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Cabins East TexasSo is it really possible to achieve tiny house living in some of the cabins in East Texas? Absolutely!

Tiny house living is the latest housing movement that enables people to become homeowners on a much smaller scale; both in their budget and square footage.

Tiny homes are constructed on trailer format foundations. Generally, they range in size from a mere one hundred to several hundred square feet. These tiny living quarters are not built for seasonal living, rather they are constructed with all of the amenities of home, albeit with scaled down features that can fit into small spaces. Available in a wide range of forms and shapes and designed with complete kitchens and bathrooms, tiny houses offer all of the comforts you would expect to find in any home.

People who choose to live in tiny houses are looking for a way to become homeowners without the extra costs of property taxes. Some tiny home dwellers want to be able to purchase their own homes using smaller budget limitations. Still, others no longer need all of the space included in a typical home and are in search of a place to live without the burden of maintaining unused square footage.

By living in smaller spaces, it’s possible to have more time for travel and recreation. Instead of spending money on property taxes and house maintenance, funds can be used to travel to visit new and interesting places. Rather than wasting time on cleaning areas of a home that are unused, hours can be spent on recreational activities and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

If you’re looking to join the tiny house living movement, consider the Mill Creek Ranch Resort cabins in East Texas. Whether you’re looking to rent a room to try it out or to own your own, their tiny house cabins will provide you with the opportunity to lead the simple life while enjoying memorable recreational activities. At Mill Creek Ranch Resort, we’ll help you to simplify your living arrangements and offer you a wide variety of activities in a picturesque forest setting that will keep you, your family and your friends, perfectly content.

Featured on an episode of Tiny House Hunters which premiered Monday, September 12 on HGTV, Mill Creek Ranch Resort helped a young family find a tiny home with a cabin feel.

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