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vacation rentals dallas tx | Mill Creek Ranch ResortWhen you’re looking at vacation rentals in Dallas, TX for your summer getaways, you probably think that it will be your chance to get away from everyday chores like cooking and cleaning.  When you lease a cottage that’s equipped with a kitchen for you and your family, the fact is that it’s just convenient to prepare some of your meals at ‘home’ before you head out to the lake or the bike trail.  That doesn’t mean that meals have to be TV dinners or complicated, gourmet recipes; they can be simple, delicious and fun to prepare.

When you’re planning your trip by car, make sure you fill plastic bins with non-perishable food items that you’ll want to have on hand during your stay.  A quick grocery list of suggested items to pack include:

dry pasta and sauce oil bagged chips
beans barbecue sauce granola bars
cereal picante sauce instant oatmeal in microwaveable cups
Ramen noodles bottled water disposable food storage containers
peanut butter ketchup/mayo/mustard heavy duty foil
muffin mix spices in repurposed pill reminder cases charcoal and matches for grilling


When you get to your destination, you can make a quick trip to pick up perishables like juice, milk, eggs, bread, buns, tortillas and any meat you might plan on barbecuing.  When you choose one of the best vacation rentals in Dallas, TX, you’ll likely find a small market or convenience store near your cottage to make picking up last-minute items even easier.  Once you’ve got all your food unpacked, you can either make a menu for however long your vacation will last – or you can just skip the planning and play each day’s menu by ear.  Some easy meal ideas:

Breakfast – Oatmeal, cereal and milk, bagels and cream cheese, yogurt and fruit, pancakes, breakfast burritos with scrambled eggs and cheese rolled in a flour tortilla

Lunch – Pre-packaged salads, PB&J sandwiches with bagged chips, microwaved bacon BLTs with store-bought pasta salad, nachos, hot dogs, grilled cheese

Dinner – Skillet sausage and potatoes, foil campfire packets filled with vegetables and meat grilled or slow-cooked in the oven, spaghetti, grilled fajitas in flour tortillas, barbecued ribs or burgers, grilled veggies like corn-on-the-cob, zucchini and peppers

A vacation shouldn’t mean slaving over a hot stove; but the reality is you have to eat and you may not want to have to eat out for every meal every day.  So, bring along some versatile staples like bread, tortillas, picante sauce, cheese and eggs and you’ll be able to whip up some quick meals that will be easy on your wallet and give you more time to relax and enjoy yourself.  To find the best vacation rentals in Dallas, TX, visit Mill Creek Ranch Resort.  At Mill Creek Ranch Resort, our vacation cottages have fully-equipped kitchens and most have barbecue grills so you can cook if you want to before you head out to enjoy swimming, fishing, shopping and much more.  Call (877) 927-3439 or visit Mill Creek Ranch Resort online at

vacation rentals dallas tx
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