Tiny house rentals vacation texas

Tiny house rentals vacation texasTiny House Rentals are the Hot Trend in Vacationing

Tiny house rentals in Texas have found a niche in a new vacation home lifestyle.
The tiny house movement is a social and economic experiment that is still in it’s early stages. Some people are wondering if it is a truly sustainable way to live day to day as a normal lifestyle. It’s true, one size does not fit all when considering different types of family needs.

Before You Sell Your Knick Knack Collection

Before making major lifestyle changes families must consider the dynamics of their individual and group needs, especially considering what types of pets and how many pets they have and the age groups and activity levels are of each family member now and 5 years from now. You really need to try before you buy.

A very thorough article written by Andrew Odom at Sustainable Baby Steps reviews many considerations about tiny house living in detail, “How to Prepare for the Tiny House Transition”, www.sustainablebabysteps.com, Sustainable Baby Steps, November 28, 2016. This article examines why people are buying tiny homes and how they are able to successfully make the transition.

Where Tiny Houses Work

While deciding whether or not to make major lifestyle changes to your everyday life is a big and difficult decision. You can test out this new style of living arrangements. The tiny house rentals in Texas have found a comfortable and cozy niche in the vacation home industry.

According to Ilyce Glink, the first tiny Houses built thus far range on average from 200 to 400 sq ft and cost between $16,000 to $80,000. “Try Before You Buy: 10 Tiny Homes to Rent on Vacation”, CBS News/Moneywatch, 28 November, 2016.

With such a reasonable price tag a much larger group of people can afford to purchase a tiny house as a vacation home and avoid typical financing and mortgages. While it might be too much to give up your family cat and your option to bake cookies, living in a tiny home for a shorter duration while on vacation becomes ideal.

Tiny Houses are Growing in Popularity

Exciting updates are happening at the Mill Creek Ranch Resort.. Due to popular demand we are adding 4 New Tiny Houses on the property that will be ready for your next vacation.

Affordable Vacation Lifestyle

All tiny house models are available. Come rent one to find out how a vacation lifestyle augments your family’s lifestyle without restricting it.

Our cottages can also be purchased as a vacation home. This is not a retirement community or permanent residence, but an excellent place to come and unwind and have fun. Did you know you don’t have to pay Texas property tax on these tiny houses? Call our sales director for details.

Most of our cottages are owned by individuals and our property management tends to all the needs of the houses and resort guests. We take care of the big things and the little things, from plumbing to landscaping, to soap and towels. Owners don’t have to worry about servicing guests, or clean up after their stay. Our property management takes care of all that as well.

Low Maintenance Passive Income

While renting out your vacation home isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it is a fantastic way to supplement your vacation home lifestyle and make a modest passive income. You can have impromptu weekend vacations when you feel like getting away from the clutter and traffic of normal living. This is a great low maintenance way to enjoy an affordable vacation home lifestyle.

Tiny Houses are Ideal Vacation Homes

In addition to property maintenance, Mill Creek Ranch Resort has even more optional amenities to supplement your vacation experience. The resort offers disc golf, two lodges, games for kids, a spa, fishing, nature trails, hayrides, and more. The most popular attraction is Live Music at The Creek located in the grand lodge. The Creek is a live local music venue at the resort and it is also open to the public. Browse our website to find out more about additional resort amenities, and local attractions. Call to book now.

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