tiny house kitchen hacks

tiny house kitchensTiny living teaches us that less is more, but there is one area of the tiny home that often takes a little more creativity to sort out. Tiny house kitchens can require a little extra attention because they still carry many of the challenges of even the most extensive kitchen. Namely, counter space, dining space, and storage space. Here are some small-space kitchen hacks to add to your tiny kitchen.

Use every inch of space you do have.

Including the walls. Installing towel hooks, a knife magnet strip or hanging dividers (large or small) will free up oodles of drawer space. You don’t even have to break the bank; IKEA has a whole section dedicated specifically to kitchen wall storage.

Seriously, all the space. Floor to ceiling.

Don’t forget about all the usable space on the ceiling or up underneath any cabinetry to hang mugs, utensils or even pots and pans. If your tiny house is on the move, do be sure to look for hardware that will keep everything secure.

Organize and layer.

Organizing is key when it comes to keeping a small space full of the necessities without using its functionality. Use drawer trays, organizers and cabinet shelf inserts to layer and stack, maximizing your storage space.

Give everything the gift of multitasking.

When it comes to tiny houses, nothing gets to do just one job. Your stairs are also storage cabinets, and your dining table is also your prep area and possibly your desk in between meals (and possibly even your impromptu ironing board). Any time you can, add a hinge to a surface area to stow away when not in use.

Put it in the garage.

The hottest trend in tiny house kitchens is an appliance garage. It’s mostly an apt name for your appliances (like the toaster, coffee pot, or microwave) stowed away in an easily accessible cabinet to save on counter space. Put them on roller shelves that pull out for easy access.

Tuck and roll.

Another great space saving hack is to have individual pieces on rollers so you can tuck them away. Tuck stools under a countertop so it can be used for food prep; until you eat. Then roll them back out and eat on your counter space.

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