Photo of an Indigo Bunting, One of the Most Vibrant Birds of East Texas.

Birding (or “birdwatching”) is a quiet, calming pursuit that’s often incorporated into a hiking, backpacking, or geocaching excursion. The many birds of East Texas frequent Mill Creek Ranch Resort’s 200-acre estate during all four seasons in search of refuge, nourishment, and solitude. East Texas is home to approximately 130 species, ranging from common, vibrant cardinals to jovial yellow-breasted chats.

Birding in East Texas: Discover Canton

Photo of a Cedar Waxwing, One of the Prettiest Birds of East Texas.
Cedar Waxwing

Canton rests in between the state’s central core and the lush “Piney Woods,” which spill into neighboring Louisiana and Arkansas. Our idyllic location acts as a common gathering place for a vast array of birdlife, including 25-plus different species. This four-season, 200-acre haven boasts many winding hiking trails that meander underneath tall trees. But you’ll also quickly notice the property’s eight ponds—sublime water sources for thirsty birds. Per usual, please bring a trusty pair of binoculars and an East Texas birding field guide, perhaps Greg Homel’s handy pamphlet. It’s also worth noting that Mill Creek provides complimentary binocular rentals, but availability is limited, so please plan ahead when at all possible.

25 Commonly-Spotted Birds of East Texas

Photo of a Northern Flicker, One of Cutest Birds of East Texas.
Northern Flicker

Before diving into 25 of the most “common” birds of East Texas, we’d like to share a few of our favorite off-site birding locales. If you’re in the mood for a little mid-day exploration, set your GPS for Tyle State Park, Mineola Nature Preserve, or Purtis Creek State Park. Otherwise, as stated above, our 200-acre woodland property does typically play host to 25-plus species, as listed below.

  1. American goldfinch
  2. Blue jay
  3. Brown-headed cowbird
  4. Brown thrasher
  5. Cedar waxwing
  6. Chuck-will’s-widow
  7. Eastern bluebird
  8. House finch
  9. Indigo bunting (as pictured above)
  10. Kestrel
  11. Northern cardinal
  12. Northern flicker
  13. Nuthatch
  14. Painted bunting
  15. Pileated woodpecker
  16. Pine warbler
  17. Red-bellied woodpecker
  18. Red-headed woodpecker
  19. Rose-breasted grosbeak
  20. Ruby-crowned kinglet
  21. Ruby-throated hummingbird
  22. Summer tanager
  23. Tufted titmouse
  24. Yellow-breasted chat
  25. Yellow-rumped warbler

Award-Winning RV Resorts in Texas: Mill Creek Ranch

Mill Creek Ranch Resort remains one of the South’s top-tier monthly RV parks, and we cannot wait to usher in waves of “Winter Texans” in the coming weeks. The resort itself boasts tiny house rentals, cozy cottages, a yurt, and, of course, nearly 100 RV sites that are equally spacious, scenic, and serene. When you’re not birding in East Texas, remember to make time for 18 holes of golf, a craft beer, and a little downtown shopping. To learn more about our remarkably tranquil slice of East Texas, please visit us online at (or give us a call today at 866-488-6020).