"Tiny House Benefits" over picture of four cabins in Canton, TX

The Benefits of Tiny Houses When Looking at Cabins in Canton, TX

Americans love tiny houses! The tiny house trend continues to make news and add devotees as more and more people take the plunge–full-time or part-time–to tiny house living. A simple online search shows hundreds of websites talking about the amazing … Read More

Collage: small red cabin, skewers of meet and vegetable on the grill, hot ashy coals

Cabins for Sale in Texas: Get Ready for Grilling Season!

Get ready to fire up the grill! Summer provides the perfect opportunity to grill an entire meal–even dessert–over the open flames of a grill. The abundance of fresh vegetables makes meal-planning and prep even easier and more flavorful, especially when … Read More

"Cottage Style": image of white dining table with juice and cereal bowl; happy couple

Cabins for Sale in Texas: Design Trends for Your Cottage

What’s one of the most fun reasons to buy cabins for sale in Texas? Decorating your new space! Cottage decor continues to be a popular style, with loads of magazines and decorating websites devoted to sharing tips and ideas for … Read More

Canton Cabins - Cabin 19

Canton Cabins: Cottage 19, Our “Cozy Cabin” Addition

Canton Cabins: What You Get When You Reserve Cottage 19 There’s no better place to vacation in Texas than the beautiful Piney Woods of East Texas and no better way to vacation than to stay in the Canton cabins at … Read More

Where to Stay in Canton TX: Pro Tips for Best Deals on Canton Lodging

                        If you’re wondering where to stay in Canton TX, and you are looking for a family friendly solution, vacation cabin rentals can be a great option. Here are … Read More