friendships and memories are made at mill creek ranch resort

In Canton, TX, RV park rallies are a fun way to connect with other motorists, allowing you to experience travel with a group. In cases like these, bigger really is better. But aside from hanging out around the campfires, what can you do to encourage people to forge new friendships and come together? Here are a few activity ideas to get you started.

1. Canton, TX RV Park Cookoff Competition

Who doesn’t love food? Bringing everyone together for some cooking, laughter, good eats and friendly competition is sure to get the good vibes flowing. Everyone can vote, and prizes can be awarded for various categories of winners.

2. Ice Cream Social

Another foodie idea is to gather around the sweets. Just having a buffet of ice cream is one way to go, or you could go the old-fashioned route and make homemade ice cream. This is a great way to get the kids involved, especially if you can round up some hand cranked ice cream freezers. For those not making ice cream, bringing toppings or other baked goods to go with the creamy goodness means there will be plenty to choose from and everyone can get involved.

3. The Great Cotton Ball Relay Race

Depending on the number of people participating, you can do this in individual turns or create teams. The concept is simple: a blindfolded person must transfer one cotton ball (or more) from one bucket to the other using a large spoon. Putting the buckets on chairs can help keep the cotton within easy reach. Set a timer and let the fun begin. The person or team with the most successful transfers wins. This can be especially fun to watch.

4. I’ve Got a Secret

For this game, everyone writes down a secret on a piece of paper — something that can be safely disclosed publicly. The papers are gathered up, and each participant pulls one. Then everyone goes around asking leading questions, trying to determine who the author of their secret is. This game is best for groups that aren’t well acquainted. If someone pulls the secret of someone they know, they’re asked to trade that secret in for a new one. You can offer prizes to the person who figures out their secret first, and the one who figures it out last.

5. Movie Night at the Canton TX RV Park

For movie night, you’d need a projector and a somewhere to hang up a screen or a large white sheet. Participants should bring their own chairs or blankets to sit on, and popcorn or candy to share.

And One More…Canton TX RV Parks

With the holidays on the mind, themed activities can be a great way to celebrate the season, like a pumpkin carving contest or a white elephant gift exchange.

Whatever you decide on, there’s room at Mill Creek Ranch Resort for your rally. Call us at the number below for price quotes or just to answer any questions you may have.

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