corporate events in texas to drink or not to drink

Should We Serve Alcohol at Our Corporate Events in Texas? Tips to Keeping it Classy

corporate events in texasIt’s time to start planning company picnics and other team building corporate events in Texas, but there is always one thing that party planners tend to be on the fence about. Should we have alcohol?

Everybody has heard of or seen nightmare scenarios involving alcohol and company events, resulting in embarrassment or even a firing. At the same time, taking your employees on a company retreat is time you are taking away from them at home. They should be able to kick back and relax. Not to mention the fact that alcohol does tend to help break the ice and get everyone to loosen up a little. Is it worth the risk? Here are five tips for having your drinks and keeping it classy.

Provide limitations

Sticking with beer and wine only is one way to help people self-monitor and to keep everyone from getting too drunk too fast. Liquor is, after all, quicker. If you’re still concerned with an open bar, go to a drink ticket system or just provide a cash bar. People tend to drink less when it’s on their dime.

Evaluate the Company Culture

If the majority of the attendees are going to be in their early 20’s, it will be helpful to let everyone know what the expectations are and providing limitations (see above) might be something to think hard about. If your employees are more mature, they will be more likely to self-moderate. This is also a good idea to remind team members of the current company policies regarding alcohol and general expectations when it comes to behavior.

Lead by Example

If your manager is passing around shots, it sets a precedent. Speak with the managers and other leaders in the company and make sure they know that they are expected to lead by example and not get out of hand themselves.

Serve Food

Nothing starts an embarrassing moment like four glasses of wine and a salad. Make sure there is plenty of hearty food available when alcohol is served so that nobody is drinking on an empty stomach.

Include an Activity

Never make drinking the sole activity or focus of any corporate retreat. Drinking can accompany dinner, but make sure there are plenty of games, speakers and other team-building activities to keep everyone engaged throughout the day and evening.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort has exceptional facilities for productive yet fun corporate events in Texas. We have a variety of meeting rooms, packages, and on-site cottages for your employees. (This will keep everyone safe if you do have alcohol at your next event!) For more information on a classy venue for your next company retreat, contact Mill Creek Ranch Resort in Canton, TX, for pricing and availability at (877) 927-3439

tiny home

Texas resort featured in tiny house best-seller

texas resortTiny living may have started as a small community, but it’s turned into a minimalist revolution. As more and more people decide to eschew “the stuff” for a simpler approach to home and life, more stories are coming out from industry visionaries, including stories from one Texas Resort

Turning Tiny: The Small Living Paradigm That’s Reshaping the Way We Work, Live and Dream is an anthology consisting of stories from the movement’s top visionaries and tiny dwellers. Compiled and edited by Darin Zaruba, creator of the Tiny House Jamboree and a manufacturer of tiny homes.

In addition to sharing stories of those that have “turned tiny,” Zaruba aims to redefine the tiny movement beyond 400 sq ft cottages on wheels by incorporating and including all small spaces, from RV’s to treehouses. The book encompasses over 60 stories from all aspects of the tiny living community.

One of their features is on Mill Creek Ranch Resort, an East Texas resort that moves beyond the landscape of one person or family chunking all their stuff for small space living hacks and life on the move. Mill Creek Ranch Resort has really taken to tiny, but not in a way you may expect. 

Mill Creek Ranch Resort is a nature lover’s vacation destination complete with resort amenities and the whole nine, and they have turned tiny in a big way. When you stay at the resort, you’ll likely be sleeping in a tiny house. They have nearly 50 tiny cottages available for rent, each equipped with full kitchens and bathrooms. It’s a full-service tiny house park that’s more like half-way between a really nice Airbnb and a wooded resort. They feature scores of amenities from pools (of course) and a spa to dozens of family-friendly games and on-site activities.

This Texas Resort embraces another facet of tiny living by doubling as an RV Park. Resort amenities are also available to RV’s complete with concierge and full hook-ups. They further embrace the RV/camper community with seasonal specials RV Rally packages.

For more information, check out Turning Tiny online or you can purchase a digital version of the book on Amazon. The book is also available in the camp store at Mill Creek Ranch Resort.

Interested in seeing what tiny living is all about? Or, just looking for a place to get away? Book a stay at Mill Creek Ranch Resort! Located in the beautiful East Texas town of Canton, TX, their tiny cottages sleep 4-6 people, offer first-class amenities and gracious Southern hospitality. Call 877-927-3439 for reservations and availability.

Various pictures of inside of tiny home

Tiny House in Texas lands at Tailwind Balloon Festival

tiny house in texasTiny houses are all the rage lately, but it’s hard to imagine tiny living without seeing a tiny house in Texas up close and personal. That’s why Mill Creek Ranch Resort has teamed up with the Tailwind Balloon Festival to put one of their latest and greatest tiny houses on display.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort is a glamping and RV resort in Canton, TX that has become a beacon for tiny house rental and ownership in the area. One of their favorite cabins, The Maple, is air-conditioned and features a full kitchen and bath, a lofted bedroom and sleeps three. While not the biggest tiny home at the resort, it’s a perfect example how to maximize small spaces with features like under-stair storage and gives a sneak peek into the tiny living phenomenon. Take a peak and walk around this tiny home. Do you think you can downsize?

Interested in seeing The Maple? Head to the Tailwind Balloon Festival in Canton, TX May 18-19th. The 7th annual Tailwind Balloon Festival is not just a regular balloon festival. On Friday and Saturday night enjoy live music and balloon glows, where flames light up the balloons at night in a spectacular feast for the eyes. The festival also features a 5k glow run, a car show and a battle of the bands. The event begins at 5 pm Friday, May 18th and gates open again Saturday, May 19th at 2 pm. The event will also feature a 10k and half marathon on the grounds starting at 8 am on May 14th. The Tailwind Balloon Festival is located on the West Side of the First Monday Grounds.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort boasts acres of wooded lands and nature trails, ponds, and resort-style amenities for both cottage renters and RVers alike. It has won several awards, including County Line Magazine’s award for “Best RV Park” in upper East Texas. In addition to ample RV sites, Mill Creek Ranch Resort has dozens of tiny house cottages both for rent and for purchase. Guests can enjoy the serene scenery, walk miles of nature trails, fish or paddle boat in their area ponds or simply relax by the pool. Mill Creek Ranch Resort is also only ¼ mile for the area’s biggest draw, Canton’s First Monday Trade Days flea market. Guests enjoy easy access to the flea market and a relaxing respite after a day full of walking and shopping.

For more information on RV site rental, tiny house rental or tiny house purchase in Texas, call Mill Creek Ranch Resort at (877) 927-3439. Ask about seasonal and holiday specials.

company picnic venue

Tips on finding the perfect company picnic venue

company picnic venueWith spring and early summer on the horizon, it’s not too early to start looking for a great company picnic venue to spend an afternoon with your work family. However, you can’t just show up at any old park with a sack of peanut butter sandwiches. Any annual company picnic is supposed to show appreciation for employees by having a good time, not to be some afterthought that employees bemoan attending. So where to start? Before selecting a venue willy-nilly, here are a few tips:


Make sure the venue is an appropriate size. You don’t need a football stadium for a company of 50 employees. At the same time, too small of a venue and people don’t have room for outdoor activities.


It is a “picnic,” after all, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat finger sandwiches. Does the venue have catering options? If not, are there restaurant or catering options nearby? Be sure to consider the company culture; if your company has Friday fajitas for lunch, you know that option will please everyone.


Catering a company picnic is great – people like to eat. However, once everyone is done eating they need something to do. This is a great time to incorporate team-building games that are fun for both your employees and their kids, like tug-o-war or scavenger hunts.


Nobody wants to drive all day, go to a company picnic, then drive all the way home. Keep your venue within an about an hour or so of your office. Alternatively, you can book a place with options to stay a night.

Pick a Theme

If you’re worried that despite your best efforts your picnic may still be a drag for your employees to attend, consider a theme. A theme can be anything from cultural (like a Hawaiian shirt Luau or caribbean theme) to a sports theme (like “Ballpark” theme with hot dogs and a softball game). The possibilities are endless!

Mill Creek Ranch Resort in Canton, TX is a great company picnic venue to host your annual affair. In addition to ample space, catering options, and scores of games and activities, we have and on-site activity director to help you plan your engagement. We even have cottages on-site available to rent for participants (or planners) to stay an extra night before or after! For more information on booking a company picnic and for seasonal specials, call us at (877) 927-3439.

best rv park in upper east texas. picnic table

Mill Creek Ranch Resort wins “Best RV Park” on the Upper East Side of Texas

canton cabinsCounty Line Magazine has released its Best of “Upper East Side” of Texas awards for 2018, revealing more and more hidden gems in East Texas. The awards feature everything from the best area restaurants and live music events to the best sign and best town motto in East Texas. A nice touch with County Line Mag’s 14th annual Best Of awards is that several categories include two awards to give a nod to the area’s small-town charm. Most restaurant categories have an award for both under and over a population of 50,000.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort, already part of County Line Magazine’s Hall of Fame, has won this year’s award for Best RV Park. The resort features ample RV sites with full hook-ups, both back-in and pull-through capable of handling up to 45-foot rigs with two side slide outs. Each site features a grill, a fire ring with complimentary wood and a picnic table or table and chairs. They accommodate stays up to 28 days and have seasonal specials and specials for RV rallies. (Call to inquire about specials and pricing.)

Adding extra charm to this resort is a large network of Canton cabins, cottages, tiny homes and even a yurt to rent. Tiny homes and cottages are also available for purchase. What really makes this RV park an award-winning destination is the amenities. Mill Creek Ranch Resort’s extended amenities for guests include a pool, games, paddle boarding, nature trails, and more. They also feature free Wi-Fi, complimentary concierge service and even daily trash pick up. Their grand lodge is a local destination in its own right with a Friday night event featuring live local musicians (in addition to a restaurant and full bar). The resort is great for kids and families and even pet-friendly. The resort is also equipped to host family reunions, corporate retreats and weddings.

As an added bonus, Mill Creek Ranch Resort is located just ¼ mile from the Canton, Texas First Monday Trade Days flea market. The flea market is one of the biggest in the nation, attracting up to 100,000 visitors in a weekend, depending on the season and weather.

For more information on booking an RV site or Canton Cabins, call Mill Creek Ranch Resort at  (877 )927-3439 for availability, pricing and any seasonal specials. Not a phone person? No problem! Check RV site and cottage availability and book online!

Family Vacations in Texas: Stress Free Planning Tips

family vacations texasFor better or worse, you probably remember taking family vacations as a child. Whether it was the most fun in the world or a perceived disaster, at the end of the day the result was, indeed, family togetherness and bonding. Now it’s your turn to take your family on a vacation, but what happened in that generation gap? Why does something so simple suddenly seem so stressful?

Here are a few common trip-planning stressors, and how to help ease your anxiety so that your kids will remember those times of family togetherness with fondness, too.

Is it worth it to upend my kid’s routines?

Going on vacation is disruptive to your child’s day-to-day routine. Do what you can to keep elements of their routine on the road (like storytime and other bedtime routines no matter where you are). It’s also helpful to remember that learning how to handle unfamiliar situations is important, as is having new experiences to create curiosity within the world. In other words, yes, it’s worth it.

Great – let’s upend their routine. Now how do I keep my kids from driving me nuts?

A long road trip is no time to remind your kids how little technology you had when you were their age. Entertainment is key. Make sure your kids have lots of movies and games loaded up on their tablets for travel and bring along books, games and toys to fill any downtime once you arrive at your destination. Make sure you have activities that work without wi-fi should you experience any disruption in service.

Give yourself plenty of time to plan.

If you have trip anxiety, chances are you’re not the type to go on a spontaneous weekend getaway. And you know what? That’s okay! Not everybody has to be spontaneous, and planning ahead doesn’t mean you won’t have fun. Make your lists, check them twice, then go out there and have a great time. If you still forget something, bear in mind there are very few things you can forget that won’t be available once you arrive.

Do something the kids will enjoy.

Part of keeping your kids entertained, happy, and appreciative of the family vacation is making sure to plan something they will actually enjoy doing. This means maybe wine country isn’t the best option. Choose a kid-friendly resort or a destination with family-friendly options.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort in Canton, TX has oodles of family-friendly activities to keep your kids engaged in both nature and family time. The beautiful forested area of Canton, TX is a great backdrop to help them appreciate nature and our resort has all the amenities for a fun weekend or week. For more information on stress-free family vacations in Texas at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, call (877) 927-3439.


Family Vacations in Texas
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
1880 N. Trade Days Blvd.
Canton, TX 75103


Find great cabin rentals in Texas for Spring Break!

cabin rentals in texasSpring Break is just around the corner, but it’s not too late to find cabin rentals in Texas for a week of fun and R&R! Get your kids to put down their screens and enjoy the great outdoors in the beautiful pine forests of East Texas.

Take the whole family to Mill Creek Ranch Resort in Canton, TX for a weekend or week of family-friendly fun. Take advantage of the warm days and cool nights of East Texas in the springtime! Get some sun laying out by our resort style pool and then roast marshmallows around one of our campfires by night. Our resort amenities also include a hot tub, volleyball and basketball courts, ample nature trails, paddle boating and even a spa.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort will be your home away from home in one of our cabin rentals. Our cabins sleep 4-6 people and have all the amenities and creature comforts to make you feel at home. Each cabin comes equipped with a full kitchen, washer-dryer, full bath, and outdoor patio and grilling area. They also all have a TV and fireplace so you can wind down and relax in the evenings! Don’t feel like cooking every night? No problem! Our lodge has a full restaurant and bar, or, you can dine at any of Canton’s local eateries.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort in Canton, TX celebrates Spring Break in style with a jam-packed schedule of family-friendly activities. Our Spring Break schedule of activities runs March 9-18th, so whether you’re looking for a long weekend or a long week, the fun never ends at Mill Creek Ranch Resort. Each day boasts a slew of activities including crafts, games, races and more. Try your hand at paddle boat races, water balloons and learn how to make slime. Each day offers something new, different and fun for quality time with the whole family. And don’t forget your costumes! Dress up as your favorite Star Wars character (Monday, March 12) or Super Hero (Wednesday, March 14) with activities to match! We even have some off-property outings planned to the East Texas zoo (inquire at the front desk). Check our calendar for more in-depth details about our daily activities over the Spring Break holiday.

For more information or if you have any questions about the activities at Mill Creek Ranch Resort during Spring Break, call (877)927-3439. Or, visit us online to book today.

Great ideas for Mother Daughter weekend getaways in Texas!

weekend getaways in texasIt’s always a great time for you and your daughter to take a girls’ trip together! No matter your ages or stages in life, your mother/daughter relationship can use a little TLC to keep you closer than ever. Check out our great ideas for a weekend getaway to remember!

When your daughter is school-aged, simple and slow-paced may be best. Plan a car trip to a nearby resort, load her up with fresh paper and colors, and hit the road. You can also keep her screen time to a minimum by playing road games as you drive. Choose a letter and take turns thinking of all the words you know that begin with that letter. Choose a short word such a “cat” and come up with all the rhyming words you can think of; up the skill level by seeing who can come up with the longest, funniest sentence using rhyming words. “The fat cat sat in a vat that was on a mat near a bat and a rat.”

Once you arrive at your destination,  prioritize time for each of you to enjoy a favorite activity, perhaps by taking turns choosing. You might follow a brisk swim with fishing, then a leisurely nature walk followed by a yummy meal. The slower pace of a trip affords you ample time to talk, share family traditions, gently probe for any things she’s been wanting to talk about or do.

A trip with your teenage daughter might be similar to a trip with a younger child, with the addition of more mature pastimes such as a visit to the spa for a mani/pedi or a shopping trip to dig for treasures. Challenge her to a game of disc golf and be prepared to laugh a lot! It’s always a good idea to show your daughter that you can try new things. Try a bike ride with her, followed by an episode or two of your favorite TV series as you wind down your day.

Make sure you use your time together to share stories of your own teenage days–the triumphs and the tragedies–and how you learned from it all. Encourage her budding independence and praise her decision-making skills. Focus on the positives she brings to your relationship so she knows you are a safe relationship with her, and both she and your relationship can bloom.

As your daughter enters her adult years, her relationship with you will become ever more important. Although you’ll always be her mom, you can plan your getaways more as equals and friends. What a treat to spend time with your adult daughter!


Much like when she was younger, you might want to take turns choosing the next activity, or perhaps your interests totally line up and you want to make a schedule; either way, do what works best for your personalities and relationship. If you’re bookish types, read a fun novel before you go and spend some time talking about it. If you’re outdoorsy, make sure to hike or bike or go fishing, then end the evening making s’mores around the camp fire. No matter your type, add some good-natured fun by playing classic board games together.


When you’re ready to book the perfect spot for your Mother/Daughter getaway, look no further than Mill Creek Ranch Resort. We have all the activities you and your daughter will love, whether she’s six or 36. Against the backdrop of the charming town of Canton, you’ll find yourself returning again and again to enjoy your most special relationship.

Weekend Getaways in Canton TX
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
1880 N. Trade Days Blvd.
Canton, TX 75103


Road construction at Mill Creek Ranch Resort paves the way for Spring Break 2018.

Texas Resort Paves the Way to Spring Break Fun!

Our Texas resort is doing a little Spring Cleaning

If you have visited our Texas resort this winter you might have noticed a large section of our RV resort undergoing a makeover.  We are paving the way to make our resort the best Spring Break destination in East Texas.  New roads are almost complete and soon you will enjoy a smooth concrete path to your RV site. We  look forward to seeing you and your family this traveling season, and hope you will be sure to tell us what you think of our new roads!  Here’s a little preview of the work so far.

Texas Resort is ready for Spring Break in Canton

We have a fun week planned for our Texas resort guests this Spring Break.  Check out our schedule of Spring break activities and see how much fun and relaxation you can squeeze into 7 days!  Our activities coordinator is ready for your family to come enjoy all our Texas resort has to offer.  From old-fashioned family activities to relaxing movie nights, we have made Spring Break 2018 easy for you!

Call today or book online to get your cabin rental or RV site for Spring Break.

Texas Resort
Mill Creek Ranch Resort
1880 N. Trade Days Blvd.
Canton, TX 75103

cabin being installed on the lot

We’re growing! The process of building cabins in Texas with Mill Creek Ranch Resort

Executive Cabin - RV Park Canton TexasMill Creek Ranch Resort is growing! We are currently working on the installation of Cabin 45, a fully-updated executive cabin that sleeps 6. Ask about when Cabin 45 will be available for rent so you can try-before-you-buy and spend some time with the tiny house experience. People often love visiting the cabins in Texas at Mill Creek Ranch Resort so much, they want to stay forever! Here is a little window into the process of purchasing and setting up your own tiny home.

Whether you are considering purchasing a cottage at Mill Creek Ranch Resort as a part-time vacation home or full-time investment, the process is simple and we are here to help you every step of the way. Check out our process for Cabin 45!

1. Pick your lot. Mill Creek Ranch Resort has a lot of available lots waiting for your perfect cottage. Decide whether you prefer a more wooded setting or something by one of our area ponds. You will also want to pick your view. How do you want your cottage to face on the lot? Do you want the front windows or the back patio to have the better view?cabins in texas

2. Choose your home and floor plan. All of our cottages have custom floor plans so you can pick out the configuration that works best for you! Choose your interiors. This is the fun part! What’s your aesthetic? BOHO chic or French country? We provide custom interiors for all of our cottages, from the color palette inside and out to the appliances and furnishings.

3. Construction begins. Once you have selected your tiny home model and interiors we begin construction and take care of the rest! We lay the slab and driveways for easy access to your cottage.

4. Cabin installation. We lay the slab and completely take care of all installation and setup of your cottage. Just before you get your keys, we even put on the final touches by completing any landscaping around the exterior of your cottage.

Once you have your cottage, you can stay at Mill Creek Ranch Resort as often as you want and can appreciate our beautiful surroundings and resort amenities all from the comfort of your very own adorable cottage.

If you’re interested in our resort community and thinking of investing or have any questions regarding building a cabin, call 877-927-3439. Or, visit us online and fill out our request for more information and someone will quickly get in touch with you to schedule a tour.

spring break road trip two kids in car

Road trip must-haves for your Spring Break cabin vacation!

spring break cabinSpring Break is coming up lickety-split, which means it’s the perfect time to plan a family road trip. Before you pack your bags and strap the kids in, don’t forget these road trip must-haves.


Yes, the children may have their screens, but a road-trip is about family together time. There are scores of great podcasts that make for a peaceful (yet engaging) drive. Don’t know where to start? Check out Wow in the World or Stories Podcast.

Games (for the car and when you get there)

We all know the quiet game never last more than a few seconds, so a few car games will help the time fly by. Most classic games have a travel-sized edition (like Travel Scrabble or Travel Connect Four) to help keep your kids entertained on a road-trip or in any other boring back seat moments. Worried about tiny pieces getting lost in your car? Look for magnetic games. As a bonus, a deck of cards goes a long way on an unexpected rainy day once you make it to your Spring Break cabin or beach house.


It’s fun to make a road-trip and Spring Break vacation special by gorging on snacks that you and your kids usually don’t get to eat all the time. Make your family-favorite puppy chow/Chex mix recipe or pick up a few things at the first gas station stop! (Hint: Rice Krispie Treats are relatively crumb-free.) On the subject of eating on the go, it’s also helpful to include hand sanitizer and wet wipes.

A Day Pack, ready to go

There’s nothing less spontaneous than seeing an insta-worthy spot just off the road and having to wait 30 minutes searching for the things you’ll need for an hour or so of exploring. Have a day-pack on hand with your family’s essentials, whatever those may be. (Like diaper bag items, water, camera, snacks, sunblock, etc.)

A great destination!

While getting there can be half the fun, the destination is the point of a road trip! Book your Spring Break cabin today with Mill Creek Ranch Resort in East Texas! Canton, Texas is a bustling small town in East Texas with loads of activities for the whole family, from shopping along Canton’s Main Street to fishing at one of the area lakes.

Explore the wooded property of the resor, splash in our resort-style pool, and roast marshmallows around one of our fire pits. Mill Creek Ranch Resort has miles of nature trails, paddle boating, and a hot tub for those cool spring evenings.

Our cottages sleep up to six people and come equipped with a full kitchen, full bath, tv, grills and even wifi. Have your own wheels? No problem! Mill Creek Ranch Resort also has RV hookups available!

For more information on booking a Spring Break Cabin, call 877-927-3439 or visit us online to Book Now.

spring break destinations for families. family on bike

It’s not too early to start looking at Spring Break destinations for families

spring break destinations for familiesThe new year is officially in full swing. Is Spring Break really just around the corner? Absolutely! Time to start planning that mid-semester family vacay! Looking for spring break destinations for families where the kids can have a great time that isn’t too far away?

Head to East Texas, where the whole family can get enjoy both nature and small town Texas charm. Spring in East Texas enjoys warm days and cool nights, perfect for outdoor adventures! Here are a few ways to have family-friendly fun this Spring Break:

Yesterland Farm: Yesterland Farm opens weekends for Bunnypalooza March 17-April 8. Enjoy petting animals ( yes, bunnies too!), Easter egg hunts and concerts by the pond.

East Texas Zoo and Gator Park: Take your little herp-enthusiasts to the East Texas Zoo to view gator eggs, babies and adults and to watch them feed! The zoo also houses other species of birds, reptiles and a couple of monkeys.

Athens Scuba Park: For older kids, get scuba certified and explore underwater at Athens Scuba Park. The park features lots of sunken wrecks and 11 diving docks.

Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge: The Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge is another great destination for the animal lovers in your family. The refuge has rescued over 40 Tigers, housed on their 150-acre preserve. Come see and learn about these majestic animals.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort: Looking for a place to stay? Mill Creek Ranch Resort has it all! Mill Creek Ranch Resort is nestled amongst the East Texas Piney Woods in Canton, TX, just an hour outside of Dallas. The property has various natural features creating a peaceful environment that’s perfect for the outdoor enthusiast or anyone looking for a little relaxation.

Stay in one of our quaint, updated cottages complete with a full kitchen and wifi! Cottages sleep up to 6 so there is room for the whole family. Fire up the grill on those perfect temperature evenings or roast marshmallows around one of our fire pits.

The resort features swimming pools, hot tubs, nature trails, paddle boarding, games and more! Take advantage of East Texas’ warm spring weather and bust out the swimsuits for the first time of the season and kids can enjoy all the other activities on-site that Mill Creek Ranch has to offer.

Looking book a Spring Break getaway? Call 877-927-3439 or visit us online to Book Now.

tiny home bedroom

Featured Tiny House Cabin Rental: Cottage 94

Tiny House Rentals in TexasWith Valentine’s Day spurring romantic vacation getaways for two and beautiful spring weather just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about cabin rentals at Mill Creek Ranch Resort!

Our newest tiny house renovation is Cottage 94. Cottage 94 has a great serene location, overlooking Red Tail Pond and backs into a beautiful wooded area. It also has close access to community grills and is just a hop, skip and a jump from our on-site walking trail.

Inside is a single level cabin with a cozy, updated interior. Cottage 94 has one bedroom with a queen-sized bed and a sleeper sofa, accommodating up to four guests. The U-shaped kitchen is a full kitchen with everything you need, whether you’re heating up leftovers from a local eatery or cooking a 5-star meal. The cottage also includes a TV, electric fireplace and a washer and dryer. Enjoy your morning coffee or tea on the covered patio that overlooks the pleasant wooded scenery.

All of the furniture and design details are new and improved, offering a fresh and cozy ambiance to your stay with Mill Creek Ranch Resort.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort has endless activities and amenities to relax and have fun! For the active vacationer, we have swimming, paddle boating, nature trails, frisbee golf and catch and release fishing. Looking for nothing but a little R&R? We’ve got you covered, too! Kick back in our hot tub, tuck into a good book, roast marshmallows around one of our fire pits or schedule a massage or facial at our on-site spa.

Want a night out but don’t want to drive? Don’t call Uber – let your hair down at The Lodge at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, equipped with a full bar and restaurant. Don’t forget to check out our weekly local live music series The Creek with local live music and dancing every Friday night.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort is in Canton, TX, just about an hour from Dallas along I-20. Canton is the home of the First Monday Trade Days flea market taking place the weekend before the first Monday of every month. Canton is also home to some great shops, restaurants and activities for the whole family!

For more information on booking a stay with us in Cottage 94, call 877-927-3439. Ask about our featured cabin special and escape packages, whether you are traveling as a couple or with the whole family!

romantic vacation

Treat your Valentine to an impromptu romantic vacation!

romantic vacationYour Valentine deserves the best. “The best” is not wilted gas station flowers on your way home from work. Don’t treat your sweetheart like an afterthought. Just a little planning goes a long way towards being the ultimate romantic! And what’s more romantic than getting out of town for the weekend? (You could even make it a surprise!)

Celebrate Valentine’s Day this year snuggling in a quiet cabin in the woods. Enjoy the beauty of nature by day and tuck into a little cottage enjoy each other’s company at night. Mill Creek Ranch Resort is nestled in the woods of Canton, TX and boasts fully-equipped cabins and deluxe amenities, perfect for a romantic vacation night both out and in! Whether you are an outdoor adventurer or urban enthusiast, Mill Creek Ranch Resort has everything you need for a perfect weekend away. Roast marshmallows over one of our many fire pits or book a massage at our on-site spa.

During your stay, use any cabin’s fully equipped kitchen to stay in and cook for your sweetie, or enjoy a nice dinner and night out at the area steakhouse or one of our other popular area eateries. Whether you enjoy fancy fine dining or down-home homestyle cooking, Canton has it all. Check our guide to our favorite area restaurants!

During the day, experience the small town charm of Canton only ¼ mile from Mill Creek’s property. Or, take advantage of the great amenities at Mill Creek Ranch Resort like a hand-held walk on our nature trails or paddle boating for two! By night, treat your Valentine to a craft cocktail and live music at our bar located in the main lodge or get cozy in the hot tub.

Think a little getaway will break the bank? Think again! Mill Creek Ranch Resort is running their winter special through February 28; all cottages are just $125 a night. Thinking some chocolate, roses and champagne will make your special someone feel extra special? Then ask about our add-on romance package! At just about an hour from Dallas, no plane tickets necessary and you can even leave after rush hour on Friday and still make a late dinner.

What are you waiting for? Block a weekend off, find a sitter and call Mill Creek Ranch Resort today to ask about our winter special and Romance Package! Have questions? Call 877-927-3439 for inquiries and booking, or visit us online and send us a message!

Tiny Houses East Texas

Tiny House Loving

Here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, we love the tiny house, and we’re not the only ones. Lots of people are jumping on the simple living lifestyle, cutting out the extra space to minimize clutter and distraction, as well as lessen their impact on the environment.

Our grounds are peppered with beautiful cottages and homes, big on personality and small on space. It’s a great way to vacation, or even try before you buy into living tiny. (Even if you don’t want to live this way full time, there are benefits to owning a cottage at the Resort.) And we’ve been getting the word out there. Here are a few places where we’ve been featured.

The National Tiny House & Simple Living Jamboree

The annual Jamboree is a great place to explore, whether you’re an enthusiast or just curious about the lifestyle. Tour all sorts of tiny structures, join in the workshops, and learn more about what it takes to live simply and sustainably in a small environment.

We loved talking to everyone, seeing what everyone had to offer, and rubbing elbows with some of the big personalities in the tiny house community. We even got to host some of those personalities after the Jamboree was over!

Check out this vlog by Off Grid by Doug & Stacy to see Alana in action.Tiny House Loving

Tiny Firehouse – Station No. 9

Fin and John from the Tiny Firehouse – Station No. 9 recently came out for a visit to the resort. In addition to the Tiny Firehouse, which is a tribute honoring all firefighters and first responders (active, retired, and the heroes no longer with us), these two are behind the Tiny House Festivals and the United Tiny House Association. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Tiny Houses Australia

We were honored to have Darren and Lisa from Tiny Houses Australia go on a live tour through the resort back in October (watch it here). This incredible duo has been working hard to spread the word about tiny homes and they’ve created an inspiring and supportive community for anyone interested in small living. Check out their Facebook page to join the discussion and learn more about what it takes to go tiny.

Thanks to everyone who supported us, and to all in the tiny home community. To celebrate, we have a special offer for anyone who attended the National Tiny House & Simple Living Jamboree: show us your ticket and get $25 off when you stay in one of our tiny houses or cabins.

Come on by and see why small is the new big.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort | Tiny House | 877-927-3439

Event Venue Canton TX

Events Venue Canton TX

Our events venue, Canton, TX, has seen some amazing things through the years, but we were especially excited to host the Stories Beneath the Stones book signing back on December 10th. Featured in the Canton Herald, the Lodge welcomed authors Lawrence Greer and Benja Pittman Mize (also a historian) as they signed books for the steady stream of attendants.

A Beautiful Event in Canton, TX

The signing was the culmination of a 5-year project designed to remember and memorialize the lives of those buried in Canton’s Hillcrest Cemetery. A lot of hard work and dedication went into researching and fact-checking the stories of the 1,263 people buried in Canton’s historic cemetery. The book is a beautiful capstone on the Hillcrest Cemetery Restoration Project.

Hosted by Sue Baugh, Ed Greer, Rhita Koches, Ann Moore, Hillcrest Cemetery Restoration Committee, Canton Main Street, Canton Lions Club, and Keith Hilliard/Hilliard Funeral Home-Van, visitors began arriving thirty minutes before the signing was scheduled to take place.

Why Restore a Cemetery?

Hillcrest Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Canton, TX, established back in 1850 (though it didn’t come into use until 1860), and the original “city cemetery.” But what was once a source of respect and remembrance eventually succumbed to neglect and vandalism. That was until the Hillcrest Cemetery Restoration Committee formed. The committee lead city efforts to restore and preserve the history buried in the cemetery, and soon after Greer and Mize began their research on the lives of those represented by each and every gravestone.

Book Your Events Venue in Canton, TXEvents Venue Canton TX

Are you hosting an event? We’d love to have you here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort. We have several sites to accommodate your needs, whether you want something small and intimate, business or casual, wedding or rally. Give us a call at the number below to discuss your options. (We also cater!)

Thank you to everyone who came out to explore the mysteries and lives unearthed by Stories Beneath the Stones. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of the book and the history of our beautiful town.

And the next time you’re out strolling through Canton, take a moment to imagine those who have walked the grounds before you. Our town is full of rich history, and you don’t have to go far to find it. You may only have to pick up a book.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort | Events Venue Canton TX | 877-927-3439

Celebrate the New Year with Mill Creek Ranch Resort

New Year’s Eve Ideas: Where Do You Want to Be?

Happy New Year's from Mil Creek Ranch Resort

Looking for some New Year’s Eve ideas? Another year is coming to a close, and a new one, full of possibilities is just ahead. Taking the time to reflect and plan, and most of all enjoy the final few moments of 2017, can help bring a sense of closure. Where do you want to be when the ball drops?


Spend New Year’s Eve Away from Home

This special night is celebrated all over the world. Exploring an exotic location is a great way to ring in the new year. Imagine celebrating in the time zone that meets the new year first, or taking in the northern lights while you count down. Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit, or book a cruise and enjoy the ride. The sky’s the limit when it comes to incredible locations.

Spend the Night Close to Home

You don’t have to travel to an exotic location to have plenty of fun. Just getting out of town—or the house—for a night or two is an excellent way to celebrate. Chances are you know someone who’s hosting a party, which can take all the pain out of planning, or take it a step further and set up a short getaway in a nearby city. Some of the best fun to be had is right around the corner.

Spend New Year’s Eve at Home

Are you looking forward to planning the perfect party? Or would you rather cozy up with a great drink and the television? Staying home is about the easiest thing you can do, but it doesn’t have to be boring.  Party poppers, noise makers, and goofy headgear can liven even a party of one. The important part is making sure you include the kinds of elements that make this holiday feel special to you.

Here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, we’re excited to be offering a New Year’s special, running from December 29th through January 1st. Come and stay with us for only $25 per night to rent an RV site, or $125 per night to set up in a fully furnished cottage.

And for just an additional $10, you can get:

    • New Year’s Eve quirky traditions items,
    • Hershey’s kisses,
    • New Year’s Eve hats and glasses,
    • And champagne or sparkling grape juice to make a toast to the New Year!


It will be a celebration to remember.

We hope you have an excellent New Year, full of love, health, and happiness. And whatever you choose to do, be safe and drink responsibly.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort | New Year’s Eve Ideas | 877-927-3439

Valentine's Day at Mill Creek Ranch Resort

Canton Cabins: How to Romance Your Valentine

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about booking your Canton cabins or other accommodations before places start filling up. So, what should you do for your sweetheart? Here are a few ideas.

Reconnect in Nature

What’s better than a walk in the woods, or watching the sun set together? Nature is full of beauty and wonder, and with a little planning, it can become magical. Just be sure to check your weather and plan accordingly. For instance, in warmer weather you’ll want to bring bug spray, and cooler weather might require blankets and a thermos filled with hot cocoa.

Make your time even more special by crafting something with the treasures you find together, like a leaf print pendant or a twig vase. It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to be memorable.

Snuggle Up in a Canton Cabin

A short getaway is always feasible, and it can breathe so much life into a relationship. Whether you choose an RV, a fully furnished cabin, or a plush hotel room, simply getting away from home can reignite that spark of romance.

Once again, it’s always a good idea to take your plans one step further. Little touches, like renting a movie, making a music playlist, or scheduling some spa time can make your retreat that much better.

Do Something Unusual

Now is a great time to step out and do something together you wouldn’t normally do. Dance lessons can be a lot of fun, and you don’t have to be particularly good at it to try. Maybe a social paint and wine lesson is more your speed. View your town like a tourist, and you’re sure to find several activities that you may have never considered before.

Or stretch your wings and explore a town an hour or two away. You never know what gems you may find there.

Our Canton Cabins Are the Complete PackageCelebrate with Mill Creek Ranch Resort

Here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, we’d be happy to take the guess work out of your Valentines. Our Romance Escape package comes complete with an overnight stay in one of our charming cottages or at an RV site, a $100 dinner credit at the Four Winds Steakhouse (yum!), and a dozen red roses delivered to you upon arrival. Enjoy any number of our amenities (hot tubs, anyone?), and take your time getting out of bed with our 2 pm late checkout.

Whatever you choose, make sure you take the time to make your loved one feel every bit as special as they are.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort | Canton Cabins | 877-927-3439

festival of trees canton TX

Weekend Getaways in Texas: Come Celebrate the Festival of Trees

Looking for some great ideas for holiday weekend getaways in Texas? We’d like to suggest that you head on over to Canton for the Festival of Trees. This yearly fundraiser event benefits the Canton Texas Chamber of Commerce and is a great way to get in the Christmas spirit.

A Weekend Getaway Holiday Festivalchristmas activities Canton TX

The festival kicks off this year on Friday, November 17th with an opening extravaganza that will start at 4 pm. Come stroll through the decorated holiday trees and the decked-out museum while listening to Christmas carols. The evening will be capped off with the Main Street Tree Lighting, held on the square at 7 pm.

Home for the Holidays is the theme this year, and you can add your Christmas spirit by decorating and donating your own artificial tree. A prize will be awarded to the individual or business with the best tree, and trophies will be award to the tree creators that take first, second, and third place.

Each of these beautiful and unique trees will be sold in a silent auction that begins during the opening extravaganza, and will run for three weeks. Bids can be placed in the Plaza Museum (Chamber Office).

The Festivities Don’t Stop There

The Festival of Trees doesn’t officially end until the annual Lighted Christmas Parade makes its way through town. Hosted this year by the Canton Texas Chamber of Commerce, the route will start at Canton Junior High and end at the courthouse. Floats will begin lining up Thursday, December 14th at 5:30 pm, and the parade will begin an hour later at 6:30 pm.

If you want to submit a float to this year’s parade, you’ll need to contact Laura Mendoza. She’s at the Canton Texas Chamber of Commerce, and can be reached by phone at 903.567.2991.

Canton is Your Home for Holiday Weekend Getaways in Texas

We absolutely love this time of year, and it shows. The Festival of Trees is just one of the Christmas events that happens in and around Canton. It’s a ton of fun, whether you’re a local or looking to do a little traveling for the holidays.

So hop on over, take a load off, and get in the Christmas spirit without having to lift a finger to decorate. Maybe by the end of your retreat you’ll be ready to go home and tackle your own Christmas to-do list.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort | Weekend Getaways in Texas | 877-927-3439

friendships and memories are made at mill creek ranch resort

Canton TX RV Park: Rallying the Troops

In Canton, TX, RV park rallies are a fun way to connect with other motorists, allowing you to experience travel with a group. In cases like these, bigger really is better. But aside from hanging out around the campfires, what can you do to encourage people to forge new friendships and come together? Here are a few activity ideas to get you started.

1. Canton, TX RV Park Cookoff Competition

Who doesn’t love food? Bringing everyone together for some cooking, laughter, good eats and friendly competition is sure to get the good vibes flowing. Everyone can vote, and prizes can be awarded for various categories of winners.

2. Ice Cream Social

Another foodie idea is to gather around the sweets. Just having a buffet of ice cream is one way to go, or you could go the old-fashioned route and make homemade ice cream. This is a great way to get the kids involved, especially if you can round up some hand cranked ice cream freezers. For those not making ice cream, bringing toppings or other baked goods to go with the creamy goodness means there will be plenty to choose from and everyone can get involved.

3. The Great Cotton Ball Relay Race

Depending on the number of people participating, you can do this in individual turns or create teams. The concept is simple: a blindfolded person must transfer one cotton ball (or more) from one bucket to the other using a large spoon. Putting the buckets on chairs can help keep the cotton within easy reach. Set a timer and let the fun begin. The person or team with the most successful transfers wins. This can be especially fun to watch.

4. I’ve Got a Secret

For this game, everyone writes down a secret on a piece of paper — something that can be safely disclosed publicly. The papers are gathered up, and each participant pulls one. Then everyone goes around asking leading questions, trying to determine who the author of their secret is. This game is best for groups that aren’t well acquainted. If someone pulls the secret of someone they know, they’re asked to trade that secret in for a new one. You can offer prizes to the person who figures out their secret first, and the one who figures it out last.

5. Movie Night at the Canton TX RV Park

For movie night, you’d need a projector and a somewhere to hang up a screen or a large white sheet. Participants should bring their own chairs or blankets to sit on, and popcorn or candy to share.

And One More…Canton TX RV Parks

With the holidays on the mind, themed activities can be a great way to celebrate the season, like a pumpkin carving contest or a white elephant gift exchange.

Whatever you decide on, there’s room at Mill Creek Ranch Resort for your rally. Call us at the number below for price quotes or just to answer any questions you may have.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort | Canton TX RV Park | 877-927-343

Company Christmas Party Venue Texas

Company Christmas Party Venue: Perfect Planning

Whether you’re planning on keeping it at the office or taking it elsewhere, finding the perfect company Christmas party venue is only the first step. Here are the rest of the steps you’ll need to take if you want your party to rock.

Step 2: Pick a Company Christmas Party Venue Theme

Sure, you could go without a theme, or just use Christmas as a theme, but the more specific you get, the more it will inform the rest of your decisions. For instance, if you choose a retro theme like the 70’s, you’d want 70’s music, and themed food, like deviled eggs, ambrosia salad, and classic Chex mix. Or you could set the theme around an activity, like a murder mystery experience or wine tasting.

Step 3: Get Competitive

The best way to get people involved is to introduce a competition. This will likely be dictated by the theme, but competitions could range from gift wrapping races to something simple and classic like charades.

Step 4: Fork Out the Food

No party is complete without delicious food. You’ll want to take everyone into consideration, but think in terms of flavor groupings, like having both sweet and salty options, and providing fresh fruit and vegetables for those trying to watch their weight through the holiday season (and a chocolate fountain and ranch dip for those just pretending to be healthy).

Step 5: Take Their Seats

We all know that certain people just don’t get along. By arranging the seating, you can avoid conflicts ahead of time. It also gives you the opportunity to mix up teams and help create a more connected environment. Including ice breakers at each setting, such as jokes or questions, can help get the conversation flowing.

Step 6: Set the Company Christmas Party Venue Mood with Music

Music is one of the best ways to set the mood and atmosphere, but you don’t have to rely on a simple playlist. Ask around. You may have a closet DJ among your employees that you can utilize to keep the sounds flowing. Or if you have a more daring group (or plenty of alcohol), maybe setting up a karaoke station would be a fun way to keep everyone entertained.

Step 7:company Christmas party venue-succesful planning Document Everything

Having photo evidence of the festivities may make for great laughs (or blackmail) for the coming year (especially if there’s alcohol involved). But seriously, these pictures make great inserts for company newsletters, prints for company t-shirts, or Christmas cards for next year’s client list. Or you can take things a step further and have the event videoed and edited for highlights.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s fun. Christmas parties are a great way to boost morale and camaraderie for a more productive new year.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort | Company Christmas Party Venue | 877-927-3439

cabins for sale mill creek ranch resort

Cabins for Sale: Why Buy New?

Vacation cabins for sale have been on your mind, but you’re not sure whether you should buy new or used. There are plenty of reasons to consider used cabins, as mentioned in our article, Cabins for Sale: Yes, We’ve Got ‘Em!, but if you’re still on the fence, here are some of the advantages of building your own.

Customized Cabins for Sale

Building from scratch gives you the ability to have a say-so in every detail of the house. Where do you want it located? What kind of floor plan would you like? What décor details appeal to you the most? These options are all at your disposal. Here’s what you can expect from our process:

  1. Pick your lot and view. Choose whether you want to be situated next to a lake or forest, and if you want a place somewhere on the back of the property or something closer to all the lodging and activities. Don’t worry, though. Every location is ideal for a relaxing vacation, so you can’t go wrong no matter where you choose.
  2. Pick your floor plan. Arrange your home to your preferences, with a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Decide if you want a loft to maximize occupancy potential, and add porches and patios to enjoy the outdoor space. Not sure where to begin? We have several floor plans to get you started.
  3. Pick your décor. Choose from colors, furnishings, appliances, and the general feel of your vacation home. And we can help you choose options that will appeal to you as well as to future rental guests, making the most of both your relaxation time and your income potential.
  4. Sit back and relax. After you’ve had your fun designing, we take over and set everything up to your specifications, building your vacation home from the floor up. The landscaping is one of the last details to be addressed, so when you see those beautiful plants going in, you know you’re nearly ready to enjoy your creation.

The options can be overwhelming for some, but if you enjoy being in control and choosing specific design styles and elements, then this is definitely the perfect route for you.

Want a New Cabin for Sale Without All the Options?

We can simplify the whole process and get you into your vacation home even sooner. We have two beautiful spec cabins that you can choose from—the Zoe and the Levi. We’ve taken care of placement, design, and equipment. You just have to decide which one is best for you.

Want More Info?

Call Stacy, our Director of sales, at the number below or reach her by email any time. We’d love to answer any questions you have and show you all that Mill Creek Ranch Resort has to offer.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort | Cabins for Sale | 877-927-3439cabins for sale in Texas

east-tx-rv-park rv driving

East Texas RV Parks: 3 Tips for Travel


As the weather begins to cool, it’s a great time to head to East Texas RV parks for a little adventure. If this is your first time RVing, or even if you’re a seasoned veteran, here are three tips to help you keep your trip pleasant.

1. Tune Up Before Heading to Your East Texas RV Park

It’s always a good idea to check your vehicle before a trip. Is it time for an oil change? How are the fluid levels? Do the tires need air, or do your windshield wipers need to be replaced? Taking care of these important details will help ensure your vehicle doesn’t let you down in the middle of a much needed vacation.

And if you haven’t used your RV in a while, you may want to do a deep cleaning to get rid of the dust and cobwebs that come from disuse. For more information on that, check out this article from GoRVing.

Of course, this is mainly for those of you who own your own vehicle, but it’s still good to look over your rental before driving it off the lot.

2. Everyone’s Gotta Eat

Snacks are essential for any road trip. Make sure you have something easy to munch on, and provide a variety to please every mood. Need ideas? Pinterest is full of travel snack ideas. You’re bound to find something appealing.

Whether you’re planning a long trip or a short one, if you plan on cooking, you’ll want to create a meal plan. This allows you to utilize your small space to the best of its ability, as well as ensuring you have everything you need for the meals you want to prepare. For more ideas on what food to bring, check out this blog from My Dirt, and for the super organized, here’s a printable planner spreadsheet from RV Checklist.

3. Keep Your East Texas RV Park Site and Interior Tidy

With such a small space, clutter can easily take over and damper the relaxation you’re seeking. Finding ways to keep tidy—like having bins for your shoes, baskets to fit in every nook and cranny, and vertical storage for odds and ends—will keep things from getting out of hand. For even more ideas, check out this post on GoRVing.

We’d Love to See You!

While you’re checking out East Texas, we’d love for you to come visit us at Mill Creek Ranch Resort. It’s a beautiful piece of country, and we have everything you need to make your stay pleasant.

We’re especially pleased to announce that we’ve been recognized with a 2017 Certificate of Excellence based on consistently great reviews earned on TripAdvisor. This is our third year receiving the honor, and we’re so thankful to everyone who has helped make this possible.

Hope to see you soon!

Mill Creek Ranch Resort | East Texas RV Parks | 877-927-3439

weekend getaways in texas

Weekend Getaways in Texas: Bring on the Autumn Festival

Fall is a great time for weekend getaways in Texas. The air is beginning to cool (during the evenings, at least), the stores are filling up with pumpkins and spices, and the festivities are about to begin.

That’s right, it’s time again for the Canton Main Street Autumn Festival. This will be the sixteenth annual celebration, and there’s a reason it comes back year after year.

Festival Activities for Your Weekend Getaway in Texas

The festival is held on the second Saturday in October, making this year’s date Saturday the 14th. Activities open at noon, and will be available until 6 pm. There’s plenty to do for the whole family, but here are some of the highlights:

  • An Art Show,
  • A Raffle,
  • A Silent Auction,
  • A Cake Walk,weekendgetawaysintexas
  • Live Entertainment,
  • A Dunking Booth,
  • And Vendors.

The downtown area loves to get in on the action, so you’ll want to walk around to see everything that’s going on.

There will also be a children’s area filled with games, bounce houses, crafts, and so much more.

Admission to the festival is free, but there is a $5 admission fee for access to the children’s area.

More Details

The festival will be held in Downtown Canton on North Buffalo St. off of Highway 64. The full address is:

119 N. Buffalo St.
Canton, TX 75103

If you’d like more information, you can call 903-567-1851.

You can also follow the Canton Main Street Autumn Festival event on Facebook to get reminders and updates.

Another October Weekend Getaway Idea

If the 14th won’t work out for you, don’t worry. The festivities continue with the annual Trail of Treats at the Forney Community Park. This event will be held on Saturday, October 28th, and will start at 4 pm.

Follow the 50+ candy booth “Trail of Treats” to the Spellman Amphitheater where the festivities continue with a sunset movie at 7 pm. There will also be onsite entertainment as well as games for the children.

Admission is free.

We Love Fall, and We Think You Will, Too

We’re excited for all the activities that help make this season feel so special. Local or not, there’s plenty to do this time of year. So pack up the family and hop on over for a day or two to see all Canton has to offer. No matter what you do or when you come, it’ll be a getaway to remember.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort | Weekend Getaways in Texas | 877-927-3439

canton trade days rv sites spooky fun

Canton Trade Days RV Park 5th Annual Classic Country & Honky Tonk Halloween Party

Our Canton Trade Days RV Park is so much more than the First Monday Trade Days. In fact, the upcoming 5th Annual Classic Country & Honky Tonk Halloween Party is almost here, and it’s going to be a ton of fun.

Park Your Rig & Head to the Canton Trade Days Civic Center

The fun begfirst monday trade days rv parkins at noon daily, starting on Thursday, October 26th and running through Saturday the 28th.

Enjoy the 5,000 square foot dance floor to music by Monty Good & The Honky Tonk Heros and Jake Hooker & The Outsiders on Thursday, Coby Carter Five Miles West and Jeff Woolsey & The Dancehall Kings on Friday, as well as Billy Mata & The Texas Tradition and Kelly Spinks & Miles of Texas on Saturday.

With musical styles varying from western swing to classic country to traditional honkytonk, there’s something for everyone.

There will be a break in the music daily from 4 pm to 6 pm for dinner. And speaking of dinner, food service will be available on site with delicious options, and there’s enough seating for up to 700 people at a time.

The show will go on, no matter the weather, so no chance of the festivities getting canceled.

Saturday, the Halloween fun begins.

Come dressed to impress in your Halloween costume on Saturday. The best costumes will be awarded prizes – 1st place will get $200 and 2nd place will get $100.

No idea what to wear? No problem. Check out this article with over 120 costume ideas.

Out of town? You can stay in the RV Park

Canton is a great town to visit, and we have plenty of room for our visitors. Here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, we have a beautiful retreat, whether you’re RVing or you’d rather rent a cabin. Enjoy the amenities in the morning, then head out in the afternoon for music and fun.

And we’ve recently been awarded the 2017 Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor for consistently great customer reviews. Thank you!

Everything else you need to know about the Canton Trade Days RV Park Halloween Party

Tickets can be purchased at the door or via telephone. If you decide to purchase your tickets by telephone, they’ll be made available when you arrive. All forms of payment are accepted. Prices are as follows:

  • $35 for one Single Day ticket
  • $60 for one 2-Day Ticket
  • $75 for one 3-Day Ticket
  • $20 for one Single Day late arrival, 5 pm or after

To order your tickets by phone or for more information, call 903-245-6300 or 903-567-0575.

You can find all this information and more at:

We hope to see you there!

Mill Creek Ranch Resort | Canton Trade Days RV Park | 877-927-3439

cottage 95 pictures

Cabin Rentals in Texas: Check Out This Renewed Beauty!

cabin rental in texas designHere at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, you can choose from several beautiful cabin rentals in Texas to find the best one for you. Our selection is varied and plentiful, and guests often return to a favored site, but occasionally there’s a shakeup in the available offerings that begs for a little special attention. For instance, cabin number 95 recently got an update, and we think you’ll love the improvements. Here’s what’s changed.

The Cabin Rental Updates

Casita De Paz, which means “House of Peace” in Spanish, is a pet friendly site. This cheery red house overlooks the serene Red Tail Pond and is located next to the community grills.

The furniture, carpet and décor have all been recently replaced, giving a sleek, modern touch to the golden, earthy wood tones throughout the interior. An extended patio area off the rear deck is furnished with a fire pit and outdoor seating, expanding the living environment.

The cabin still contains all the best original features, like the loft for additional sleeping, a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, washer and dryer, and a comfortable seating area. The living room features an antler chandelier, and includes a full-size sleeper sofa, an electric fireplace, and a television.

The updates mean this cottage, with all comforts of home as well as easy access to the great outdoors and the amenities of the Resort, is as alluring as the new cottages, but has that established landscaping that lends well to the feel of privacy and seclusion. It’s a great choice for those new to Mill Creek Ranch Resort as well as for our return guests.

You can see images and learn more about this cabin here:

More Cabin Rentals in Texas

We have plenty of cottages to choose from. You can choose from locations by forests or the water, sites ranging from fully furnished cottages to RV sites for the mobile adventurers to our latest Yurt addition, and a variety of styles and décor. With so much selection, there’s something for everyone. Browse the available houses from the comfort of your home, or give us a call at the number below and let us help you find your perfect match.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway or if you’re in Canton for an extended stay. We’re confident we can accommodate you and whoever you may be traveling with. Give us a call if you have any questions or if you need any assistance. We’re always happy to help.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort | Cabin Rentals in Texas | 877-927-3439

front area of cottages

Cabins for Sale: Yes, We’ve Got ‘Em!

texas cabins for saleIf you’re looking for vacation cabins for sale, you’ve come to the right place.  Mill Creek Ranch Resort is offering several options for vacation rental ownership.

Why Choose Pre Owned Cabins for Sale?

There are several great reasons to choose a resale over a new build.  Here are our top 4:

1. Decisions are easier.

Choosing all the details of a new cabin can be daunting. With a resale, it’s all done for you. You can even visit the site and see if you like it.

2. An established site is beautiful.

Why wait for the plants to mature? A resale is already beautifully landscaped. There’s no delay between the time of purchase and being able to rent, use, or enjoy the incredible view.

3. Pre Owned cabins come with clientele.

When you’re not using your site, it can be rented out to visitors, allowing for a little extra money in your pocket each month. If you choose a resale, then you’ll likely have loyal vacationers who come back to the same cabin rental  year after year. This cuts down on the wait time between your cabin moving from the expense to asset column.

4. The prices are cheaper.

When building, you’ll have to pay for any finishes and custom details you want. A pre owned cabin is a set price, and many times may be discounted. It’s easy to look through available inventory, and you can give us a call at the number below if you have any questions.

Check Out These Cabins for Sale

We have several cottages available right now, and there’s plenty to love.

Cottage #60 – Lofted cottage with tons of extras

This beautiful lofted cabin has loads of upgrades including southern yellow pine wainscoting and ceilings, metal rugged roof. Outdoor living is always a great way to enjoy your vacation and this cottage has covered front deck and covered back patio that is extended with a gas grill and outdoor furniture.  There is also a  flagstone patio with a table, chairs and fire ring.  The upgraded finishes and tasteful décor are the perfect mix of rustic and modern.

Cottage #97 – Lofted cottage with fantastic views

This craftsman style lofted cottage is situated in a perfect location. The back patio boasts an incredible pond view, complete with rocking chairs, while the front door leads to a large dock that you can fish from. There have been some recent updates to the furniture and décor and you will enjoy the open floorplan and galley kitchen.

Cottage #98 – Lofted cottage in a great location

This craftsman style cottage is in a great location, that is if you like water views. There are porches to enjoy off the front and back of the cabin and you can walk to the dock of the Red Tail Pond and fish until your heart’s content. Fun upgrades like electric fireplace and larger bathroom makes this a must see cottage and a sell of a deal.

Cottage #103 – Sportsman Lodge Model with Loft

This cheery red cabin has a comfortable country aesthetic and offers plenty of privacy. There’s a small front porch, and an extended rear deck leading off the covered back porch equipped with propane grill and outdoor furniture. This cabin has great views and even has a flagstone patio just feet from the Southpointe pond.

All models have fully equipped kitchens, a relaxing living room, a bathroom and bedroom, as well as furniture. Moreover, these cottages are located in a beautiful resort that offers tons of amenities.

As always, give us a call here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort if you have any questions or want more information on our cabins for sale. We look forward to matching you up with the perfect retreat.

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Introducing: The Yurt Campsite!

yurt campingHere at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, we’re always looking for ways to enhance our guests’ experience, which is why we recently expanded our offerings to include a yurt campsite! The grand opening, held on Monday, September 4th, went spectacularly. We’re so thrilled with the results that we couldn’t just leave it at that. Here’s what you need to know.

What is a Yurt?

Traditionally, this structure is a round tent used by nomads in Central Asia. Fabric is upheld by a wood or bamboo latticework. The circular design makes it strong and an efficient use of the materials.

The yurt became a popular home design over her in American back in the 70’s, lending its efficiency and simplicity to those who wanted a house that was a little more unique. Though it fell away in popularity, it has made a recent return to the limelight, both in permanent and temporary camping structures.

Our Yurt Campsite

We just love what you can do with the spacious one room setup. Making sure to keep our guests in mind, we think the little touches really add to the ambiance this getaway provides.

Fully furnished in a warm and luxurious Texas aesthetic, this location can sleep 2 in our queen bed, or up to 4 with a blowup mattress. You can relax in comfort inside with the air conditioning, or hang out on the porch, which comes equipped with a grill and patio dining for 2. The roomy interior includes a seating area, mini fridge, microwave, vanity sink, a dining table for 2, and a flat screen television. An immaculate bath house is just a short distance away to provide for all your other needs.

Talk about glamping! This is the ultimate in luxury camping, and you don’t have to bring anything—other than yourself and your personal essentials. Even if you hate camping, you won’t miss any of the modern luxuries or conveniences when staying in our yurt.

Check It Out for Yourself

We can tell you about it all day long, but you can’t get the full effect of what we’ve created unless you see it for yourself.  Watch the video below to take a virtual tour:

At only $125 a night, we think you’ll love everything about the luxurious setup and incredible location. Finding an escape has never been easier, and is sure to make a glamper out of anyone. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have about the yurt campsite or to schedule your stay today.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort | Yurt Campsite | 877-927-3439

Canton TX Events: Blood Drive and Reduced Rates

If your heart hurts for the victims of Hurricane Harvey like ours, you’ll want to check out our upcoming relief efforts and Canton, TX events.

The storm has affected us all, destroying homes and causing chaos and flooding. Check out this article detailing the preliminary estimated impact of Harvey and how it compares to other major storms.) Even if you weren’t directly affected, chances are you know someone who has been.  We know from our town’s experience this last year with tornados,  it’s going to take a while to clean up and rebuild, but we Texans are strong and have a lot of heart. And we’re so grateful for everyone around the country and even the world who have pitched in to help.

Here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, we wanted to add to the efforts. Following are two ways we’re doing just that.

1) Texas Events: Need a Place to Stay?

Have you been displaced by the storm’s damage or flooding? Are you in town to help out in whatever way you can? Please, give us a call at the number below. We’re offering special rates for RV and cottage stays for those impacted by the storm or those involved in the cleanup.  Call our office for reservations.

2) Another one of our relief events in Canton, TX is a blood drive.

We’re also hosting a blood drive, which is a great way for all of us to come together and show our community spirit.

The drive will be held Saturday, September 30th from 2 pm to 7 pm here at the resort. Carter Blood Bank will be taking the donations and distributing where needed. They’re one of the largest blood centers in Texas and have been running since the 50’s.

What you need to know about giving blood.

canton events blood drive for harvey

If you’ve never given blood, you might have some questions. Here are the basics (or check out the full list of FAQs on Carter Blood Bank’s site).

Anyone 16 and older can donate blood. If you’re 16, then you will need a parent’s permission. Regardless of age, you must be at least 110 pounds, and feeling healthy on the day of donation.

When preparing to give blood, here are some guidelines:

  • Eat well. Low-fat meals, especially within the 2 to 4 hour window before giving, is ideal.
  • Drink plenty. Hydration is important, so make sure you’re drinking lots of water and juice.
  • Avoid alcohol for at least 12 hours before donating.
  • If you work at a strenuous or hazardous job, it’s best to donate at the end of your work shift.

And take care of yourself afterward as well. You’ll be further instructed when you’re finished, but here are the general guidelines:

  • Keep drinking. Keeping your body hydrated will help you replenish the blood you’ve just given away.
  • Continue to abstain from alcohol for at least 12 hours afterwards.
  • Avoid strenuous activity for 12 hours after donating. It’s also important to give your donating arm a rest for 24 hours, and avoid lifting or pulling with it.

And thank you for being amazing, Canton. Together we can make a difference.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort | Canton TX Events | 877-927-3439

Texas Romantic Getaways Offer A Lovely Escape

romantic getaways in texas Is there ever a bad time for Texas romantic getaways? Here at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, we can’t think of one!. Relationships take a lot of work, and finding time to relax and connect is essential if you want to keep the love alive. That’s why we’ve made it especially easy for you with our Romance Escape Package. Sometimes we need a little convincing to take the time for ourselves and our relationships.  Here are a few things to think about when planning your next romantic weekend.

Why Romantic Getaways Work

It’s easy to get caught up in life. Work, kids, and responsibilities at home and to others can mean there’s little or no time to really be together as a couple. A getaway relieves the day-to-day  pressure, allowing you to escape all the distractions of life. Being together, having extended time to talk and touch and have fun is a great way to keep the spark alive—or reignite it if it’s been flickering.

Leaving your responsibilities behind also gives you time to be more romantic. A new environment puts you at greater ease, and allows for the kind of privacy needed to recreate those feelings what first brought the two of you together. Gazing into each other’s eyes, holding hands, taking a walk or hike and just spending some quality time that can lead to  building a greater connection between the two of you.

What’s Included in a Texas Romantic Getaway?

This package covers everything you’ll need for a quick getaway. Choose from one of our luxurious cottages, or stow away at an RV site with your love. The accommodations are for an overnight stay, making it easy to fit into any schedule and the tightest of budgets.

Start your time here with a dozen red roses delivered to your site. Then prepare to be wined and dined with a $100 dinner credit for the Four Winds Steakhouse. What you do after that is up to you, but we have some fantastic amenities (also included in the package) that you might want to indulge in, like our hot tubs, hiking trails or get a massage.  Make a weekend out of your get-a-way and add an extra night and enjoy live music Friday nights at the resort.

There’s no rush to leave, either. You have until 2 pm the next day to check out of your site, which means extra time to rest and relax before you’ll have to pack up.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

The best way to experience the benefits of a romantic getaway is to book one for yourself. And if you want more time to be together, we can arrange for that as well. Just give us a call at the number below and we’ll help you design the perfect opportunity to rekindle your romance. It’s an investment in your relationship you can’t afford to neglect.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort | Texas Romantic Getaways | 877-927-3439

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