Things to Do in Canton and places to stay

Canton TX Trade Days LodgingOne of the most popular things to do in Canton, TX is to attend the First Monday Trade Days. This monthly event started out over a hundred years ago as a simple flea market but has now become a hub for antiquing, collectors, and shabby chic home furnishings. However, it still maintains the country charm of down-home human relationships between shoppers and vendors, and it’s one of the big reasons folks keep coming out month after month to discover new one-of-a-kind items. Here are some pro tips for making the most of your trip to First Monday Trade Days.

Since First Monday is one of the most popular things to do Canton, TX you should make a point to arrive early, as it actually starts on a Thursday. Dress comfortably and wear cozy shoes, as you will be walking a lot. Bringing along a shopping wagon or another way to haul your hauls is also a good idea, and will help minimize long treks back and forth to your car.

Things to Do In Canton, TX – Stay in a Cabin Rental

One of the other things to do at First Monday in Canton, TX is consider renting a cottage at nearby Mill Creek Ranch Resort, especially if you plan on attending with a group, or visiting the grounds for multiple days. The cottage rentals are priced to fit any budget and the resort is chock full of great amenities that will turn your trip to First Monday into a relaxing vacation in no time. The fully-furnished cottages also come fully furnished and most have decks and grills included, so family members can enjoy some down time if they get tired of shopping. However, you should plan ahead. Overnight stays are a popular option for First Monday veteran shoppers, and lodging can book up well in advance.

If you are a regular First Monday attendee, buying one of our cottages can also be a good investment. In addition to the other great benefits of owning a cottage at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, as an owner, you will also always have a place to stay on First Monday weekends! While they vary in size, our cabins typically accommodate 4- 8 people so bring your friends! At Mill Creek Ranch Resort, you are a hop, skip and a jump from Trade Days and can come back and relax after long days of shopping.

If you’re traveling with a group, the cottage can also make for an ideal meeting place, should you choose to pair off and explore in smaller groups. You should also be aware that First Monday happens rain or shine, so knowing that you have a cozy cottage to relax in while any inclement weather passes will take the stress out of any trips where Mother Nature becomes an unwelcome guest.

If you’re ready to experience a different kind of cabin resort and make your next trip to First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX a truly memorable and productive experience for yourself and your family and friends, call us today at 877-927-3439 to reserve your cabin.

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