A Checklist of the Best Museums in East Texas

East Texas is rich in history and culture, with lots of cool museums to explore. You can explore the best museums in East Texas when you book your stay at the award-winning resort and RV park, Mill Creek Ranch Resort. We offer cabin-style cottages, yurts, tiny homes, and RV sites for rent in Canton, Texas. Have a thrilling vacation when you stay at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, and follow our checklist of the best museums in East Texas.

Best Museums in East Texas Checklist

  • Blackwell House Museum: This museum is in the oldest house in Canton, Texas, and was built in 1886.
  • Camp Ford: Come and visit the historic site of what once was the largest camp for prisoners of the American Civil War west of the Mississippi River. 
  • Cotton Belt Depot Train Museum: Learn about the history and prime of the Texas railroad industry at this fantastic museum. 
  • Depot Museum: Explore eight restored buildings from the history of East Texas in this unique museum complex.
  • Discovery Place Children’s Museum: Discover the many engaging exhibits and programs at this fantastic East Texas museum the whole family will enjoy.
  • East Texas African American Museum: This is an important East Texas museum with the mission to “both preserve and transcend a painful past.” 
  • East Texas Arboretum: Explore one of the most gorgeous museums in East Texas which features lush trees, flowers, and wildlife. Then take a trip back to the pioneer days at the historic Wofford House Museum. 
  • East Texas Oil Museum: Experience what it was like to live during the oil discovery period in the 1930s when you visit the East Texas Oil Museum. 
  • Heritage Park Museum of East Texas: Step back in time at this museum with 20 restored buildings that show what life in East Texas was like from the 1800s to the 1920s.
  • Historic Aviation Memorial Museum: Check this place out to learn about how aviation has played a role in American history.
  • Historic Upshur Museum: This is one of the best museums to learn about what life was like for people living in East Texas throughout the years.
  • Naranjo Museum of Natural History: This is one of the furthest East Texas museums from Mill Creek Ranch Resort on this list, but it has tons of remarkable prehistoric fossils and exhibits to explore.
  • Grand Saline Salt Palace: Learn about the history of salt discovery and production in the world’s only building made of pure rock salt. 
  • Tyler Museum of Art: Come here to explore one of the best art museums in East Texas.
  • The Longview Museum of Fine Arts: This is another one of the best East Texas museums to enjoy the fine arts. 
  • Texas Country Music Hall of Fame: Come here to celebrate the biggest country music stars from Texas.

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