A man fishing in Texas.

East Texas and Canton are home to some excellent fishing for its lakes and rivers. This is why if you are an avid angler, you should be looking at the opportunities in store for you in East Texas. Before you get too excited about the potential in the area, you should head over to Mill Creek Ranch Resort and see why we are the best place for outdoors lovers and anglers in the East Texas and Canton area. Continue reading to see where the best fishing lakes and rivers are located in East Texas.

Mill Creek Reservoir

The Mill Creek Reservoir has plenty of great spots for shallow fishing. This is a wonderful place for largemouth bass, black and white crappies. Largemouth bass is the most popular fish in the Reservoir, especially during spring along the shorelines. The max depth is about 25 feet, and the reservoir covers over 230 acres.

Purtis Creek State Park

There is plenty of room to find a place to fish with Purtis Creek State Park’s 355-acre lake. This lake is a catch-and-release largemouth bass destination—catfishes and crappies you can take home. The lake includes piers, fish cleaning stations, and boat ramps. Only 50 motorized boats are allowed on the lake at a time. If you left something behind, a park shop sells bait, gear, and ice.

Cedar Creek Reservoir

Cedar Creek Reservoir is a huge location filled with fish and wonderful spots to spend time fishing. The lake’s surface area is more than 32,000 acres, and its maximum depth is 53 feet. You can expect to reel in Largemouth bass, catfish, striped bass, and crappie. With plenty of areas with submerged vegetation, you’ll have many opportunities to catch something.

Start Fishing In East Texas

East Texas is great for fishing and many more things. Reel in the big one and explore the many more outdoor attractions near Canton and East Texas. It’s all possible from your lodging with Mill Creek Ranch Resort. Immerse yourself in East Texas’s raw beauty and charm by booking your stay with Mill Creek Ranch Resort.