Events Canton TX

Events in Canton, TX: Corporate Retreats–Mixing Business and FUN!

Are you in charge of planning your company’s corporate retreat? With so many factors to consider for your group, there are probably several questions about where to go, what to do, and how to keep your employees well-fed and well-entertained … Read More

Events in Canton TX

Events in Canton TX: What Makes Great Texas Music?

Texas has a style all its own. Whether you’re eating the incomparable Tex-Mex, buying high-fashion cowboy boots, or admiring a home built with dazzling Austin stone, you always recognize the Texas “style stamp” of approval. In much the same way, … Read More

Events Canton TX

Events Canton TX: Big Fun Year Round in East Texas

While Canton, Texas, is virtually synonymous with First Monday Trade Days, the city has plenty to offer the rest of the time, too. The Civic Center holds many different events throughout the year, including car shows, chili cook-offs, gun shows, … Read More

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Things To Do Canton TX: Making the Best Family Spring Break

As any school-aged child can tell you: spring break is almost here! As any parent of a school-aged child knows: planning a spring break with the kids can be hard! Before deciding on specific things to do Canton, TX, consider … Read More

Spring Break Special Events in Canton, TX

Mill Creek Ranch Resort is excited to welcome our East Texas cottage and RV guests to Canton for Spring Break!  We have many indoor and outdoor activities to entertain your family during their Spring Break vacation. Some of those activities … Read More