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Resorts in Dallas | Mill Creek Ranch ResortWhether it’s a staycation or a vacation, heading to any of the best resorts in Dallas with the kiddos in tow doesn’t have to be met with a groan from the parents. The “family vacation,” for better or worse, sticks in a kids memory all the way through to adulthood. Remember your family vacations as a kid? Here’s how to make sure your kids remember the family vacation for the better.

Take it slow: Plan a little extra time for everything than you normally would if you were traveling solo or as a couple. Breezing by a national monument in the car while taking photos out the window may be okay for you, but the kids will actually want to see it up close. Or at least stretch their legs. Recognize that hiking and walking with kids will be slower, and take advantage of this opportunity to stop and smell the roses.

Keep their needs in mind: If the kids still need naps, plan around the naps. Honestly, what’s worse: missing one site on the route or having a cranky kid that makes seeing said site a miserable experience? Same goes for eating.

Pick a kid friendly hotel: And stay more than one night. There is nothing more exhausting than packing and repacking every single day on a vacation, nevermind all of that will only slow you down in the long run. A kid friendly hotel will help keep the kids from getting bored. You don’t necessarily need to find a hotel with a full fledged water park, just make sure there is at least a pool and/or game room.

Find something with a kitchenette: Whether it’s an extended stay or B&B or apartment rental, remember how much faster and cheaper breakfast will be with your small children when you can throw together some cereal instead of going to a restaurant.

Plan a little “alone time”: Keep in mind people get tired of each other. Especially families. Many hotels and resorts in Dallas offer babysitting or have kid-friendly activities so everyone can take a little breather from each other.

Head to one of the best resorts in Dallas for the whole family. Mill Creek Ranch Resort has swimming, nature walks, kids activities in the summer, fully equipped kitchens and grills for cooking, and a whole host of activities in the area that are fun for kids and adults alike! Call 877-927-3439 for more information and availability!

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