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RV Park Dallas TX | Mill Creek Ranch ResortIt has been the rainiest of springs in North Texas, and we can only hope (fingers crossed!) that the rain will let up just in time for summer vacation. If it doesn’t, though, don’t worry. While rain isn’t ideal on your family vacation, there are still a ton of activities to do at Mill Creek Ranch Resort or any RV Park Dallas TX. Here are 5 great things to do when your family starts to get a little cabin fever. I mean kids can only read for so long, right?

  1. Play board games. Make sure you pack your family’s favorite board games just in case you have a rainy afternoon (or two… or three). It might also be fun to bring a new game so everyone can learn it together.
  2. Watch Movies. Yeah, yeah, you brought your family out into nature to get them away from TV. But you can’t control the weather. Most RV Parks Dallas TX have internet access, if not a fully equipped media room. Set up your ipad, pop some popcorn, and snuggle up and watch a movie, or, if the weather really isn’t cooperating, marathon a new-to-you TV series.
  3. Meet other travelers. When nature rains on your parade, make your own party. If you’re bored, chances are everyone else is bored too. Share a few drinks and snacks and strike up some good conversation. It’s a bonus if they have kids the same age as yours.
  4. Cook something delicious. Use the rain as an excuse to do what we like to call a “food craft,” which basically just means you get the kids involved in helping. This means making chocolate covered frozen bananas with sprinkles, or just plain old cookies, or put a little extra love into your evening meal. Clearly in your RV you’ll have limited ingredients; that just means you have to get creative! If you’re grilling, make sure the master griller has a good poncho, umbrella, and a nice cold drink.
  5. Don’t let the rain stop you! Especially if it’s not a hard downpour, there’s a peaceful calm that rain brings to nature. Plus, hiking boots are typically somewhat waterproof. And it’s really, really fun to jump in puddles. Grab a raincoat, umbrella, and take a nature walk anyway!

Don’t let the rain ruin your vacation! You can still have a great time with your family at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, rain or shine! Our RV lodge has a big screen TV, games, cards, and business center, and we host activities all throughout the summer. For rates and availability, call us at 877-9273439 or book online!

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