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Massage Packages

Swedish Massage

Fall into a soothing state of deep relaxation with a calming, rhythmic full body massage. Long, slow strokes increase
circulation and promote general health while decreasing muscle tension and stress.
30 minute $40
60 minute $65
90 minute $95

Deep Tissue Massage

Experience a deeply therapeutic full body massage, with techniques specifically designed to relieve muscle tension.
Enjoy relaxing stretches and strokes that will penetrate the deeper muscle layers to help relieve chronic muscle
tension and injuries.
60 minute $75

Prenatal Massage

Escape the stress and anxiety of life with a therapeutic full body massage designed to target areas of tension for
mothers-to-be. Enjoy relief from the discomforts of backaches, headaches, leg cramps, joint pain, and neck/shoulder
pain. No 1st trimester massage
60 minute $65

Sports Massage

This is ideal to treat injuries and as well as preventative treatment dealing with the health of muscles and connective
tissue, range of movement, tone, symmetry, balance of muscle and quality of posture.
60 minute $65

Raindrop Aroma Session

The AromaTouch Technique recommends using 8 CPTG essential oils to reduce and eliminate the impact of systemic
constants on our overall health. 45 minute $40

Medical Massage: 30 min $40 60 min $65
Hot & cold Stones: 30 min $40 60 min $60
Reflexology: 60 min $50
Body Wraps: Herbal: 60 min $50 Mud: $60
Body Scrubs: $60 per hour
Add-ons to any Massage: Stones $15. Paraffin $15


Please call if you have any further questions or want to book a relaxing massage at our spa in Canton, TX.

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