Photo of a Group Roasting One of These Tasty Campfire Dinner Recipes.

There’s never an offseason for campfires here in Canton, TX, home to Mill Creek Ranch Resort, the state’s top-rated RV park. Each cottage and RV site boasts a private fire pit. When utilized correctly, a fire pit can act as a miniature kitchen (with a little help from the picnic table). Most campfire dinner recipes require a little pre-vacation preparation and TLC. However, thanks to Swiss industrialist Robert Victor Neher (the inventor of aluminum foil), most meals can be quickly plopped onto a grate and smoked to perfection in 20 to 30 minutes without hesitation.

Campfire Dinner Recipes: An East Texas Pastime

Photo of Roasted Corn, One of the Tastiest Campfire Dinner Recipes.While RVs and cottages typically feature full kitchens, there’s something gratifyingly primal about cooking up a mess of meat, potatoes, and veggies atop a blazing campfire. It’s also a splendid opportunity to teach the kiddos how to build and, furthermore, utilize a campfire when fast-food and restaurants aren’t options. These 15 undeniably tasty campfire dinner recipes showcase a variety of core ingredients, including chicken, corn, beans, salmon, and shrimp. There’s something for everyone here.

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  1. Five Can Chili – Simplicity in a Dutch oven. It’s perfect on a brisk “winter” evening.
  2. Hobo Dinner – Hamburger. Potatoes. A few vegetables. And some seasoning. Yum!
  3. Cast-Iron Beans – The hot dogs are optional. However, feel free to slice them up and toss the hunks into the vat of beans.
  4. Shrimp Scampi Foil Packets – Ready in a matter of minutes. Damn Delicious? You could say that again! Here’s a tasty alternative.
  5. Mac ‘n Cheese – It’s such a mind-blowingly obvious campfire dinner recipe that will change the way you think about this classic dish.
  6. Grilled Corn with Chipotle-Lime Butter – When is grilled corn not utterly delicious? Never, especially when combined with some spicy, zesty flair.
  7. Campfire Bean ‘n Ham Soup – There’s nothing quite like a hearty bowl of ham soup beside a crackling campfire in the fall or winter.
  8. Campfire Hash – Similar to the Hobo Dinner, but much more of an emphasis on jumbo kielbasa.
  9. Sheepherder’s Breakfast – Just pondering this campfire dinner recipe is making our mouths water.
  10. Campfire Foil Packs – The best part of this straightforward recipe is that it can be amended to perfectly fit any dietary restriction. We particularly like pesto-basted or Mediterranean-style chicken cubes with vegetables soaked in olive oil and spices.
  11. Grilled Salmon with Lemony Asparagus – The title says it all. Oh, and it’s easier to cook than you think.
  12. Campfire Pizza – Wood-fired pizza remains an otherworldly delight, particularly for those who enjoy a charred, slightly-flaky slice of cheesy pie.
  13. Camping Breakfast Burritos – Not into breakfast for dinner? Replace the eggs with spicy, tomato sauce-basted chicken or lean hamburger.
  14. Brad’s Campsite Jambalaya – We might need to invite Brad to our next dinner party.
  15. Hawaiian Chicken – Prepare your tastebuds for a tropical voyage across the Seven Seas of flavor.

Ranch-Style Family Vacations in East Texas

Photo of a Couple Travelers Relaxing near Their RVs. Click Here for 15 Campfire Dinner Recipes!So, what isn’t Mill Creek? It’s a resort. It’s an RV park. It’s a fishing destination. It’s a tiny house community. It’s a four-season paradise. Not only does our 200-acre estate feature everything from a nine-hole disc golf course to an old-fashioned swimming hole and a dog park, but we’re centrally located to East Texas’ most beloved attractions, including the world’s largest flea market (First Monday Trade Days), several golf courses, numerous state parks, and countless hillside vineyards. Hopefully, families are able to utilize a few of these campfire dinner recipes this winter, especially when the weather calls for a blazing fire and a steamy meal.

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