than the East Texas Zoo and Gator Park. The zoo remains one of the most underrated East Texas attractions near Mill Creek Ranch Resort. Some of the most popular animals inside this extravaganza are the spotted African serval, goofy alpaca, adorable caracals, colorful chameleon, unique South African raccoons, majestic sika deer, lively vervet monkeys, and, of course, the friendly wallaroos. The main event, however, is the expansive Gator Park where nearly a dozen American alligators rule.

Edgewood Heritage Park Outdoor Museum – Edgewood, TX

Yet another one of our favorite things to do in East Texas is a trip to the nearby Edgewood Heritage Park Outdoor Museum. Over the past four-plus decades, this three-block museum has welcomed over 20 restored and furnished structures from the 1800s up to the 1920s. All of these structures (mostly homes) are reminiscent of rural Van Zandt County around the turn of the 20th century. Admission is just $5 per person! And don’t forget to plan a visit to the annual Edgewood Heritage Festival where you can observe blacksmiths, weavers, quilters, barbers, and many more craftspeople demonstrating their skills. The festival also features live music, an Old West shootout, bake sales, cookoffs, a dog show, and even an early appearance by Santa Claus.

Things to Do in East Texas

Mill Creek Ranch Resort – Canton, TX

After a full day of fun at these nearby attractions, retreat to Mill Creek Ranch Resort for a barbecue, dip in our warm pool, stroll at dusk, and after-dark bonfire with family and friends. We’ve been voted as one of the best RV parks in Texas time and time again thanks to our proximity to Dallas, on-site amenities, and the peaceful surrounding wilderness. To book a well-deserved family escape to Canton, TX, please give us a call today at 1-866-488-6020.

rv parks in east texas

Best RV Parks in East Texas: Mill Creek Ranch

rv parks in east texasSummer is on its last leg in much of the United States but not here in sunny East Texas! Mill Creek Ranch Resort continues to welcome RVs every day as families explore everything that the Lone Star State has to offer, including First Monday Trade Days (the world’s largest flea market). As one of the premier RV parks in East Texas, we’re continually enhancing the guest experience here in Canton, TX, especially for “RVers.” RVing is a way of life to many of our guests, but it’s also the preferred method of travel for large families, retirees, and even newlyweds. Unlike most nearby East Texas campgrounds, we have many on-site amenities for our guests to enjoy. Take a break from the flea market with nine holes of disc golf, a dip in our refreshing pool, or some mid-day crappie fishing.

Discovering the Best RV Parks in East Texas

Yes, Mill Creek Ranch Resort is a short jaunt from the DFW Metroplex and less than a mile from the Trade Days, but you’ll rarely have to leave our massive wilderness property thanks to our countless amenities. Our award-winning resort has been named one of the best RV parks in East Texas (and far beyond) on numerous occasions by several publications, including TripAdvisor, Good Sam, and Trailer Life.

A Sample One-Day itinerary

Not many monthly RV parks in this region provide free activities, 100 RV sites, and first-rate hospitality. To give you a better understanding of what an “average” day looks like here in Canton, TX, we’ve pieced together a sample itinerary.

9 a.m. – Catch-and-release fishing

After rising with the sun and enjoying a hearty breakfast underneath a canopy near your faithful RV, throw a line into one of our on-site ponds. We have eight ponds, all of which are teeming with plump catfish, crappie, and smallmouth bass.

10:30 a.m. – Hiking and birdwatching expedition

Mill Creek Ranch Resort sits on over 200 acres of picturesque Texas Woodlands, so naturally, we designed a peaceful nature trail that meanders along the outskirts of the property. Some of the birds that our guests have spotted over the past couple of months include the northern mockingbird, red-tailed hawk, killdeer, brown-headed cowbird, and Eurasian collared dove.

11:45 a.m. – Horseshoes

Before heading into town for lunch, we recommend playing a friendly game (or two) of horseshoes. We have four horseshoe pits located right next to our RV sites, so two games can happen simultaneously.

12:45 p.m. – Lunch

There are so many fantastic restaurants in Canton—we couldn’t just pick one. We recommend Ole West Bean & Burger, Buttermilk’s Restaurant, and Street Taco Shack during lunchtime.

2:15 p.m.Splash Kingdom

We wouldn’t be one of the premier RV parks in East Texas without our on-site swimming pool, hot tub, and spa services. But feel free to slide, float, and surf at the nearby Splash Kingdom—it’s a lot of fun for the whole family! The Splash Kingdom is open seasonally from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

5 p.m. – Hot tub relaxation

Sometimes the best way to relax and unwind after a full day of activities is to soak inside a soothing hot tub as the colorful Texas sun begins to dip below the treeline. We’re one of the only RV parks in East Texas with a year-round hot tub.

6 p.m. – Grill out

Crack open a beverage, and start grilling your favorite summer eats, such as burgers, brats, and chicken breasts. Or, perhaps a good, old-fashioned Texas barbecue is in order?

7:30 p.m. – Relax

While the kids play disc golf, volleyball, basketball, or enjoy the treehouse or covered playground, simply bask in the ambiance of a late-summer day in beautiful East Texas. Once the sunlight dissipates, you can start to gather materials for a much-anticipated bonfire.

rv parks in east texas9 p.m. – Bonfire and s’mores

Nothing beats a bonfire with family and friends! For those who’re new to fire-starting, we recently created a guide to building the perfect campfire. Oh, and RV camping in Texas isn’t the same without a Spotify playlist filled with hits from Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Jason Isbell, Tyler Childers, and The Avett Brothers. To learn more about our RV rallies, please visit us online today.

romantic weekend getaways in texas

Romantic Weekend Getaways in Texas

There’s never an off-season for romantic getaways in East Texas as couples from across the region take full advantage of Mill Creek Ranch Resort’s various amenities 12 months a year, including on-site spa treatments, romantic cottages, and an array of activities. In fact, we’ve become one of the top romantic getaways in Texas in just a few short years thanks in large part to our resort’s natural beauty, quiet seclusion, and proximity to the First Monday Canton Trade Days. We’re also just a short, 42-minute drive from Dallas, which is yet another reason why couples revisit our tranquil slice of East Texas time and time again. Keep reading to learn more about Mill Creek Ranch Resort, one of the premier romantic weekend getaways in Texas.

Rejuvenating Spa Treatments

First and foremost, one of the primary reasons that Mill Creek Ranch Resort has become of the top-reviewed romantic weekend getaways in Texas is our on-site spa. Mill Creek Spa is a state-of-the-art facility with a full staff of highly-trained and certified masseuses. Spa treatments range from Swedish massages to raindrop aromatherapy. You won’t find more inexpensive treatments in East Texas, especially for reflexology, herbal wraps, and body scrubs. There’s no better way to unplug, unwind, and rejuvenate, far away from the stress of modern city life.

Couples-Friendly Activities

romantic weekend getaways in texasWhile you’ll feel compelled to experience First Monday Trade Days, play 18 holes at Van Zandt Country Club, and stroll through downtown Canton, you’ll rarely have to leave the resort as we offer on-site fishing, swimming, bicycling, and birdwatching. Many guests choose Mill Creek Ranch because our resort is quiet, secluded, and visually appealing. You’ll likely see couples sunbathing, reading, walking, and soaking in the hot tub during all hours of the day. While most couples cook their own meals, there are several sensational casual restaurants nearby, including Val’s Italian Restaurant & Pizza, Ole West Bean & Burger, and Buttermilk’s.

Romantic Cottages

Yet another reason why we’re one of the most romantic weekend getaways in Texas is our extensive collection of cottages. Depending on what kind of romantic escape you’re looking for, we also have tiny houses, RV sites, and a yurt. Our cottages, in particular, are popular among couples. All cottages are equipped with full kitchens, cozy living rooms, laundry machines, comfortable beds, a relaxing porch, and a fire pit. As one of the best romantic weekend getaways in Texas near Dallas, we’re continuously enhancing our on-site amenities, lodging, and packages. Please visit us online to browse through our couples-friendly lodging and activities; otherwise, give us a call today at 1-866-488-6020 to speak with a friendly voice!

family vacations in texas

Family Vacations in Texas: 3 Hidden Gems in Canton

Aerial view of rv park, family vacations in texasMost families, couples, and groups choose Mill Creek Ranch Resort for a well-deserved getaway because of our scenic, secluded, and amenity-filled location. It also doesn’t hurt that we’re only 42 minutes from Dallas, and we offer free shuttles to the First Monday in Canton Trade Days! But what you might not know about Canton, TX, is that our tranquil slice of East Texas has a wide variety of family-friendly attractions ranging from an exciting waterpark to a seasonal farm filled with thrilling rides and a petting zoo. Narrowing down your list of potential family vacations in Texas just got a whole lot easier, because it’s seemingly impossible to top Mill Creek Ranch Resort’s on-site amenities, RV sites, and proximity to the top things to do in Canton, TX.

Splash Kingdom

The Splash Kingdom is arguably the most popular attraction in Canton, TX, during the summer months primarily because of the park’s seemingly neverending water activities. With over a dozen lightning-fast slides, mat racers, a surf simulator, a lazy river, and a 350,000-gallon wave pool, you’ll have no problem entertaining the kids this summer! Cabana rentals, tasty pizza, ice cream, juicy burgers, and so much more are available for purchase when you’re not soaking, splashing, and sliding inside this ever-popular summer park. For those who just cannot get enough water excitement, we have two designer swimming pools, a soothing hot tub, free paddleboat rentals, and unlimited catch-and-release fishing right here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort.

Van Zandt Country Club

family vacations in texasA large portion of the population here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort spend several days at Van Zandt Country Club during spring, summer, and autumn. Not only is this quiet, beautiful country club less than two miles from our Canton, TX, lodging, but their pace of play and low rates simply cannot be outdone. This par-72 course is highlighted by serene ponds, Bermuda greens, and tall, lush forestry. After 18 holes, remember to grab lunch or dinner at The Bunker – their chicken fried steak, buffalo shrimp, and shrimp po’ boy are delicious. Most family vacations in Texas should include at least one outdoor activity, and a round of golf is an excellent place to start!

YesterLand Farm

If you’re planning on visiting us around Easter, Christmas, Halloween, or autumn, we highly recommend visiting the seasonal YesterLand Farm right here in Canton, TX. Children and adults alike cannot resist the allure of a holiday-themed festival on an expansive farm filled with the sounds of laughter, music, and carnival rides. Depending on when you arrive, the family can pick pumpkins, search for eggs, select a Christmas tree, or brave the ghouls at Fright Farm.

Unforgettable Family Vacations in Texas

Mill Creek Ranch Resort has evolved into one of the top-rated family vacations in Texas near the DFW metroplex thanks to our massive amount of complimentary on-site amenities, such as disc golf, hayrides, and bicycling. We’re also one of the only East Texas resorts with an on-site spa offering everything from Swedish massages to herbal body wraps! To book a well-deserved summertime getaway to Canton, TX, please give us a call today at 1-866-488-6020, or book now online!

wedding venues in East Texas

Plan an East Texas Wedding at Mill Creek Ranch

There’s never an off-season for rustic weddings here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, one of the premier four-season wedding venues in East Texas. We have everything that you’re looking for in a wedding venue and so much more, including wilderness ceremony locales, breathtaking photo possibilities, an expansive reception space, and convenient, upscale cottages. Not only is Mill Creek Ranch Resort less than one hour from the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Tyler, and several other large communities, but we provide couples with some of the most inexpensive wedding packages in East Texas.

A Heartfelt Ceremony and Lasting Photographs

First and foremost, Mill Creek Ranch Resort has an abundance of ceremony locale possibilities ranging from an elegant garden to a contemporary country pavilion. After reciting your heartwarming vows and saying “I do,” pose for photographs across several acres of lush East Texas woodlands. Unlike most wedding venues in East Texas, we provide newlyweds with countless natural photo opportunities. Most wedding parties gather along the water’s edge, in the garden, inside the rustic banquet hall, and along our peaceful, on-site hiking trails.

wedding venues in East Texas

First-Class Wedding Venues in East Texas

You don’t become one of the premier wedding venues in East Texas without providing newlyweds with expansive, utterly-charming reception venues that feature beautiful views of the surrounding forestry. We have a working relationship with the area’s top-rated caterers and DJs who specialize in making dreams come true! After a tear-jerking ceremony and an effortless photography session, join your guests for a delicious, catered dinner inside our Grand Lodge, RV Lodge, Cabana, or Pavilion. These multi-functional rooms double as a dining hall and a late-night dance floor for those who wish to celebrate the occasion by singing and dancing to popular country hits and love songs.

Convenient Overnight Accommodations

With 100 RV sites, dozens of upscale cottages, a tiny home, and a yurt to choose from, Mill Creek Ranch Resort unquestionably can host a small intimate wedding or a grand affair up to 150 guests. You and your guests can experience the allure of a tiny home, relax in a modern cottage, or park your RV in one of our oversized RV spots. Each overnight accommodation is a short walk from the Grand Lodge so that all guests can enjoy the weekend responsibly!

wedding venues in East Texas

Start Your Honeymoon in Canton, TX

After opening gifts with family and close friends on Sunday morning, start your long-overdue honeymoon right here in Canton, TX! Whether you’re hoping to spend another day or a whole week here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, you’ll be steps away from adventure, relaxation, and delicious East Texas home cooking. There are dozens of things to do in Canton, TX, but we recommend receiving spa treatments at Mill Creek Spa, paddling on serene Walden Pond, exploring our 200 acres of East Texas wilderness on a bicycle, and roasting marshmallows over your private fire pit. We pride ourselves in being one of the premier wedding venues in East Texas, which is why we created three unique packages! To inquire about a potential wedding, please fill out this online form, or call us today at 1-866-488-6020.

rv resorts in texas

Build the Perfect Campfire in Canton, TX

As we officially turn the page to spring and say goodbye to our friendly Winter Texans, we turn our attention to campfire season. There’s no better time to roast marshmallows and share stories of the day’s adventures than the springtime as the weather’s just right! Mill Creek Ranch Resort is one of the only RV resorts in Texas to provide seemingly countless complimentary on-site activities, including private campfires! Spend your days swimming, fishing, and birdwatching before gathering for a tasty barbecue and a relaxing campfire among family, friends, and new acquaintances.

Campfire Essentials

rv resorts in texasThere are dozens of fire rings located throughout our peaceful resort, so you’ll never be more than a few steps away from a potential campfire. Campfire attire varies depending on the location. Canton typically sits in the 60s and 70s during the springtime, so shorts and a light hooded sweatshirt should do the trick. Before you can roast marshmallows, build s’mores, and stargaze, you have to bring along the campfire essentials. Here is a complete list of campfire essentials, ranging from split wood to a beverage of choice:

  • Split wood
  • Tinder
  • Lighter fluid
  • Camping chairs
  • Pokers
  • Stick lighter (or matches)
  • Lantern
  • S’mores (graham crackers, Hershey’s chocolate, and marshmallows)
  • Snacks (hot dogs, brats, buns, chips, etc.)
  • Condiments
  • Beverages
  • Wireless music player

Building the Perfect Fire

Most of our sizable, affordable RV park rentals include a fire ring, which is the perfect size for a late-night campfire. There are several methods of building the “perfect campfire.” Three of the most common types are teepee, log cabin, and lean-to. For rings and pits, teepee-style is the clear winner. Lay down a base of dry, split wood and top it with tinder. Construct a teepee-style structure on top of the base using approximately six pieces of wood. Sprinkle a small amount of lighter fluid into the interior of the teepee and set it ablaze with a match or stick lighter. Add a little extra tinder and lighter fluid sparingly if needed. Light wind or gentle blowing will speed up the process.

Award-Winning RV Resorts in Texas

Now that your campfire is healthily crackling, it’s time to sit back, relax, and open a beverage of choice. The kids can enjoy a hot chocolate or apple cider while the adults enjoy a craft beer from one of Tyler’s best breweries such as ETX and True Vine. Don’t forget to create a music playlist for your campfire, which should certainly include songs from Jason Isbell, Willie Nelson, Brandi Carlisle, Johnny Cash, Sturgill Simpson, Garth Brooks, and Chris Stapleton! Mill Creek Ranch Resort is one of the only award-winning RV resorts in Texas. We have the largest combination of RV sites, tiny house rentals, and charming cottages near the First Monday Trade Days in Canton. We are located less than an hour from Dallas. Book a well-deserved family getaway to our relaxing resort! Don’t let spring pass you by!

family resorts in texas

7 Reasons to Visit Canton, TX, This Spring

family resorts in texasFor those of you who weren’t lucky enough to escape the most recent polar vortex, a family getaway to sunny East Texas surely sounds pretty heavenly right about now. It’s an ideal 75 degrees right now in Canton, TX, much to the delight of our visiting Winter Texans. The influx of Winter Texans here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort will slowly fade as we near spring’s arrival as they trek back north to their summer homes. Just as these lucky Winter Texans head home, we’ll welcome hundreds of new tourists who finally found the time to escape the frigid American North. Spring ushers in warmer temperatures, blooming flowers, diverse wildlife, and lush forestry here in East Texas. As one of the most affordable family resorts in Texas, we’re expecting a full house this spring. For those of you who don’t know much about our region, we’ve compiled seven unique reasons to visit Mill Creek Ranch Resort this spring:

Top Reasons to Visit Mill Creek Ranch Resort

  1. First Monday Trade Days – There will be three First Monday Trade Days this spring, per usual, landing on these dates: March 28-31, May 2-5, and May 30-June 2. This world-renowned flea market will welcome over 100,000 visitors each weekend. Read this detailed “survival guide” before strolling to the Canton Trade Days this spring.
  2. It’s warmer here than there – While much of the American North will enjoy upper-40s and low-50s this spring, we’ll be basking in sunny 70s and even low-80s in April and May.
  3. The Winter Texans have left – As our loyal Winter Texans return to their summer homes, a large number of our RV sites become available for the first time in months here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort. Make sure to book a springtime getaway to East Texas sooner rather than later, especially if you hope to stay in one of our tiny house rentals.
  4. The Tailwind Regional Balloon Fest – The Annual Tailwind Regional Balloon Fest returns in mid-May for yet another eye-popping extravaganza here in Canton, TX. This year’s festival will include a 5K glow run, a climbing wall, battle of the bands, pony rides, bounce houses, and a car show.
  5. Inexpensive spa treatments – We’re one of the only family resorts in Texas to have an on-site spa: Mill Creek Spa. You won’t find prices this low on massages, body wraps, aromatherapy, and reflexology anywhere else in East Texas.
  6. It’s cookout season! – You’ve been waiting for months to debut your new grill – don’t let snowstorms, freezing rain, or chilly winds ruin your next barbecue! Get a headstart on summer with a couple of weeks in our East Texas paradise filled with daily cookouts here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort.
  7. On-site amenities galore! – There’s never a dull moment here at Mill Creek Ranch, one of the only award-winning family resorts in Texas. We have on-site fishing, swimming, disc golf, nature trails, a hot tub, campfires, and so much more! To learn more about our contemporary cottages, RV park rentals, and tiny homes for rent, please visit our website, or give us a call today at 1-877-927-3439.
Aerial view of rv park, family vacations in texas

Mill Creek Ranch Resort: An Idyllic Haven for Winter Texans

Texas’ population grows exponentially every winter with the arrival of northerners seeking refuge from subzero temperatures and dangerous snowstorms. Whether you’re planning on spending a month in paradise here in Canton, TX, or you’re just passing through on your way to Austin, Houston, or Galveston, the on-site amenities at Mill Creek Ranch Resort are bound to wow your entire family. With New Year’s Eve in the rearview mirror, we’re already seeing an influx of Winter Texans here at one of the best RV parks in Texas.

best rv parks in texas 1What Is a “Winter Texan?”

A Winter Texan is someone who lives in the northern half of the U.S. (or Canada), travels south during the wintertime, and stays in the great state of Texas for an extended period. Winter Texans are typically retirees, business owners, or RV lifers. Many folks stay in Canton, TX, here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort because they sell merchandise at our famous First Monday Canton Trade Days. Yes, we’re close to the trade days, but we also have a prime location, unbeatable rates, and world-class amenities.

A Prime Location

Winter Texans come from all across the northern half of our great continent, including New York, Minnesota, and British Columbia. Mill Creek Ranch Resort is just a short detour outside of Dallas on nearly every southerly route to Texas’ beautiful coastal shores. We’re located in between the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and historic Tyler. Many of our wintertime guests are also traveling from the West Coast to New Orleans, Alabama’s Gulf Coast, and Florida because we’re perfectly situated near Interstate 20.

Unbeatable Rates

Mill Creek Ranch Resort, one of the best RV parks in Texas, has 100 sizable RV sites, elegant cottages, modern tiny homes, and a beautiful yurt. Our award-winning RV sites, as we detailed in October’s blog, can be rented daily, weekly, or even monthly. See our rates below, then keep reading to discover some of our best on-site amenities.

  • best rv parks in texas 1RV Winter Rates:
    • Daily: $30
    • Weekly: $210
    • Monthly: $500
  • Cottage, Yurt, and Tiny Home Winter Rates:
    • Nightly: $125

World-Class Amenities

Mill Creek Ranch Resort is the perfect place to start your wintertime travels through Texas because of our incredible on-site amenities. We provide relaxing spa treatments, catch-and-release fishing, disc golf, birdwatching, nature trails, and so much more! Many couples, especially those traveling in an RV, who plan on spending only a night or two often extend their stay – falling in love with our amenities, rates, and natural scenery is way too easy. Each RV site has free hook-ups for water, sewer, and electric, Wi-Fi, fire ring, and one bundle of firewood. Upon arrival, you’ll quickly discover why we’ve been named one of the best RV parks in Texas by several trusted travel sites. Give us a call at 1-903-567-6020 to learn more about our tiny house rentals, RV sites, and special offers.

Woman getting massage

Best On-Site Activities at Mill Creek in Canton, TX

glamping in texasDespite the unseasonably cold temperatures in much of the United States lately, The Old Farmer’s Almanac is expecting a warm and dry winter here in Canton, TX. With winter hastily approaching, Mill Creek Ranch Resort’s holiday season availability is gradually shrinking, primarily because of our superb on-site amenities, charming cottages, and sizable RV sites. Surprisingly, glamping in Texas is a hot ticket during the wintertime. Our charming yurt fills fast every winter because it has pond-view, patio dining, a flatscreen television, queen-size bed, and alluring old-world charm. You can combine a unique glamping experience with several on-site amenities that all other RV resorts in Texas cannot offer. Here are four of our favorite onsite activities at Mill Creek Ranch Resort.

Relaxing Spa Treatments

Many couples choose Mill Creek Ranch Resort because we provide exquisite, romantic weekend getaways in Texas. Couples love our Woodlands nature trail, live music on Friday nights, cozy accommodations, and, most importantly, our relaxing on-site spa! Not only will you be steps from a soothing, calming massage, but our prices simply cannot be beaten with massages starting at just $40. Our caring, professional masseuses provide Swedish, deep-tissue, prenatal, and sports massages.

Catch-and-Release Fishing

Our eight ponds are the perfect place to teach your children how to fish for catfish, crappie, and smallmouth bass. Many anglers love the privacy and tranquility of our ponds. While each pond is catch-and-release, you’ll still enjoy the thrill of the battle. The resort record currently sits at 9.5 pounds. You can bring your own gear, or visit the RV lodge for poles and bait. Red Tail Pond is a popular option because it’s our largest body of water, and it features a peaceful island.

Nine-Hole Disc Golf Course

Mill Creek Ranch Resort’s popular nine-hole disc golf course is steps from our RV sites, horseshoes, walking trail, and multi-sport court. With only two “frolf” courses in Canton, TX, guests from the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and Tyler usually take full advantage of our meticulously-manicured grounds. You’ll notice almost immediately the gentle slopes, a tree-lined brook, and serene Walden Pond. The holes range from 150 to 275 feet.

Live Music at The Creek

Friday nights at Mill Creek Ranch Resort from 6-9 p.m., local musicians take center stage and entertain our eager guests. These talented singer/songwriters perform classics, favorites, and originals. The doors open at 5 p.m. in the Grand Lodge. Guests can also enjoy cocktails, East Texas comfort food, and ice-cold beer. Thank you to everyone who joined us for live music at the Creek every Friday this year! You’ll be able to tap, sway, and dance to East Texas’ best up-and-coming musicians starting again in early March.

Glamping in Texas

Our luxurious, cozy yurt is the perfect place to relax in style on a rare chilly afternoon. When the weather is warm, which is most days, you’ll have the opportunity to sip on a coffee on your pond-view deck, cook steaks on the propane grill, and make s’mores around your fire ring. You can cross “glamping in Texas” off your bucket list this winter by dialing 1-877-927-3439.

rv resorts in texas

Spend the Holidays at Mill Creek with a Monthly RV Site Rental

rv resorts in texasWith Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror, it’s time to start looking ahead to Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Each year, couples and families from across the country choose to spend the holidays at Mill Creek Ranch Resort in Canton, TX, because we proudly provide monthly RV site rentals here at one of the premier family resorts in Texas. With 100 spacious RV sites to choose from, you’re bound to find a spot that perfectly suits your family’s holiday needs. Mill Creek Ranch Resort has been named one of the best RV resorts in Texas by several publications, and we’re only an hour from downtown Dallas! Families choose RV life around the holidays here at Mill Creek because downsizing is liberating, family bonding is easier in East Texas, and the amenities are second-to-none.

Monthly RV Site Rentals

Monthly RV site rentals around the holidays are often utilized by retired couples, newlyweds, remote employees, and families with young children. Many families that spend a month (or longer) here in Canton, TX, frequently call their beloved RV home. With a substantial increase in online jobs in today’s modern age, we’ve seen hundreds of remote employees embrace the RV lifestyle. Mill Creek Ranch Resort has wifi for those of you who either work from your RV or need to check your email sporadically throughout your month-long holiday stay. Not only are Mill Creek’s 100 RV sites one hour from Dallas, but we offer complimentary shuttle rides to the ever-popular First Monday Canton Trade Days. Our monthly RV site rentals accommodate rigs up to 45 feet in length and include full hook-ups, fire ring, picnic table, and countless other on-site activities.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Canton, TX

Because Mill Creek Ranch Resort has monthly RV sites, an alluring yurt, and cozy cottages, we’re one of the most popular RV resorts in Texas around the holidays. With the Canton Trade Days beginning right after the new year, we’re expecting a full house around New Year’s Day. The downtown Canton Lighted Christmas Parade will also bring folks from across East Texas to Mill Creek. Leave the apron at home this holiday season by either preparing a simple meal inside your RV or gathering at a nearby restaurant for a hearty Christmas dinner. Our professional event planner is here to help you plan your holiday event, including catering and bar services.

RV Resorts in Texas

Our monthly RV site rentals in December and January sell fast due to the popularity around the holidays, so remember to inquire today before it’s too late! Open presents around an authentic fire this Christmas outside of your RV. Ring in the New Year under the stunning East Texas stars with a bottle of champagne, handful of fireworks, and your favorite people in the world. Give us a call at 1-877-927-3439 to learn about our monthly RV site rentals and other popular holiday traditions here in Canton, TX.

RV camper

100 Award-Winning RV Sites at Mill Creek Ranch

rv sitesNestled in the tranquil East Texas wilderness in the quintessential town of Canton rests Mill Creek Ranch Resort. Our neighborly city is only one hour from the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and is home to the mega-popular First Monday Trade Days. Families, groups, and couples retreat to Mill Creek for a week of rest, rejuvenation, and bonding. We have tiny houses, cottages, yurts, and an award-winning RV park, all within minutes of the Trade Days and steps from fishing, swimming, disc golf, and spa treatments. The 100 RV sites on our expansive property are near the nine-hole disc golf course, serene Walden Pond, and Mill Creek Spa. Here are some of the reasons Mill Creek Ranch Resort is one of the top 10 RV parks in Texas.

Monthly RV Site Rentals

It’s challenging to find an RV park within one hour of Dallas that offers monthly site rentals, let alone a resort that offers free activities in one of the most popular small towns in Texas. Mill Creek Ranch Resort has 100 RV sites that can accommodate rigs up to 45 feet in length. Our monthly RV sites are quite popular for fulltime RVers, retired couples, and families during summer break, so remember to inquire well in advance!

Award-Winning RV Sites in Texas

The entire Mill Creek Ranch Resort family is extremely proud of our always improving, award-winning RV park. These awards didn’t happen overnight; they were earned thanks to the vision, dedication, and effort of our entire staff. We’ve received the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, the 2009 TACO “Park of the Year,” a perfect rating from Good Sams Parks, and so many more! We’ve also been shortlisted as one of the top 10 RV parks in Texas by RVshare and We continuously strive to be the best RV park in the nation.

The Best RV Park in Canton, TX

Mill Creek Ranch Resort has three types of RV sites: premium pull-through, standard pull-through, and standard back-in. The only difference between the standard pull-through and back-in is your ability to park with ease. Both standard sites accommodate side slide-outs and come with picnic tables and a fire ring. Many RV sites also have tree cover. The premium pull-through is also equipped with tables and chairs. No matter where you park, you’ll be near first-rate amenities, fun activities, and gorgeous East Texas wilderness.

Top-of-the-Line Amenities

It’s incredible how many complimentary amenities we offer here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort. Each RV site has free hook-ups for water, sewer, and electric, WiFi, fire ring, one bundle of firewood, and a seemingly endless amount of outdoor activities. Many guests who are merely passing through for a night or two are amazed at just how perfect our weather is here in Canton, TX. We have dozens of family-friendly activities such as fishing, swimming, horseshoes, disc golf, live entertainment, hayrides, and birdwatching. Visit, or dial 1-903-567-6020 to learn more about our beautiful East Texas resort!

Front View of Cottage

Vacation Homes for Sale in Canton TX

canton txSometimes it’s difficult to know when to start thinking about purchasing a much-deserved vacation home. Families are always growing, diversifying, and expanding their horizons – that’s why the friendly folks at Mill Creek Ranch Resort are continuously keeping our ears to the ground for the hottest trends in the vacation home market. Regardless if you’re looking for a build-your-own, previously-owned, or a move-in-ready cottage, Mill Creek has the ideal home-away-from-home the entire family can treasure for decades. We offer quaint cottages that are perfectly coupled with our peaceful, scenic, and upscale ranch-style resort. Canton TX is a short drive from the greater Dallas/Fort Worth metro area as well as historic Tyler, making our tranquil retreat an ideal weekend, winter, or summer getaway (especially during First Monday Trade Days).

Custom-Built Cottages

Most families who visit Mill Creek Ranch Resort in search of the perfect vacation home are pleasantly surprised to find out how affordable our custom-built cottages are. We love helping make families’ dreams come to life, that’s why we urge prospective buyers to choose the lot, floor plan, appliances, interior designs, furnishings, and colors. There are dozens of prime locations here in Canton TX near ponds and lush forestry. As a cottage owner, you have access to our many complimentary amenities and activities to complete your vacation home experience. The process is entirely stress-free because our skilled team handles every minute detail once you’ve selected your personal touches.

Previously-Owned Cottages

Much like buying a home, selecting the perfect previously-owned cottage usually takes a handful of tours before the light bulb turns on. At Mill Creek Ranch Resort, however, this vital process is alleviated and shortened by the fact that all of our cottages have been meticulously built, maintained, and modernized to please prospective vacation home buyers. The chief reason that families choose a pre-owned cottage is the reduced price tag, but there are many reasons that an established vacation home is the way to go:

  1. Start vacationing immediately.
  2. Pre-owned cottages come completely furnished.
  3. We provide a methodically-detailed rental history.
  4. Start earning rental income immediately.
  5. Pre-owned cottages have already flourishing landscaping.

A Family-Friendly Escape to Canton TX

Mill Creek Ranch Resort puts families first – that’s why we provide premier amenities and exciting on-site activities where you’ll make lifelong memories with family and friends. We’re conveniently located in Northeast Texas, a short drive from the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, where you’ll spend leisurely days or weeks in your private cottage, far away from the stress of your modern lifestyle. Call our sales manager at 1-877-927-3439 to learn more about our excellent vacation homes here in peaceful Canton TX!

weekend getaways in texas

Plan a Group Outing at Mill Creek

Whether you’re looking for a team-building corporate retreat from Dallas-Fort Worth or a quiet space for your next family reunion, Mill Creek Ranch Resort is the ideal year-round destination for family reunions and weekend getaways in Texas. Our award-winning resort features premium cottages, endless outdoor activities, and an onsite spa. The caring and experienced staff at Mill Creek Ranch Resort are always available to help create a memorable group outing that your family and friends will remember for years to come!

Church Retreats

Mill Creek Ranch Resort hosts church retreats with hands-on, personable planning and service throughout your stay. Whether you’re aiming to host a worship service, youth camp, or couples workshop, the resort has ample meeting space and full catering available. The Mill Creek Fellowship also holds a church service every Sunday morning at 10 a.m. in the Grand Lodge. All are welcome to join, and the dress code is casual.

Family Reunions

Large families in the surrounding region are always looking for perfect weekend getaways in Texas. Thanks to our seemingly endless outdoor amenities, Mill Creek Ranch Resort has become a prime family reunion destination for those aiming to escape the nearby crowded cities. Our outdoor pavilion can hold up to 150 guests. We also have a nine-hole disc golf course, hayrides, onsite spa, bird watching, ten fishing ponds, live entertainment Friday evenings, and two designer swimming pools.

Corporate Parties

Whether you’re rewarding your team for surpassing a lofty goal or aiming to inspire your group with a team-building retreat, Mill Creek Ranch Resort is one of the premier corporate getaways. We have conference rooms, meeting spaces, and banquet halls in the heart of northeast Texas. Test your skills with a game of basketball, volleyball, horseshoes, disc golf, or fishing. Our caring and experienced staff help create tailored corporate events that include overnight lodging in one of our cottages. For more information, reservations, and availability call 1-877-927-3439.

Weekend Getaways in Texas

Mill Creek Ranch Resort has onsite activities, spacious indoor facilities, premium cottages, tiny home, 99 RV sites, and a glamping yurt. When it comes to weekend getaways in Texas, Mill Creek Ranch Resort continues to set the standard. Start planning your next group outing by visiting our website at

First Monday Trade Days

First Monday Trade Days: A Texas Tradition

Tiny Houses East TexasWedged between the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolis and the charming city of Tyler rests Canton, an unpretentious small town with a population of 3,836. On one weekend a month – Thursday through Sunday before the first Monday – Canton comes alive with over 100,000 eager visitors from all across the South. Why do over a million people flock to Canton every year? The answer is First Monday Trade Days, of course. This world-renowned flea market has transformed from a small-town trading expo to one of ten largest markets in the United States. Overnight lodging is at a premium during First Monday Trade Days. That’s why many Texans are sampling the latest housing craze: tiny homes. Mill Creek Ranch Resort is a short walk from First Monday, so don’t think twice and book one of our tiny homes today before it’s too late!

The History of First Monday

In theory, First Monday Trade Days’ creation was happenstance. It all started in the 1850s when local farmers would travel a short distance to Canton on the first Monday of each month to witness court proceedings and, occasionally, hangings. Naturally, city and country folk alike began selling and trading produce, livestock, and goods. Month by month and year by year the event grew. It eventually became evident that organizers needed to move the event to the weekend and quickly expand. This bustling flea market has survived tornados, zoning issues, and aggressive expansion. There is no end to what you may find in Canton, Texas at First Monday.

Important Insider Information

  • First Monday Trade Days take place on Thursday through Sunday before the first Monday of each month.
  • Arrive at the break of dawn to avoid crowds.
  • There are over 450 acres of land to cover, so please dress according to the weather.
  • Plan on attending on Thursday or Friday to avoid massive crowds.
  • Rent a cart. Some large items are too good to pass up!
  • Bring cash.
  • Grab a map, so you don’t get lost.
  • It can take more than eight hours to walk the entire grounds, so plan on spending multiple nights in your tiny home or luxury cottage rental.
  • Consult our Complete Survival Guide to First Monday for more information.

Come Hungry!

There is a seemingly never-ending line of delicious fair food at First Monday Trade Days. Think outside the box by avoiding typical treats and eats. Some of the area’s best vendors, restaurants, and catering companies plant their food trucks and carts to feed hungry flea market flippers. Keep your eyes peeled for boiled crawfish, catfish tacos, roasted corn, barbecue brisket, pecan pie, and hand-squeezed lemonade.

Tiny Homes Near First Monday

Mill Creek Ranch Resort has Texas’ most extensive fleet of tiny homes. We also have 100 award-winning RV sites, luxury cottage rentals, and luxury glamping yurts. Mill Creek Ranch Resort even offers free shuttles to the main pavilions! All rooms in Canton are usually booked solid weeks in advance of the First Monday Trade Days. Don’t delay – book a tiny home for your upcoming visit to one-of-a-kind Canton!

During the COVID-19 outbreak guest and staff are of the upmost priority.