tiny house txTiny homes and small space living have gone from a tiny niche to a bustling movement in recent years. Have you ever wondered what all the fuss was about? Are you intrigued, but think, “Oh, I could never do that.” Don’t knock it ‘til you try it! Here are four amazing reasons to rent a tiny house in TX for a little weekend getaway.


  • See what all the fuss is about! What better way to experience tiny living than by trying it yourself? If it’s not your permanent living solution so no worries – it’s just a weekend! Renting a tiny house for vacation gives the ultimate experience in minimal living – but on a temporary basis. You can go back to all your stuff once the weekend is over.
  • It’s not just an RV in cuter clothes. While tiny homes and RV’s are similar in a lot of ways, bear in mind a tiny house isn’t just an RV that’s shaped like a cottage. A lot of people like to try the tiny house and do a little comparison. While tiny homes do generally look like a small regular home (or extra-large dollhouse), there are some fundamental differences, like multiple stories, better weatherproofing, and more options for customization.
  • Try it before you buy it! Renting a tiny house in TX for a short period of time is a great way to give it a test run if you are considering chucking the stuff and going with a more minimal living situation. It’s also a great way to get ideas for what you like and what you don’t like so that if/when you take on tiny living you have a better idea of how everything works and fits together in such a small space. It’s also helpful to know if you can stand sleeping in a loft where the ceiling is not quite as far away from you as you’re used to.
  • Recognize there’s a takeaway, even if tiny living isn’t for you. Fact: tiny living isn’t for everyone. Also a fact: most of us have too much stuff! There is a little lesson to be learned from tiny and minimal living; even without all the stuff, life still goes on. And, quite comfortably!


Looking for a tiny house to try on for size? Check out The Maple at Mill Creek Ranch Resort! The Maple sleeps three with a queen bed in the loft and 2nd sleeping area downstairs. It also features a full bath, a fully-equipped kitchen, and even air conditioning! At Mill Creek Ranch Resort, you also get to enjoy all the resort-amenities we have to offer.

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