Cottage Rental Canton TX

Turnkey Cottage Rental Advantages at Mill Creek Ranch Resort

Whether you’re inspired by Airbnb or just want a place to relax that generates income while you’re away, home and cottage rental to vacationers is all the rage these days. When operating a cottage rental, however, there are several considerations. … Read More

Cabin Rentals in Canton TX

Cabin Rentals in Canton, TX: A Puzzling Time Can Be Fun on Your Vacay

“The human race is like a puzzle: Everyone fits in somewhere, it just takes a while to figure it out.”  Jen Leaman Although jigsaw puzzles have been around for centuries, the Industrial Revolution really put them on the map–literally! The … Read More

Canton Cabins - Cabin 19

Canton Cabins: Cottage 19, Our “Cozy Cabin” Addition

Canton Cabins: What You Get When You Reserve Cottage 19 There’s no better place to vacation in Texas than the beautiful Piney Woods of East Texas and no better way to vacation than to stay in the Canton cabins at … Read More