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Vacation Rentals In Dallas TX | Mill Creek Ranch ResortIf your leisure plans this year include vacation rentals in Dallas, TX, think small for a change.  Why?  Because the tiny house trend is hot!  We’ve all seen the news stories and the photo galleries of people living in houses smaller than many recreational vehicles.  With sizes averaging between 100 and 500 square feet, tiny houses are enabling people to live a more minimalist lifestyle that not only limits the amount of unimportant stuff they have to buy and store but lowers their energy and maintenance bills and their carbon footprint.


If you’ve been thinking about trying out tiny house living but you aren’t ready to let go of your four-bedroom, suburban monster, you can rent one for the weekend.  At Mill Creek Ranch Resort, our vacation rentals in Dallas, TX are cozy and have that tiny house square footage that will give you a real feel for compact living.  Like every tiny house, our cottages have everything you need to live but in a smaller size.  The living rooms are just large enough for comfortable seating when you’re watching TV or playing a board game or just relaxing.  Kitchens have full-sized refrigerators and stoves but floor and counter space is limited to make room for a dining area that accommodates a table for two or four.


Vacation Rentals In Dallas TX | Mill Creek Ranch ResortMost of our vacation rentals in Dallas, TX have one bedroom with enough room for a queen-sized bed and many have a loft area for sleeping guests on twin-sized mattresses.  The bathrooms have everything a bathroom should have – sink, toilet and shower – but in a more compact area.  There is simply no wasted space in a tiny house and the more you live in the space you have, the more you realize that you’re not sacrificing anything by downsizing.  In fact, what you’re gaining by living in a tiny home is more outdoor time.


Like many tiny homes, our cottages come with lots of outdoor space with decks and porches that let you enjoy the beauty of our ponds, green spaces and East Texas woodlands.  There’s no reason to linger indoors when there’s a sunny playground right outside.  And at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, we have amenities and activities that will let you enjoy everything Mother Nature has to offer – from fishing to swimming to biking to nature hikes.  If you’re ready to experience life in a tiny home in a beautiful wooded setting, call Mill Creek Ranch Resort at (877) 927-3439 to ask about reserving one of our cottages.  You can also go online at to make a reservation and to see a gallery of photos that will show you exactly what’s waiting for you in our vacation rentals in Dallas, TX.

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