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When visiting our Texas RV park you may want to try your hand at a guest favorite in one of our fire rings. Campfire Biscuits are not only delicious, they are fun for the whole family to make.  Here is our best recipe and instructions for Campfire Biscuits, also known as Biscuits on a Stick. 

Ingredients & Supplies:
Canned Biscuits
Campfire Coals
¾” Wooden Dowel
Cooking Spray
JamFirst thing you do is enjoy a nice fire with our complimentary first night’s firewood for every RV site.  When the coals are red hot and putting off a lot of heat you get out your dowels and spray the end so the biscuit will come off nicely once it is cooked.

Get out your canned biscuits.  We found that the cheapest and smallest biscuits always seem to work the best.  So don’t go getting fancy with the canned biscuit!  Now, start stretching your biscuit dough until it looks like a nice snake.  Then place one end on the tip of the stick and begin spiraling the dough down the stick.  Make sure to seal all holes or you will be sorry later when your fillings drip everywhere.  You want the dough thin, so it will cook thoroughly and quickly.

Now, take your uncooked biscuit and stick and hold them like you’re fishing at one of our stocked ponds, with the biscuit end directly over the red hot coals.  If your campfire has a ring around it, this next part is fun and easy.  Roll the stick back and forth along the ring for nice even browning of the biscuit.

Once the biscuit is nice and toasty, remove the stick with a swift turn of the stick while holding your biscuit steady.

Now here is the best part.  Add your favorite fixins’ such as; butter, jelly, cinnamon and sugar, down in the cavity of the biscuit. Some rv campers use a sqeeze bottle for their fixins’.  If you are enjoying an East Texas sunrise, you may want to put some eggs and sausage in the middle.  So delicious!

We hope you will come visit us at our Texas RV park in Canton soon, and share pictures of your family enjoying Campfire Biscuits!

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