Best appliances for Camper life

Canton Trade Days RV ParkWhen headed to a Canton Trade Days RV park, your camper is quite literally your home away from home. For the most part, you’d probably like to be able to do most of the things in your home-away, even if it is in a somewhat reduced fashion.

In other words, you will need some small kitchen appliances for your RV or tiny house but space is, of course, limited. While a lot of these decisions boil down to personal preference, here are a few considerations. What should you bring and what should you leave behind??

Microwave or toaster oven? Most RV’s and tiny homes alike have some kind of oven/stove installed in them. This means you can leave your toaster oven at home (unless of course, you have no oven/stovetop). Microwaves are a different story. If you have a penchant for popcorn, best make some room. Otherwise, reheat everything in the oven and call it a day. Do keep in mind the gross majority of RV ovens and stovetops use propane.

Egg steamer. Wait, what? If you’re really not into elaborate cooking and don’t want to mess with a bunch of pots and pans but do like eggs in the morning, consider an egg steamer. They are extremely tiny, inexpensive and can hard, medium or soft boil your eggs lickety-split. Many of them also come with extra trays for poached or scrambled eggs. You don’t have to use a pot, pan, the stove or its propane.

Multi-tasking blender. Blenders are so versatile these days, aren’t they? A Ninja operates as a blender, shake maker and all-around food processor. The worst part is keeping all the parts together.

Dishwasher: yay or nay? Some people just HATE washing dishes. If this is you, consider a countertop dishwasher.

What about the Instant Pot? If your question is the Instant Pot, the answer is yes. It is just too versatile to leave behind. An instant pot is especially useful if you do not have a cooking range in your RV. 

Coffee pot or an electric kettle? Pour-over coffee is not only popular these days, it’s super easy. This makes the electric kettle much more versatile (and typically smaller!) than a coffee pot. It also reduces your reliance on propane to boil water on your RV stove.

Do keep power in mind when using your road-friendly appliances and remember to not use everything all at once!

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