A family lays on cushion, only their heads visible, during their East Texas movie night at Mill Creek Ranch Resort.

This year, head to beautiful East Texas, either in your car or RV and get ready for a cozy movie night under the stars! There’s no “butter” way to connect with your loved ones than a night in, watching a fun movie. You all can bring along your favorite movies or come equipped with your streaming service log-in. Grab your popcorn and head to the renowned Mill Creek Ranch Resort, an upscale resort situated only 60 minutes from Dallas. 

Escape to East Texas for the Best Movie Night

Soon, we’ll be transitioning into the lovely Texan spring, but you can still carry over cozy winter activities during your time at Mill Creek Ranch Resort. Our lodging options vary from tiny homes to RV sites, packed with great amenities. No matter where you choose to stay at the resort, you’ll be indulging in a fantastic movie night with your family and friends! Let’s get this movie-filled adventure poppin’—


Here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, we pride ourselves on offering great year-round activities and amenities, all included in the optional resort fee. Your stay with us will indeed be like an extension of home, from fully furnished cottages to RV sites equipped with electricity and amp-service.             

Whether you choose to stay in one of our luxury cottage rentals or your RV, you’ll have access to the over 200 movie options available at the Grand Lodge. See the film genres that are up for grabs below: 

  • Comedies
  • Cartoons/ Disney
  • Family
  • Action, 
  • Adventure
  • Sci-fi
  • Thriller/ Horror
  • Drama
  • Feel good
  • Western

You can take back a DVD to your lodging and cozy up for a night of cinema! We also prioritize 21st-century lodging needs, which means most cottage TVs have the option for guests to log in under their streaming account. Essentially, your movie night options are endless! No movie night is complete without tasty camper-friendly treats

Get ready for an East Texas movie-filled adventure at Mill Creek Ranch Resort—book your stay with us online today!