Tiny Houses East Texas

Here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, we love the tiny house, and we’re not the only ones. Lots of people are jumping on the simple living lifestyle, cutting out the extra space to minimize clutter and distraction, as well as lessen their impact on the environment.

Our grounds are peppered with beautiful cottages and homes, big on personality and small on space. It’s a great way to vacation, or even try before you buy into living tiny. (Even if you don’t want to live this way full time, there are benefits to owning a cottage at the Resort.) And we’ve been getting the word out there. Here are a few places where we’ve been featured.

The National Tiny House & Simple Living Jamboree

The annual Jamboree is a great place to explore, whether you’re an enthusiast or just curious about the lifestyle. Tour all sorts of tiny structures, join in the workshops, and learn more about what it takes to live simply and sustainably in a small environment.

We loved talking to everyone, seeing what everyone had to offer, and rubbing elbows with some of the big personalities in the tiny house community. We even got to host some of those personalities after the Jamboree was over!

Check out this vlog by Off Grid by Doug & Stacy to see Alana in action.Tiny House Loving

Tiny Firehouse – Station No. 9

Fin and John from the Tiny Firehouse – Station No. 9 recently came out for a visit to the resort. In addition to the Tiny Firehouse, which is a tribute honoring all firefighters and first responders (active, retired, and the heroes no longer with us), these two are behind the Tiny House Festivals and the United Tiny House Association. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Tiny Houses Australia

We were honored to have Darren and Lisa from Tiny Houses Australia go on a live tour through the resort back in October (watch it here). This incredible duo has been working hard to spread the word about tiny homes and they’ve created an inspiring and supportive community for anyone interested in small living. Check out their Facebook page to join the discussion and learn more about what it takes to go tiny.

Thanks to everyone who supported us, and to all in the tiny home community. To celebrate, we have a special offer for anyone who attended the National Tiny House & Simple Living Jamboree: show us your ticket and get $25 off when you stay in one of our tiny houses or cabins.

Come on by and see why small is the new big.

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