tiny house

tiny houseThere’s so much versatility in owning a tiny house, deciding to minimize your lifestyle is only the first step. Deciding what to do with the tiny house once you get it (most importantly, where to park it) is probably the second biggest decision after deciding to turn tiny in the first place. There is a lot of gray area when it comes to the legalities of parking your tiny home. What are the options for tiny house living?

• Stay on the road. Many people choose a tiny house as an alternative to an RV. In this case, the tiny house will be on wheels and you have the freedom to roll where the wind blows you. This is popular amongst families with young children, families willing to homeschool, and digital nomads. Keep in mind that if you plan on parking for an extended period of time, you need to make sure you can do so legally.

• Buy Land. Buying land and then building a tiny house is another popular option for tiny home dwellers. While more expensive than the “RV” tiny home, this is a less expensive alternative to buying a standard home. An advantage to buying your own land is that if you’re not planning on ever being roadbound, you can lay foundation and plumbing and have a more traditional (albeit smaller) set up like a regular home. This is great for people that already have an idea of where they want to hang their forever hats. Alternatively, owning land means you will always have a place to park your tiny-home-on-wheels while you’re not traveling. Do be conscious of any city or neighborhood zoning regulations before buying land.


Build it in a Friend or Family Member’s Back Yard. A tiny home can be an accessory dwelling unit, or ADU. If you know someone that’s willing to let you live on their property, go for it.

Find a Tiny House Community. Finding a tiny house community is a pretty easy way to plop right into a place that you know is both legal and appreciates tiny living. Additionally, you are surrounded by people that are also tiny living.

• Live in your tiny home recreationally. If you want to join the movement but aren’t wanting to commit full-time, consider it a vacation home. Many cities will let you park a tiny home if it’s only lived-in temporarily. Alternatively, you could find a community or resort that specializes in part-time vacation rentals and even make money renting out your tiny home while you are away.

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