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Vacation cabins for sale have been on your mind, but you’re not sure whether you should buy new or used. There are plenty of reasons to consider used cabins, as mentioned in our article, Cabins for Sale: Yes, We’ve Got ‘Em!, but if you’re still on the fence, here are some of the advantages of building your own.

Customized Cabins for Sale

Building from scratch gives you the ability to have a say-so in every detail of the house. Where do you want it located? What kind of floor plan would you like? What décor details appeal to you the most? These options are all at your disposal. Here’s what you can expect from our process:

  1. Pick your lot and view. Choose whether you want to be situated next to a lake or forest, and if you want a place somewhere on the back of the property or something closer to all the lodging and activities. Don’t worry, though. Every location is ideal for a relaxing vacation, so you can’t go wrong no matter where you choose.
  2. Pick your floor plan. Arrange your home to your preferences, with a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Decide if you want a loft to maximize occupancy potential, and add porches and patios to enjoy the outdoor space. Not sure where to begin? We have several floor plans to get you started.
  3. Pick your décor. Choose from colors, furnishings, appliances, and the general feel of your vacation home. And we can help you choose options that will appeal to you as well as to future rental guests, making the most of both your relaxation time and your income potential.
  4. Sit back and relax. After you’ve had your fun designing, we take over and set everything up to your specifications, building your vacation home from the floor up. The landscaping is one of the last details to be addressed, so when you see those beautiful plants going in, you know you’re nearly ready to enjoy your creation.

The options can be overwhelming for some, but if you enjoy being in control and choosing specific design styles and elements, then this is definitely the perfect route for you.

Want a New Cabin for Sale Without All the Options?

We can simplify the whole process and get you into your vacation home even sooner. We have two beautiful spec cabins that you can choose from—the Zoe and the Levi. We’ve taken care of placement, design, and equipment. You just have to decide which one is best for you.

Want More Info?

Call Stacy, our Director of sales, at the number below or reach her by email any time. We’d love to answer any questions you have and show you all that Mill Creek Ranch Resort has to offer.

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