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Resorts in Dallas | Mill Creek Ranch ResortGoing on vacation with one or multiple other families can be a lot of fun, especially if everyone has kids around the same age. You used to travel and go on road trips with your friends before you had kids. Why not after? Here are 4 great tips on planning a great getaway for multiple families at resorts in Dallas.

  • Make sure the resort meets everyone’s needs. This means don’t try to book an “adults only” resorts in Dallas when you know another family wants to bring their kids. On the flip side, if someone without kids is coming make sure there are options for at least one night of adult time, even if it’s just some bubbly in a hot tub after the kids go to bed. The main thing is to choose a place that has activities for everyone: don’t choose an especially “kiddie” place if you’re traveling with teens, etc. This rule also applies to budget. See what everyone’s budget is and stay within that.
  • Book everything at the same time. Flights and rental cars are helpful when booked at the same time but on the same bill isn’t necessary. It is, however, extremely helpful to book the whole block of rooms together for the resort. This lets the resort know that you are all together so they can better accommodate your needs. You can also often request adjoining rooms with a shared door from hotels.
  • Plan something away from the resort. Yes, the resorts in Dallas are awesome. This is why you booked it. However, making sure there are other things to do in the area gives options to everyone you’re with. All of your travel companions don’t have to be together every minute of every day. Maybe a few people want to go fishing while others want to go shopping. This keeps everybody from getting bored and/or tired of each other. We do, afterall, want to stay friends after this right?
  • Try to stay flexible. First, be flexible on dates. You’re not the only one with a busy work or life schedule. Secondly, be a flexible travel companion. Everyone has different interests and travel styles and preferences. Micromanaging the whole trip isn’t fun for anyone. So relax; you’re on vacation, remember?

Mill Creek Ranch Resort is one of the best resorts in Dallas to accommodate families and multiple families. We run specials on RV rallies and have activities for everyone from 9 months to 99 years old. Give us a shout at 877-927-3439 for availability and room rates to make a reservation for your crowd!

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